Sunday, May 04, 2014

Galaxy Drive-In Theatre in Ennis, TX

I went to Galaxy Drive-In Theatre in Ennis, Texas last night with my youngest and her friend.

Galaxy Drive-In is about 37 miles, an approximate 30-45 minute drive from my place of residence in Dallas without traffic. It's right off Interstate 45. You can't miss it. Years ago, I would drive past this place to/from Palestine, Corsicana, Houston, or Galveston. I'd always think to myself, "I'm going to come see a movie here." How many years later and I can finally say that I "came here to see a movie."

Truth be told, I started looking at the Coyote Drive-In in downtown Fort Worth. It's about the same distance and time as Galaxy. It looked pretty cool on the website but the problem was that they paired two movies together that one wouldn't typically pair together (well, I wouldn't) or paired together movies people wouldn't WANT to see together. For instance, they put The Amazing Spiderman 2 with Draft Day and Rio 2 with Captain American: The Winter Soldier. How many kids, pre-teen and teen, want to see Spiderman 2 and then they have to watch a more mature movie like Draft Day...or they can leave before the second feature. Same with Rio 2. It's very pre-teen and then the follow-up is Captain America. I'm sure they'll say something like they don't choose the pairings and they are tied to what the movie people want.

However, you take a look at Galaxy Drive-In and they paired Spiderman 2 with The Winter Soldier, Spiderman 2 with Rio 2, The Quiet Ones and Oculus, etc. Their pairings match each other more. So, would they not have to follow the same rules as Coyote Drive-In? I would think so.

Anyway, we ended up seeing the pairing of Spiderman 2 and Winter Soldier. If I remember and get around to it, I'll do a brief review of those two movies in another post.

We got to the theatre a little more than 45 minutes before the first movie was listed to start. Their website recommended it and I think it was a wise recommendation. It wasn't really busy at that time. I drove right to the entry booth, paid $18 for three people, and drove to our screen.

The last time I'd been to a drive-in movie was in the very early 80s in Grapevine, Texas. I remember one showing was a horror movie called Deadly Blessing.

Galaxy Drive-In was a cool old-school way to watch a newly released movie. There was the occasional happening of some dumb asses turning on their headlights when they had to turn on their vehicle to make sure their battery didn't die. I was more thoughtful of my potential fellow movie watchers and Googled how to turn off my daytime running lights. There was also the nonfunctional speakers attached to the pole by my vehicle. We had to listen to the sound through my vehicle radio but that required me to have the vehicle running or at least in the "On" position and then occasionally turning it on to make sure the battery didn't die. I asked an employee about it and he basically said, "tough shit, you'll have to deal with it." That's not good for customer service. Granted there is an alternative way to listen but I shouldn't be required to use my vehicle when I paid for the experience of a drive-in movie.

Some people left after the first feature but we did not. Because of the change of seasons, the sun goes down later. The first feature didn't start until almost 9 p.m. when it was scheduled for 8 p.m. This in turn caused the second feature to start late and by the time it was over, we left for home around 2:00 a.m. Put that into perspective from start to finish, it was a long evening/night from 6:30 p.m. until 2:45 a.m.

Will I go back? Sure. In fact, I might do so around the end of May although this time around I may run my vehicle the entire time since the weather is getting warmer. It was actually pretty windy last night and it got cooler to the point that I'm glad I brought some fleece blankets for us all to use...especially me since I was sitting in my camping chair.

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