Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wild Things Foursome (2010) and Diamonds in the Rough (2005)

This was actually started before my most recent movie "reviews" that I've posted but I had forgotten about it. I decided not to edit/rewrite it to reflect this oversight so take this for what it's worth.

I was flicking around YouTube and found that they have movies you can watch. I am not paying for any since I already pay for BB Total Access and Netflix but I did check out their free section. I ran across the two movie below and thought I'd give them a try. I remember watching Wild Things with Denise Richards, Neve Campbell, Kevin Bacon and Matt Dillon thinking (back then) it was a pretty good movie. I mean what red-blooded boy/man doesn't have the scene where Neve and Denise are making out while Matt pours champagne over their naked bodies, mainly Denise's boobs, etched into the back of their minds!? I saw Wild Things 2 a year or more ago...I guess around the time I got Netflix. I wasn't too impressed with it. It had already been done and the story line was basically the same but they played up the lesbianism more. So, I figured how bad could sequels 3 and 4 be, right? I apparently watched them out of order.

Wild Things: Foursome (2010). One of the main actress roles, is done by Marnette Patterson. She's pretty attractive and after watching the 'sex' scenes (there's never really any sex going on), it seems she is the only one that DOESN'T show her boobs! What the hell gives with that. 2 out of 3 girls go topless but one holds on to her moral compass? Then what is she even doing in this movie. It's not like she is this stellar actress for this highly sought after role! Thoroughly disappointed!

Jillian Murray and Jessie Nickson do drop the tops and they look gorgeous! Again, why these two showed the ta-tas and Marnette did not is beyond me. I would think there would be some fairness issues but I guess I don't know how that works in "the business."

The movie is predictable. It's almost exactly like the other "Wild Things" movies or just about any other movie based on the same concept. The acting wasn't horrible. It was just...well...predictable. Even the boobage couldn't make this movie better...although the boobage was pretty nice!

Final Verdict: If you've seen the first Wild Things, then you can surely pass on this one. If you've seen at least one of these movies out of order, you won't need to see the others although the first one was the best of them all.

Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough (2005). I'm not even going to waste time on this movie. As mentioned above, it is EXACTLY the same movie as the others just different sets of tits and ass. Very nice tits and ass but alas, they couldn't save this movie either.

Everybody screws everybody to try and blackmail or literally screw people out of money or jewels. The two ladies win and then they start to distrust each other. One or both end up dying and someone else ends up "winning."

Sometimes I wonder how movies get made. It's not the pirating that causes losses to the movie industry. It's wasting any amount of cash on shit like this!

Final verdict: Skip this one. Watch the first one.

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