Monday, September 16, 2013

Trance (2013)

As per my M.O., I started this some time ago. It was probably started no less than two weeks before posting.
Trance (2013). This was one confusing movie. I still don't know if I know what the hell was going on or who was not hypnotized versus who was. Does that make for a good movie or a bad one? I truly don't know.

ALERT possible spoilers ahead...

The movie had decent pace, good action, twists and turns. It also had a few glorious scenes of Rosario Dawson's sexy, nude body—even full frontal. I don't know if they had a body double or if it was Rosario. I don't care. It has already found a place in my memory bank of actresses who have appeared nude in movies or print. Anyway, Rosario plays a hypnotist that supposedly is hired to help James McAvoy's character remember where he stashed some stolen, famous painting. Vincent Cassel's character plays the villain who actually wanted to steal the painting but turns out that McAvoy's character saved it or stole it himself. That's part of the confusion. Did McAvoy actually want to steal it or did he just put it in safe-keeping or was he a part of the original heist or what?? I still don't know.

Now, in my defense, I was watching the movie while my attention span was definitely split between multiple activities. I may have to watch it briefly again but at the same time I don't think it was really that great of a movie to have to sit through again and actually pay more attention.

Final verdict: it's watchable. It wasn't boring and it had some good parts (and no, not just the nude Rosario parts). If you have a coupon or get it from RedBox for like a buck twenty, it wouldn't be a waste of your time.

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