Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grabber hand warmers from Dick's Sporting Goods


Got these a couple of weeks ago. My oldest is in the high school band and the football team is now in the playoffs. We bought these for our little band member because the weather is changing, getting colder, and will continue to get colder the further the football team progresses.

Anyway, turns out these little fuckers don't work worth a damn! I'm not sure if it's the brand or its the product in general. I've included the photos to show the brand as well as the simple instructions. In fact the instructions start with "Simply open the outer package and expose the packet to air." There are then some warnings about continuous contact with skin and the dangers of burning. BULLSHIT!

I "simply" exposed this product to the air and it NEVER got any hotter than body temperature. And the only reason it probably got that warm was because I held it between my palms, rubbed it, and even kept it in my pocket after the first hour of initial exposure. Never did I feel I was going to get burned by continuous exposure to my skin.

Again, I don't know if it's this particular brand or what because I play tennis with a guy that swears by them. Now, I've never touched his hand warmers or asked what brand they are so I'm not even sure if his worked like I just assumed they did.

Any thoughts because we bought ten pairs of hand warmers for the 'low' price of $.99 per pair.

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