Friday, May 09, 2014

Rollngo - Upper Greenville in Dallas

A friend and neighbor of mine asked if I was available to go to lunch today. I said sure. He initially mentioned Chipotle but then asked if I'd ever been to Rollngo. I've never even heard of it. He said, "Man, we're going to Rollngo then!" I said, "I'm good for whatever" since I'm not a picky eater.

The prices at Rollngo are pretty reasonable — almost too low — which made me think the food portions must be related to price. My friend assured me that the food portions were generous. As long as they weren't really skimpy, I wouldn't mind so much for the cost around $5-$6. As I've never been, I entrusted my buddy to pick the dish to eat. He suggested #67 but with double pork versus pork and shrimp.

After we ordered, another neighbor/friend happened through the door. I went to give him a handshake and he wanted to fist bump. WTF!? We're not tweens, teens or even mid 20s. Fist bumping is not my first intuition. I'd high five you before I'd think about a fist bump...anyway, that's off topic sorry.

We waited about eight minutes to get our order even with how busy they had gotten. Seating inside is not abundant. They have these cool stainless steel bar stools that raise up and down like an office chair, if needed. However, there are only maybe a max of ten inside. They did have an outside patio but today it was too sunny, hot and humid to enjoy outside dining. My buddy said they used to have an awning but they probably lost during the crazy storm we had a week or so ago. There were two-tiered glass-top tables with chairs for outdoor seating but the thing that really was disconcerting was the little red ashtrays they had in between the tiers of glass.

Why would you promote smoking at a restaurant-only in Dallas much less one that seems to have put some thought into a clean design and decor of the restaurant as well as halfway decent outdoor seating!?

We got our food to go and ended up eating at the comfy, spacious dining table in his house.

Taking the food out of the to-go bag, I could see that the to-go containers had clear tops which allowed me to see the food...which looked plentiful. There was a pretty good amount of vermicelli and A LOT of pork...remember we basically got a double order of the pork. Opening the containers wafted a wonderful smell which made my mouth water. Now that could be because I was starving but it really did smell good and tasty! The meal came with what I call filler such as green onion, lettuce, bean sprout, cucumber, and carrot. I think it also included an egg roll, because we each had one, but I can't be sure since my buddy gave the order.

Overall, the food was very delicious and good portion at a pretty decent price. I will definitely go back to try other dishes or even the same. Two things that I will point out that I didn't like: (1) they didn't seem to have any fountain drinks. They had a cooler of drinks or smoothies you can buy but no dispenser for buying a cup and getting free refills and (2) the chopsticks were some of the cheapest quality I've ever eaten with. They seemed to come soft out of the package like moisture had gotten to them. They didn't stand up very well to my use of just grabbing particular foods to shovel into my mouth. It made it slightly frustrating to eat and I ended up using a fork!

Other than those two minor complaints, I think anyone would enjoy eating here or at least trying it for the price and size of the meal.

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