Monday, April 09, 2012

Boys and Girls (2000)

Boys and Girls (2000). More random Netflix movie surfing. This looked like it should be funny. It wasn't too bad. It wasn't too good. It was somewhere in the middle but closer to bad than good.

It's a story line that's been said and done many times with many different casts. Jason Biggs is still playing the same old goofy, nerdy guy trying to find his confidence. It's comedic but you can see it in almost all of his movies. Freddie Prinze Jr still looks like Fred to me even though this was before Scooby-Doo. Claire Forlani is just hot in a weird kind of way for me.

The acting wasn't the best although I'd have to say that Biggs and Amanda Detmer probably played their parts the best...again, Biggs' role wasn't a huge stretch for him.

What I liked most about this movie was the credits. It seems to be big practice in movies these days to put stuff in the credits. Sometimes, it's better than the entire movie so I would think directors should probably do a double take before doing it. This is the case with this movie. The roughly two-minute clip in the credits is better and funnier than the entire movie. I could explain it but it's worth every second to watch it.

Final verdict: Watch the movie if there is nothing else to do and you just want to do something. If you want a good quick laugh, watch the credits clip. Capture it somehow and watch over and over when the need arises.

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