Friday, June 06, 2014

Lobster Roll from East Hampton Sandwich Co

This is a photo of the Lobster Roll from East Hampton Sandwich Co. I didn't want to spend $17 on a sandwich but I figured it was time to take a chance and go for the ever-bragged about Lobster Roll since it's been my third or fourth visit. Again, I heard it was very good but the $16+ price tag was already causing me buyer's remorse without me even having it yet.

The picture I took does not look anywhere close to the picture the EHSC website has of the same entree. That's to be expected of most restaurant food photos done by the restaurant or their marketers.

Either photo doesn't properly relay the size, or rather amount of the lobster 'stuffing' inside the roll. It's not as much as it looks. You would think that the stuffing is indeed stuffed into the roll. Your thinking, as mine was, would be mistaken. I've seen this item be delivered a few times while waiting for my usual cheeseburger to-go order. I'd take a good gander as it passed to see how it looked and try to assess the amount of stuffing there was. I obviously didn't do a very good job in my assessment because I expected more. Truthfully, I expected about double of what was actually received...especially for the price. I know different 'meats' have different costs but the cheeseburger comes with two patties for about $10 and they aren't the smashed Steak-n-Shake or Smashburger patties. Even the salmon special I wrote about had more salmon in it than the lobster roll had lobster.

So, I'll try to give it a proper visual: take the roll and split it down the middle. Spread it a very little bit just enough to put a few spoonful scoops of the lobster stuffing in the roll from almost end to end. Ah! It's like a baked potato. Where the toppings are almost all piled high on top of the potato to make it look like the potato is stuffed with the toppings when in actuality it's all sitting on top of the potato. Then when you mix the toppings into the potato, it looks pretty small compared to the initial presentation. That's the lobster roll. Pushing the toppings into the roll makes the filling look pretty light.

That being said. The lobster stuffing was good. It was flavored but not overly so. I personally would have preferred it to be closer to overly so. It came with a side of butter, or butter drizzle as they list it on the menu. In my opinion, the butter drizzle added nothing to the meal. I just didn't get any kind of butter taste from it not even a hint of butter. I don't know why, maybe I'm weird and others have a different experience but that's how it was for me.

The bread roll by itself tasted good, like an actual dinner roll that you would eat by itself.

The chips are just chips. They added some crunch and texture to an otherwise soft meal.

Overall assessment of the lobster roll at EHSC: Truthfully, I still felt hungry after eating the lobster roll so I'd have to say skip it unless you don't mind paying a premium price for an unfilling amount of food. Was it good? Fairly, yes. Was it worth the cost? Definitely, no. I did not feel like I got my monies worth.

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