Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Game of Washers

This is a little...okay, a lot...late but when I was on vacation in Taos, NM a couple of years ago I entered a Wal-Mart looking for one thing and happened upon these little gems.

This is what we poor people call the game of washers. Before they became a product at Wal-Mart, Target, and wherever else, these washers were randomly found at hardware or plumbing stores or maybe just by dumb luck.

My dad created a "course" in the backyard of our house out of the bottom of a dual burner gas grill and some washers that were like 2-3 cms thick, about 2-3" in diameter with a center hole about a 1/2" in diameter. I don't know where my dad found these washers because you can't find them anywhere nowadays. They cannot be found exactly like I remember nor can they be found similar in size and weight. They are either too thin or too light and typically none in 3" diameter. They at least can't be found at your local Lowe's, Home Depot or Ace Hardware stores.

Anyway, this is a really fun pasttime for the family. It's similar to horeshoes in scoring and play (tossing something on to something else). When I was in junior high school, the coaches made the game out of an empty can goods can. Again, the washers weren't the same in size and weight as the ones my dad had but the ones they had served the purpose. It was fun playing a game that these adults were new to that I was used to playing my entire life.

When I saw this package in the Wal-Mart, I had to buy it. Even if I didn't have a 'course' set up to play it on it was worth already having the washers because the holes are easy to construct out of just about anything. It wasn't until months later when I got back to Dallas that I saw these again at Target. However, this time they were part of a set and it wasn't exactly the same game I grew up playing. There are tons of variations but none will replace the game of old. Some of the variations are similar in set up to the old game.

There's just nothing like sliding or bouncing a washer from about 10 inches in front of the hole into the hole. Or having a washer toilet bowl the hole to either make it close or inside the hole. Some of the variations now are set up to where you have make a hole-in-one to get a point or points. That's not the fun part of it. The fun part is being able to knock the opponents washer away from the hole if it's closer than your washer OR making a sinker. The sinker isn't the end all be all.

Anyway, that's my brief walk down memory lane that only took me two years to type about. I'm glad to see it the washers game coming (or came) back. I guess we should thank tailgating and it's appreciation of any game that can be made into a drinking game.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

In the news 09/19/2013

This is ridiculously stupid. From the Park Cities BubbleLife News:
HPHS Softball Field Lighting Still in Limbo

A decision on whether the Highland Park High School girls softball team should have lights at their stadium, one that has been in the making for over two years now, still was not reached at Tuesday’s University Park city council meeting.

Click here for article while it lasts.

This is just ridiculously stupid! Did I type that already?

These residents are bitching about the possibility of noise and light pollution from the high school for which probably is the reason why they moved into the area in the first place!? Highland Park residents are the whiniest, most egotistical people. The odds are probably zero for any activity at the fields in Highland Park to go past 9:30 or 10 p.m.

I wonder what the residents around the TCU, SMU, UT Austin, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and others schools say about the noise and light pollution—not to mention parking pollution.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Trance (2013)

As per my M.O., I started this some time ago. It was probably started no less than two weeks before posting.
Trance (2013). This was one confusing movie. I still don't know if I know what the hell was going on or who was not hypnotized versus who was. Does that make for a good movie or a bad one? I truly don't know.

ALERT possible spoilers ahead...

The movie had decent pace, good action, twists and turns. It also had a few glorious scenes of Rosario Dawson's sexy, nude body—even full frontal. I don't know if they had a body double or if it was Rosario. I don't care. It has already found a place in my memory bank of actresses who have appeared nude in movies or print. Anyway, Rosario plays a hypnotist that supposedly is hired to help James McAvoy's character remember where he stashed some stolen, famous painting. Vincent Cassel's character plays the villain who actually wanted to steal the painting but turns out that McAvoy's character saved it or stole it himself. That's part of the confusion. Did McAvoy actually want to steal it or did he just put it in safe-keeping or was he a part of the original heist or what?? I still don't know.

Now, in my defense, I was watching the movie while working...at work...so my attention span was definitely split between multiple activities. I may have to watch it briefly again but at the same time I don't think it was really that great of a movie to have to sit through again and actually pay more attention.

Final verdict: it's watchable. It wasn't boring and it had some good parts (and no, not just the nude Rosario parts). If you have a coupon or get it from RedBox for like a buck twenty, it wouldn't be a waste of your time.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New advertisements in Yahoo?

Is this the new way that Yahoo is advertising in its email? I don't know if they decided to minimize their ads like Google does or what. I noticed it first in the Yahoo app on my Samsung SIII about a week ago—I think it was after a Yahoo app upgrade. I then noticed it on my computer via the browsers.
If they wanted to be like Google, they need to move the ad a few lines above the emails list. Google at least separates the emails and ad by a couple of lines.

Anyway, this is just me sharing my powers of perception.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Pluckers Wing Bar Lovers & Greenville Location

As usual...I'm a little behind since I started this post but better late than never.

I took the kids to Pluckers Wing Bar (Lovers and Greenville) a couple of weeks ago for the first time. I had been there once previously with some friends and coworkers when it first opened but hadn't been back since—probably at least 3-5 years. My delay in returning wasn't because the food was bad on my first visit but more of the fact that I'm frugal and I think $19.99 for 20 wings is WAY overpriced! In case you need help with the math: that's a dollar a wing. I can buy a pack or two of 8-12 wingettes per pack from Kroger for like $3.50 a pack, a bottle of cooking oil for like $2.00 and a bottle of wing sauce for $3.00. That comes to $12.00. Again, I'm a tight wad and so yes, I would (and have) purchased these items to make my own wings.

So, fast forward and/or rewind to my second visit with the kids.

I originally was going because I had a coupon that got me 20 wings for $13.99. It was only for one person but I thought it would be enough to get us started. However, it turns out that my coupon was expired. The kids and I were already craving the wings so I decided to go ahead and eat at Pluckers.

They had a 10 wings combo 'special' for $11.50 which is still too much but I guess at least it came with a side...which is really just filler for me because I prefer the meat over the potatoes. Anyhow, we ordered the fries as the side and they weren't too bad. My oldest ordered honey bbq while me and the youngest ordered buffalo medium. We went with medium because you know how different restaurants have different measures for flavoring and we didn't want to get something too spicy and not fully enjoy the wings.

My kids were craving and starving but the oldest only ate like 3-4 wings while my youngest ate about 5. They did eat the fries as well as drink almost all of their GIANT freaking sweet teas. I left no chicken bone unstripped and ate all ten. I felt like I could eat more but that was a good start and I'm trying to be less of a pig when eating things I really like. You know, all good things in moderation...or some shit like that.

All of it tasted good. No real complaints other than our server was a little lacking in the 'being in tune with the needs of your customers' department. Too many times I had to wait for a refill on my Diet Coke. I go to a restaurant and order my Diet Coke, it's like an I.V and I need to have it constantly flowing. I have to wait and it affects the tip—which I start out at 20% and work my way down so it gives the server room for error. This guy just couldn't learn from his mistakes and it wasn't really busy. I would see him chatting with other servers and not being attentive to my table when it was right by where he was hanging. I think he barely got 15% and that's only because I was a server once (a damn good one) so I know how it sucks to serve to live. I definitely reward based on the servers ability to replenish my drink before I'm chomping on the ice. Too early is almost as bad as too late because who wants a watered down second drink because I haven't gotten close to finishing the first one?

What the kids and I did walk away with is that Monday is all-you-can-eat wings for $16.99. I think that's a good deal because regularly it's $19.99 for 20 or $11.50 for 10 wings combo. I don't think the kids would eat 20 but I would most definitely be sure to eat 20 at the minimum and probably a lot more.

So, there's my story about my second ever Pluckers visit. I would recommend the specials if you are a bargain shopper like myself. I would also recommend having a backup restaurant at which to eat because there are days when the line is out the door and the seating is packed. We actually wanted to eat at Pluckers three times previously within a week and a half before we did eat there because everytime we drove by it was just too damned packed.