Monday, August 18, 2014

Bar Ashwood Kitchen or Ashwood Bar Kitchen

I can't tell for sure how the name of this restaurant, bar, and/or kitchen should be said from the logo. I guess the biggest word is the official name but I don't want to presume.

Anyway, I read an article (here while it lasts) today and it reminded me that I actually ate there. So, here's my take...

A friend and I went to Ashwood on Friday August 15. She mentioned that it used to be Bonchon. I never ate at Bonchon but we decided to try Ashwood. It was around 12:30 on a Friday. The place was empty except for the 6 or 7 waitstaff standing around, a buslady, a bartender, 1-2 managers (couldn't tell for sure) and a hostess. The inside reminded me a lot like The Nodding Donkey. I asked our waiter how long they've been open and he said a week. I guess he meant for training as well since the article says it opened on Thursday August 14.

I ordered the Black & Bleu with a side of onion rings. My friend ordered the Cowboy Burger with a side of fries. She thought the Cowboy Burger was good enough but wasn't wowed by it. The Black & Bleu was okay as well but the bleu was way too runny. I felt like it came out of a bottle like a salad dressing. I bit into the burger and it all squirted out on my plate so then it became just The Black. I guess that's why they called it bleu SAUCE. It tasted good enough but dipping my burger into the runny cheese to have it with my burger was not ideal. The onion rings were large, well deep fried and crispy without the spicy or peppery flavoring other places use which was a plus as I do not prefer the peppery flavoring. The fries were laughable, bigger than Smashburger's but less tasty and overall less appealing. If it were my restaurant, I'd be embarrassed to serve those. Visually, they kind of looked like boiled and browned earth worms. HONESTLY!

My total bill with a soda was $12.99 and I tipped $3.01 even though our waiter really didn't do much...think of Genghis Grill "waitstaff." And it's an OCD thing to have to end in $.00. It makes the checking register easier to balance.

All in all, the burger and rings weren't bad but Digg's Taco Shop makes a pretty tasty Hamburguesa for $5.50 and it's much closer to my work. Add a side of okay-but-better-than-Ashwood fries for around $2.00 more.

Funny thing is the tab cleared my bank as Bonchon. They probably will want to change that if they last longer than a few months.

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