Thursday, August 07, 2014

Looks like Rollngo has increased their prices

I was craving me some Asian food and stopped by Rollngo on Greenville Ave last night. I wasn't really hungry but my kids would be after band camp, so I just picked up one order of the pork egg rolls (3 to an order) and two orders of their steamed dumplings (10 to an order).

I got home and took the food out of the bag and saw the itemized receipt. It showed the dumplings at $5.99. I believe I paid $4.99 when I previously wrote about visiting Rollngo. I think that was back in June.

So, just like I expected, they have already begun to increase their prices. Granted it's only a dollar but a dollar is a dollar! I also happened to notice an advertisement while standing in line to order that mentioned their banh mi sandwiches (I think) are buy-one-get-one. I didn't see the three-for-$10 advertisement but I also wasn't looking at the sandwiches to order this time around. So, it could still be offered but I just wasn't paying that much attention.

The pork egg rolls were still pretty good although they didn't put in any dipping sauce (and I forgot to check to make sure). The dumplings were pretty good too. My youngest got home from band camp that evening and ate four of them in about three minutes or less.

$5.99 for steamed dumplings puts them closer to the likes of Pei Wei or Royal Thai pricing but I think Pei Wei and Royal Thai dumplings taste much better although there are usually only four or five dumplings. I think Rollngo may have just gone-n-rolled off my lists of Asian restaurants at which to regularly dine.

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