Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joan Severance

I remember when Joan Severance was one of the 'new' B-movie girls during the 1990s. It was almost like she was in competition with Shannon Tweed but I think Tweed made double or even triple that of Severance.

I was browsing Netflix this evening and came across a movie that had Joan Severance in it. I had to reminisce. I think I've seen all her movies that mattered...which are those that had her nude in them. You know, the important ones.

Apparently I either missed this one or don't remember it at all. This movie was named Lake Consequence (1993). IMDB says it's a TV movie but I'm think it means straight to cable. Interestingly, this movie had a young Billy Zane...which he apparently hasn't had a lot of hair on his head for sometime.

Anyway, I think you can pass on watching Lake Consequence. If you have the undying desire to watch this, at least you'll get a few chances to see Severance in the buff as well as one other pretty attractive woman.

Oh well...end random reminiscing.

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