Tuesday, May 13, 2014

East Hampton Sandwich Co.

For Mother's Day, I thought I'd stop by a local sandwich shop that a few people have said, "It's pretty good but may be somewhat pricey." The wife is worth any expense on any day but especially Mother's Day!

The place is called East Hampton Sandwich Co. It's been around a little bit and it looks like they've got two locations. I'm closer to the one in Dallas at Snider Plaza.

As I was walking to the entrance, an elderly couple was walking to the entrance at the same time. Being the courteous man I am, I opened the door and told them to go ahead before me. I should have assessed them a little better. I saw that they were old...pretty old. I saw the lady had a cane. I did not realize HOW slow she was walking. I thought it was just because of the step up to the curb from the parking space but it was because she was SO FREAKING SLOW!! Luckily, I wasn't in any type of hurry because freshly-removed-from-freezer ice cubes would have melted by the time they got from three feet outside the door to the counter for ordering.

The entrees in the photo are half of the Cheeseburger with avocado, cured bacon ($9.58 sandwich + $1.00 for avocado & cured bacon) on the left and half of the Seasonal Salmon Sandwich Special of the day/week on the right. I don't recall the exact price of the salmon but my total bill came to like $24.00. So I'm assuming the salmon special was around $12 because adding 8.25% tax would make it almost $24.

Anyway, the cheeseburger was really good. It's two hamburger patties that were not too thick but also not too thin. The bun is tasty. The avocado was good and the three pieces of bacon were very good. It comes with a side of chips that aren't fantastic but the wife said she liked them and, for me, it adds a crunch to each bite.

The salmon sandwich was pretty good. I didn't expect the layers of salmon to be as plentiful as they were. If you look at the photo, you can see the onion between the salmon (on the bottom) and the tomato (on the top). That's a good portion of salmon and it looks just as thick as the burger patties. It came with the same chips.

Between the two, I think the burger was more flavorful. The salmon was juicy and tender but maybe not as well seasoned.

I will go back for more but next time I might try the lobster roll. I heard it's very, very good. My only hesitation is that it's like $16 and I like to make sure I get my monies worth when it comes to seafood...well, any food really. I have seen a few people in the restaurant order the lobster roll and it looks plentiful but I don't know if it was more filler or lobster. Eventually I'm sure I'll try it.

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