Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010). I'd have to say that this is one of the least advertised but funniest movies I've seen. I don't recall ever seeing any mainstream or "underground" promotional trailers for this movie. I do recall seeing the trailer for it in the previews on some other low-budget 'horror' movies but that's about it.

I went into this movie knowing it wasn't hugely known. I also didn't expect a whole lot. I'd have to say that I would recommend this movie to just about anyone. It's along the same lines of humor as like an Austin Powers movie...cheeky, funny, entertaining and worth watching. Some of the scenes were pretty hilarious.

Final verdict: I would definitely watch this if you have the opportunity. It is like Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector combined with Friday the 13th combined with something like Caddyshack. It is campy and funny and was just an overall joy to watch.

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