Monday, March 08, 2010

Dallas Stars versus Washington Capitals

Hopefully the Dallas Stars will kick it into gear tonight against the Washington Capitals. I doubt it though. The Capitals have the current overall points lead right now and Dallas has given up 17 goals while only scoring 5 in their last three games since the Olympic break. That's a huge skid! It's sad. They have so much potential but the skill just isn't quite there yet.

And the skill that is there isn't being fully used. Modano is still a great player but it looks like he's taking this season in stride and not pushing himself too hard. He still has mad puck-handling skills and break-away speed. It just seems like he's riding the finality of his career and is happy with just going through the motions. I can feel for him and see his side but come on man, go out like a champ!

Then there is Ribeiro. He had a really good, fanciful season a few ago. People have his number now. He hasn't reinvented himself nor does he have the overall grit, moves, style and skill to do so like an Ovechkin and Crosby or Jagr and Forsberg of all. He likes to hog the puck too much and too long in my opinion. Defenders are not chasing him like they used to because they know he's not going to pass or he's not got that new, fancy shot. I guess I've never liked him too much because I thought he was too much of a showboat. He had that one season where we became aware of him after a few seasons of "who is this guy" but now he's been back to so-so. It happens but this is a team sport and let's play like a winning team.

I'll suffer with them to the end of the season but I don't have high hopes for post-season play. They are 11th in the Western Conference standings vying for to take over the 8the spot along with the Flames, Blues, Ducks and Wild who are all pretty close to each other in points. Anything can happen but I don't see the grit it takes from the Stars right now not to mention I don't see the play tremendously falling off from the other teams listed.


Now You Know And Knowing Is Half The Battle!

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