Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Warm Summer Rain (1989)

Warm Summer Rain (1989). I recently was browsing the "watch instantly" queue in Netflix and saw this movie listed. I saw that it had Kelly Lynch and was curious.

I had a small crush on Kelly Lynch since I saw Road House.

I don't know if her role in this movie was before or after Road House as I didn't do deep research into the two movies. However, the acting or maybe just her role was way worse in this movie than in Road House. So, either she nailed the audition for Road House or she didn't become as famous as she thought she would and took the Warm Summer Rain role to make money.

Either way, I did have hopes that she would be nude either partially or fully because of seeing her role in Road House.

I wasn't disappointed: NSFW pic here.

As far as the story line and overall acting, it's passable. Sometimes I wonder how shit movies actually get made. Even the straight-to-DVD flicks cost money and I'm not sure that cost is ever recouped. Oh well.

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