Monday, August 11, 2014

Need for Speed (2014)

Need for Speed (2014). Saw this movie today. I went into it with low expectations as when I saw the previews, it really just looked like a different version of The Fast & The Furious. I'm not a huge fan of ALL of the movies of TF&TF but I figured if the movie was anywhere close to one of them or above Tokyo Drift then it wasn't too bad of a movie.

The storyline wasn't necessarily weak as much as it was been-there-done-that. Taking into consideration that the movie is based on a game that is completely about driving and no FMV or character building, I didn't expect a grand storyline. That being said, the start of the movie was predictable to me. Within the first 10-15 minutes, I predicted that a particular character was going to die or at least get seriously injured. I was right.

Another thing that bothered me was the lack of continuity and making things as real-to-life as possible. Granted I know that many, if none, of the things in this movie would ever happened but if they did, I'd appreciate the movie makers making it as realistic as possible. Without giving too much away, the second race in the movie has three very, very fast cars that are exactly the same make, model...everything. There's a part where one of the racer cars has to slow down A LOT to avoid an accident or road hazard while one of the other racer cars just keeps on going full throttle. However, seconds later, the car that had to slow down has somehow caught back up to the car that just kept on going. Not likely!

Then there is some cross-country driving done in a one-of-a-kind Shelby Mustang which they show near the beginning of the movie was able to hit a top speed just over 230 MPH. In case you don't know, that's really fast! I guess you could look at it as that's driving half as fast as some passenger airliners fly. There's a part where they are in the canyons and the token cutie girl is driving. She's driving pretty fast but some guys are able to catch up to her in a couple of 4x4 vehicles. Yes, they are 4x4s and the other is a Shelby Mustang but on the straight-aways the Mustang would leave them in the dust. There were quite a bit of straight-aways during this chase scene but the 4x4s were ALWAYS on the tail of the Mustang. [Spoiler alert] There is a point where they are nearing a cliff. All vehicles are hauling extreme ass towards it. The Mustang is lifted to safety by straps attached to a helicopter at the last moment but the 4x4 vehicles were somehow able to not drive off the cliff.

Anyway, it was the (little) things like this which irritated me most about the movie.

The race driving is just like TF&TF. It's fast, non-stop, hair-pin turns and near death or death stunts. It seemed like it would have been an entertaining and enjoyable movie to make for the actors. I mean who wouldn't love driving fast as shit in all kinds of make and model sports cars?

The acting if you could call it that was laughable and predictable. Again, I don't think the movie took itself seriously too much but I'd imagine they spent a lot of money and would like to make it back and then some. However, this is the same I felt about some of TF&TF movies —— somewhat entertaining but such a huge waste of money!

I've seen a few episodes of Breaking Bad and I think Aaron paul did a good job in those that I saw but I'm not sure why someone thought he or Imogen Poots were big enough draws to 'solo' this movie. Many of the supporting cast and their interactions were funny and many times better than the main characters'.

FINAL VERDICT: It's watchable. The driving is pretty cool to an extent but nothing not already seen a bazillion times before. The story line lacks but if you just go into it as an action rip-off of The Fast & The Furious or even closer to Cannonball Run then you should be okay. I wouldn't have paid ANY movie theater price but $1.30 at Redbox was probably a fair price.

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