Monday, April 11, 2011

Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan (2010). I picked this movie up on Friday for the wife and I to watch sometime this weekend. We were able to watch it Saturday afternoon/evening. We both were excited to see this movie. We've heard it was "fantastic" and "so good" and blah, blah, blah. I usually take people's comments about a movie with a grain of salt. No one knows what I will like or how much I'll like it.

My reasons for wanting to watch it is Natalie Portman is in it and Natalie and Mila Kunis have a lesbian scene (my comment on this to come).

I was surprised to see the movie start off so quickly with the "craziness" of Nina. I mean within the first few minutes or so she started seeing/imagining things. I thought this was going to occur due to the fact that she was so goody goody and the pressure of having to perform a good and bad character caused her metamorphasis. Now, she could have imagined things and turn "bad" because of her purging but that wasn't clear in the story line.

A lot of people told me this was a total mind fuck but I came away with more of a mind massage which caused slight confusion. I guess I didn't pay enough attention because I still don't know for sure if Mila Kunis' character was real or something made up by Nina. I mean there were scenes where she was seemingly real like when the director tells her thanks for showing up when she arrived late and then the scene where she was dancing for Nina after their too-short-lived lesbian night.

Even though the movie started off quickly with Nina's craziness. The movie itself was pretty slow in the beginning...well, just about to half of the movie. It dragged way too slowly and I started thinking, "Who the hell thought this was fantastic!?" The movie overall was okay for me but I do think Natalie did a fantastic job. But I didn't expect anything else from her.

I do have a Natalie crush and Mila was pretty hot too. I didn't get too excited by them though because I felt they both were too damn skinny. Yes, it goes with the characters of the movie but I felt kind of grossed out at times. Anorexia is NOT attractive at all and neither is just being that skinny for any reason.

I think Barbara Hershey did a great job at being a weird, overprotective, controlling mother. It was indicative of the craziness to come when you see that Nina's room is decorated like a 12-yr-old's and she was like what, 25?

I was left further confused by how Nina was able to perform an entire dance scene after the (supposed) fight with Lily and the mirror shiv in her gut. The wife and I guess that Nina was going to die after the final act but we were thinking more of the mattress missing when she jumped off the top of the stairs and hitting the floor, breaking her neck.

Verdict: If it wasn't so damn slow and boring at the start, I'd watch it again. I think there were some very good performances. I think Natalie desereve whatever awards she received for her dedication to her craft similarly the way Matt Damon did for Courage Under Fire and Tom Hanks did for Philadelphia/Cast Away. I was creeped out by the skinniness of Natalie and Mila as well as the way Natalie's skin would occasionally look like a plucked chicken's body.

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