Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games (2012)

The Hunger Games. I took the kiddos to see the 10:15 p.m. showing Saturday night. They originally tried to negotiate the midnight showing early Friday morning but luckily the tickets were sold out. Also, I would have been one very tired for work on Friday and they for school. Not to mention, I did not want to fight ANY crowds for this movie.

So, I purchased the books Thursday evening because my oldest had read the hard backs from a friend over the past week. The 1st book was returned before the 2nd book was lent so I was unable to read the physical books. I probably wouldn't have finished the 1st book in a few days much less a week anyway. I'm just cannot focus that much on reading at one time no matter how good the story is. Hence, I purchased the e-books through my Kindle. I figured I could at least read the 2nd and 3rd before the 2nd movie comes out in a year or two. Thursday night, I got to read up to chapter three. I didn't get to read much on Friday so deciding to see the movie on Saturday was going to force a decision upon me after the movie: continue to read book one or let it go. I decided to continue to read to compare what I saw in the movie versus the book version. I've heard and read that some things were left out of the movie.

Many of the reviews were positive, some mixed but mostly positive. What I've read has ranged from "it was awesome!" to "it was well made even though not completely true to the book" to "even if you haven't read the books, you'll like this movie. I obviously fall in the last comment. Based on this comment, I would agree but not wholeheartedly.

I think it was a good movie. I think it was lacking. Maybe I'm biased because I like high action, adventure and intrigue. I do think it was a decent movie. I think it was too generic and there have been many story lines based on a similar concept of terrible, 'gruesome' competitions in arenas or fight-the-system. (See The Running Man, Gamer, Tron, Children of Men, Escape from New York/Escape from L.A., etc.)

Anyway, go see it. You'll probably like enough to say that it was worth the ticket price. I on the other hand will continue reading the first book and move on to the other two just because I think the movie just didn't do it for me from the little bit that I did read of the book (about 2 1/2 chapters) before seeing the movie.

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