Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Writing product review at

I purchased a product the other day from NewEgg and thought, "Hey, I purchased something else from NewEgg a few months ago. I should write a review.

The item I purchased was the Samsung N110 netbook. I didn't get to use it for a few weeks or so after initial delivery because I didn't tell the wife. So, I had to sneak around with it to get it setup and such. I know that's wrong but she would have been okay with it anyway...maybe. LOL!

So anyhow, I started writing the review, even completed it and hit SUBMIT. And, this is the message that I got (inset pic, you'll need to click on it to zoom).

I thought it was funny because I don't recall typing any offensive words. It highlighted the infringing term: "eBay." After further and deeper reading and understanding of the "agreement," I saw that it said something about no inappropriate language AND posting of it's competitor's.

So my assumption is that eBay is fierce competitor for NewEgg. Or is it a some circles?

Anyway, just thought it was interesting.

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