Monday, March 28, 2011

I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

I Spit On Your Grave (2010). I previously typed about this movie before (I think) it even came out because of the previews and trailers. I put it in my queue as soon as it came to Blockbuster and it's now been a few days or so since I watched it.

I don't recall exactly what I said although I could search and read the post. I just don't feel like it. I do think I remember I had some strong opinions about the stupidity of the woman telling complete strangers in the "redneck-ish" country area where she was staying and that she was alone. STUPID!

Anyway, this movie is worth a look. It is quite graphic, to an extent, with the attack, on the woman. I mean, I've seen similar scenes and such in other movies so it wasn't over the top in that sense. The steps she takes in her revenge isn't something new either. Having both of them in the same movie is fairly interesting.

I found myself going from pissed off at her ignorance and stupidity (which yes, she didn't ask for what she got but she could have taken all precautions possible to make sure she was "safe") to a "fuck yeah" attitude when she was able to exact her revenge. The shit she did to these guys was AWESOME! It's exactly what I would hope to do to anyone that did that to me or mine.

There were parts of the movie that were a little drawn out and predictable. Occasionally when they showed the victim, she reminded me of the character from The Ring that came out of the well. These shortcomings were definitely made up with the lead (only?) female character's hotness and acts of revenge.

On that note, Jennifer (Sarah Butler) has a gorgeous figure and fantastic ass. I found it interesting that the cover for the movie is an ass shot that I do not recall seeing in the movie at all. Usually cover art, reflects something from the movie in some form or fashion. I guess the current cover art is related it just doesn't seem too directly related to me. I know too much thinking on my part again.

Verdict: worth a RedBox or Blockbuster Express rental, borrowing from a friend, or a coupon from any rental place. It wasn't a bad movie. It just wasn't a movie that captured and maintained your attention. I think running time is like an hour and a half to two hours. It could have been cut to forty-five minutes to an hour.

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