Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Going Overboard (1989)

Going Overboard is one of the worst movies I have ever seen!

Taking more advantage of my Netflix instant watching, I put this movie in my queue. I didn't think it would be bad bad. I figured it would be definitely watchable. I mean it has Adam Sandler in it and he hasn't really made a bad bad movie (IMHO). There have been questionable ones but they have not been the kind of movie where you want to take a dull, rusty knife to your own jugular just to feel something other than the pain from watching this BAD BAD, DISGUSTINGLY HORRIBLE movie!

I think I read that Sandler made this movie before he started on Saturday Night Live. He still has the similar delivery he had after this movie and he was much skinnier (weren't we all) but the script and filming was just downright piss poor!

The movie couldn't even have been saved by the many bikini-clad girls. For one, none of them got naked. And for the other, none of them got naked.

Now, I don't think they were taking this movie seriously to begin with but if you are going to put forth the effort and currency, I would think they would have done something a little better. This movie just seemed like a teenager's film project, like The Human Centipede but way worse.

What was amusing about the movie is to see the younger version of the guys (as well as he doesn't put in present movies like Burt Young) that Sandler puts in his movies nowadays. I don't know their names but I can say that one was his best bud in The Wedding Singer.

Final verdict: not worth the film it was shot on, the DVD disk it was probably sold on, or the bandwith usage through Netflix. It was one of the hardest movies I have had to watch because I really, really, really wanted to just stop it and watch something else!

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