Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another visit to Rollngo

Today I went to lunch at Rollngo again. I thought I'd try a little something different...again...this time around. I did order a couple of staple items like the pork egg rolls and the steame dumplings.
These are the steamed dumplings, #3 on the menu, or potstickers as called in some other parts. They taste pretty good and you get ten of them for $4.99. I actually could probably order two sets of these and consider it a full lunch item. I'm just not sure how filling even twenty of these would be for me: satisfying but maybe not satiating.
This is one of my banh mi sandwiches. They have a deal on sandwiches: 3 for $10. Otherwise one to two sandwiches costs $4.25 each. Once made and put in a wrapper (think of a Subway sub wrapper) the three sandwiches I got all looked the same. They wrap the sandwiches and put a sticker on the outside with a list of all the sandwich names. On this sticker, they use a sharpie to mark which sandwich it is. That's the quickest way to identify them. The other way is to open them up so you can see which meat is underneath all the veggies: primarily carrots and onions with a few slivers of cucumber and jalapeno and some pinches of cilantro. I don't like jalapenos so I removed the few slivers from each sandwich before taste testing.
I believe the three photos above represent the chicken, beef and pork sandwiches, respectively. I only ate about 1/4 to 1/2 of the sandwiches to properly taste test each one without over stuffing myself. So, on to the comments...

For all three, there is a bit of bread to bite thru/eat mainly at the ends. The fillings don't quite make it filled at the ends so the first bite or two is essentially bread. Once you get past that, it's a pretty even mix of meat, veggies and bread. The bread crust isn't too crunchy other than maybe the ends which is to be expected since there's more of a concentration of the crust there (scientific, eh?). I don't know how to properly describe the taste of the bread roll other than it's not really tasteless nor is it tasteful. I mean it's like toasting a piece of Mrs. Baird's white bread and eating it plain. It has a taste but it's not tasty. Make sense?

The veggies are just that veggies. The cucumber tastes like a raw cucumber. The carrots taste like sour (vinegar) carrots. The parsley is just garnish and doesn't really add to any of the flavoring in my opinion. I did bite some of the jalapeno in my second sandwich taste-tested because I wasn't paying attention——it was a tangy hot and I didn't like it but others might. The onions added an extra crispness and flavor. However, they aren't as abundant as the third photo above shows——my youngest had the pho and doesn't eat onions so I added them to my sandwich.

As far as the meats go,
  • First, I tried the chicken banh mi or #77 banh mi ga nuong. The chicken was more tender than I expected. I don't know why I expected it to be tough or textured differently. I guess it might be because I didn't pay attention to the menu. It clearly says 'grilled' but I expected fried or battered chicken. I'm a dummy. It was pretty flavorful and I was already starving that I almost just ate the entire thing. I restrained myself and I'd definitely recommend trying it.
  • I then took a few bites of the beef banh mi or #79 banh mi bo nuong. I liked it a lot. It was very flavorful. I could once again eat the whole thing but had to hold off for the last sandwich. I would recommend this one too.
  • For last, I saved the pork or #78 banh mi thit nuong. I've had Vietnamese pork before in a taco and vermicelli form and typically if you've had it one place it'll taste the same/similar at another. I wasn't wrong. It was pretty tasty and it was probably the best of the three although I felt like the beef was very, very close. Like the other two, I would recommend the pork banh mi.
Now, with my very basic review, I do recommend the 3 for $10.00 deal because you get more bite for your buck. Although all the sandwiches were good and flavorful, they weren't huge sandwiches. I guess the best size comparison I could give is to a Jimmy John's sub...if you've ever seen/had one.

I originally wanted the Asian Burger but they didn't have it available this day. I was kind of bummed as it sounded like a tasty burger/sandwich. I will probably go back and try three new ones just to get it out of my system. If you want to get some that you know are good and tasty, you can go wrong with #77, #78 or #79.

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