Saturday, April 12, 2014

Coast HP17 13" LED Flashlight

I've typed about this before. I have an addiction. Who's kidding whom? I've got many addictions. So...

Hello, My name is Absent-Minded Jay and I am addicted to flashlights. Everyone knows about it and I'm not even ashamed of it. One never knows when you might need a good flashlight. And knowing you got a really good deal on a good flashlight, makes it even better.

I'm also addicted to getting a good...very on the stuff I buy. I'm a big fan of I believe this is where I saw my latest deal to feed my flashlight addiction.

I don't remember how much this flashlight cost (I probably hid the receipt so no one could find out that I bought ANOTHER flashlight!) but I do know that I got it for half the MSRP.

Without further adieu — please meet the

Coast HP17 13" LED Flashlight!
(tah dah!)

I took just a few pictures with my SIII camera. I tried to capture the brightness of the high and low settings but I don't think it worked very well. The first 'on' photo is high and the second is low. I think the different brightness affected the way the camera captured the light. The higher level made everything around the flashlight darker almost black. The lower level made the background show more. Neither image makes the levels look different so I'll have to try to describe.

High is pretty bright. I think the manual says it's 615 lumens. I have no way to measure. I just know that it looks pretty bright. Much, much brighter than my 100 lumens flashlight. The throw on it is pretty wide too. It can be narrowed/focused into a tighter beam but it still has a wide aura around the narrower beam. In other words, narrowing doesn't really make it a spot beam. It's more like the high beam is in the middle (smaller of course than when not narrowed) and the lower beam shines around it. Does that make sense?

Low is pretty low. It's really dimmer than I expected. I think the manual says 64 lumens. Again, I can't measure. I just know it's dim and in fact dimmer than many of my smaller pocket flashlights. I don't know why the huge difference in lumens. I would think that huge gap would be used more in a light that you can manually dim from 615 to 64 or vice versa. Not so much in a Hi/Lo switch. It's not an issue really. I truly don't know what the effect will be since I've only used this briefly in my house to look in the closet and on the small back patio. For those purposes, the high level was very bright and useful. The low level was, well, low but in that brief use, it made me think of when you are outside at night and a car's headlights drive by and you are trying to use the beam from the car headlights to see things. The headlight beam may have been useful but you may not have seen some things because the light wasn't bright enough. Does THAT make sense?

Although this probably doesn't affect one bit of the quality of their flashlights, one thing I have noticed about a few of my Coast flashlights is that they do a pretty good job with the boxing for the flashlights. The boxes are typically black and when you open them up to see the flashlight inside they are a red interior. I don't know. The box inside and out just looks pretty cool.

So, this really isn't a huge, in-depth review of the Coast HP17 13" LED Flashlight but so far it's been a good flashlight for the price. Can I recommend it for the MSRP of like $70 or more? Probably not. I wouldn't buy any flashlight for that price unless I could see shit at least a mile away with near absolute clarity. Yeah, that's asking a lot but that's me and my purchasing standards! Can you go wrong with this flashlight (especially at half off)? Probably not. It does exactly what it says although I have no way of knowing if the lumens are exact. It's a flashlight with high and low and a finger-sliding focus. It does that so where can the complaint be at this time?

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