Monday, August 13, 2012

London Boulevard (2010)

London Boulevard. This wasn't too bad of a movie. It was a little slow to begin with but it got better as it progressed. I figured this movie wouldn't totally suck since it was made in 2010 and it had Colin Farrell in it. Yeah, yeah, I know that just because Colin's in the movie doesn't automatically make the movie good. That's not what I meant. I meant that it couldn't royally suck (could it?).

Keira Knightley was in it too but she didn't have a very exciting role and she wasn't very memorable in it either. She's kind of attractive in a weird kind of way but unattractive in another. Make sense?

Anyway, other than Colin, the roles I remember were by David Thewlis and Ben Chaplin.

The movie did not end like I thought it would which was quite disappointing. It was really kind of a let down. But I moved on. After watching, I was kind of surprised that Colin would have picked this movie to star in since I would think he is a little more popular than this movie would lead one to believe. Maybe he was strapped for cash or did someone a favor. I don't know.

Final verdict: If you already have Netflix or a Blockbuster plan and you got absolutely nothing else to do, this might be a good time to watch this movie. It didn't keep my interest initially (hence the comment about it starting off slow) and I watched it over a couple of days via Netflix.

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