Sunday, October 05, 2014

Enemy (2013), Hours (2013)

Enemy (2013). This movie was kind of weird and kind of slow. It gave me this eerie Donnie Darko vibe in the sense like it was a meaningless, pointless movie that just dragged on but the viewer hoped there would be a time when the light bulb went off and they'd be like, "AHA! That's what it's about!" That shit never happened with this movie either.

I don't know why Jake Gyllenhall picks to do movies like this. Does he think they're artsy or something? Who knows. I can only think that other watchers, viewers and fans of Jake were constantly saying, "WTF! This movie is confusing the shit out of me!"

Really the movie made me feel like I was sick. You know like that feeling that you want to get up and do something but the flu, fever or whatever has you so jacked up that you just want to sit because you get dizzy and decide to just vegetate? I don't know I just can't explain it well enough.

Melanie Laurent plays Gyllenhall's character's girlfriend. They have some kind of weird relationship like she wants more but he doesn't or he wants more but she doesn't. They screw and she doesn't like to stay over. I don't know the premise or reasoning behind any of it and I don't think it's explained. She's kind of hot but their sex is boring...maybe that's where the story lies. I very well could have just not paid close enough attention. Again, who knows.

Sarah Gadon plays the other Gyllenhall's wife. She's kind of hot too. She's pregnant. They show her naked. I don't think their relationship is good.

I think the movie may be about having a doppelganger and thinking that their life is better than yours for everyone involved. The men switch lives and the women both know or eventually find out that their man is not their man but he looks like their man but he treats her different and that's the telling factor.

Anyway, I guess I could re-watch it pay closer attention but it just wasn't that intriguing to begin with so it may never happen.

Overall verdict: I would say rent something else. I just wasn't feeling this movie but again, I watch movies somewhat distracted because I'm doing usually doing something else while watching.

Hours (2013). This movie was somewhat intense. It's pretty much a one-character movie—Paul Walker's. There are some filler characters to help maintain interest or to help build the story but if the movie was 100 minutes long, I'd say that 90 minutes was just Paul Walker's character and his newborn daughter.

My first thought was that there was no way that the hospital's policy would be to basically say, "Oh well, sorry your baby's in an incubator and it's an archaic one at that but your newborn's probably going to die." Isn't that anti-Hippocratic oath? Also, surely there would have been some nurse or doctor who had the huevos to stay and make sure the newborn baby had every chance it could to live.

Anyway, it wasn't a bad movie. It had a lot of 'oh shit' moments where one thing gets 'fixed' and another thing goes wrong. This added to the intenseness and sort of teetered the line between 'that could happen' and 'that's bullshit'.

Overall verdict: I would say rent it from Redbox for $1.50 or stream for free. It has some good parts.

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