Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pappas BBQ (NW Hwy near I35 in Dallas)

This was my lunch today from Pappas BBQ on NW Hwy in Dallas near I35.

It's the pork trio special. It comes with two pork ribs, pork sausage and pulled pork for like $10.95. I comes with a choice of two sides which I picked the mac & cheese with large pasta shells and cole slaw.

Both sides were very good. The cole slaw was exactly like I like/prefer it. The mac & cheese was good too and my kids will love it!

As far as the meats...the sausage, pulled pork and ribs were tasty but nothing extraordinary that would put them above any other BBQ joints' offerings.

Would I recommend Pappas BBQ? Sure. The food wasn't bad and the price was on par with the likes of Peggy Sue's BBQ, Baker's Ribs and Sonny's BBQ.

The difference in my preference would be that my Pappa's meal was roughly $15.00. I've had the all-u-can-eat BBQ buffet at North Main BBQ in Euless for $15.00 (the price as of my last visit around a year ago).

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