Thursday, December 22, 2011

Teresa Palmer in Take Me Home Tonight (2011)

Take Me Home Tonight (2011). This movie was actually pretty funny. Just like any comedy these days, it had its moments of boredom but overall I think it was worth the watch. I don't know how much of my enjoyment came from the actual movie or the decade it represents. The 80s were an interesting time for weird people, weird games, weird parties, and weird but memorable movies. This movie has Topher Grace (you know Foreman from That 70s Show) as the main character. Michael Biehn (from The Terminator) was his father and Dan Fogler (from ???...Mars Needs Moms...oh yeah, and Fanboys).

Teresa Palmer (most recently from I Am Number Four) is the hot, eye candy that Topher's character is obsessed with. Teresa's pretty hot. She looks a lot different from her roles in a couple of other movies but I would think that had a lot to do with the good costume and make-up design crews. The poofy-banged, heavily-hairsprayed hair has spot on. What's funny to me is that there is a scene where Topher and Teresa end up doing it on a trampoline (Go Topher!). She takes her top off but there is no showing of her hot topless body! Why!? Why, I say!? Especially since #1: there was previously shots of a very still-hot looking Angie Everhart boobs and #2: Teresa showed her boobs...a the movie Restraint. For one, there was really no need to show Angie's boobs (although I am grateful) but since you started it why not continue with it for Teresa? Tease me much!? For two, Teresa can show her boobies (a lot) in Restraint but now that she's become a little more mainstream with Number Four and Take Me Home she'll no longer show her breasts!? Tease me much more much!?

Anyway, the movie was worth watching on Netflix and I would even recommend renting it at Blockbuster for $1.99. I feel that my time was not wasted and found it fairly amusing.

Oh yeah, Anna Faris was in it too but she didn't have a huge, important part. She was kind of hot looking too even in a homely 80s brunette kind of way.

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