Monday, August 11, 2014

Soundlogic DJ Headphones with Mic (DJM 8/5894)

A couple of weeks or so ago, I purchased the Soundlogic DJ Headphones w/mic (DJM 8/5984) from PulseTV via (formerly known as They were regularly $79.99 but were on sale for $15.99 with free shipping.

I already have a couple over-the-ear headphones from different companies. One is noise-cancelling from Amp'd Mobile and the other is Skull Candy's 2XL. I like the Amp'd over the Skull Candy strictly because of the "basicness" of the Skull Candy headphones but that's really why I bought them. I'm complaining about the Skull Candys because I thought I'd try them out since they were on major sale at like $7.99 versus $59.99. I wanted a kind of "throw away" headphone for rough and tough use at a low, low cost.

Anyway, back to these Soundlogic headphones...

Just looking at the headphones, they look pretty good. I liked the black and red combination. The cord is connected to one earphone (like my Amp'd but not Skull Candy). The cord does have an in-line microphone but I don't use it as that's not the reason I purchased. I just wanted it for audio.

Upon closer inspection, they feel pretty cheaply made. They are a light-weight plastic. I've used them about ten times for about two hours each and they seem sturdy enough. I haven't really thrown them around or anything but I have dropped them from about three feet and they didn't break.

I guess these are call over-the-ear but they feel more like on-the-ear. I don't have a big head at all but they feel like they are maybe outlining my ears. The pads aren't huge and I asked my wife if she could hear what I was listening to. She said a little yes. They muffs aren't the softest but that are comfortable enough for maybe two hours or so — I haven't really used them longer than that. They aren't as cushioned and they are more of a vinyl material. I do know that I felt like my Amp'd Mobiles are more comfortable than these Soundlogics.

I'm not an audiophile and I'm not sure audiophiles are really as "expert" as they say when it comes to headphones. You can only get so much sound from headphones and it really becomes the personal preference of the individual listener versus an overall general experience for everyone. I didn't find any problems with the sound from these headphones. There was enough bass and treble for my preference while watching a movie. I haven't really used for long periods of time just to listen to music other than the day I opened them. At that time, they sounded just fine but again I didn't pay too much attention than just to see how they initially sounded. I was just testing for suck or don't suck and they didn't suck. Maybe I'll try them again for music and pay more attention for updating this review.

They work. They sound good for my tastes. So, for $7.99 I can't really complain.

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