Sunday, November 02, 2014

Kicker HP402B CUSH Full-Size Headphones, Black

I got an email deal alert from It had the Kicker HP402B CUSH full-size headphones (black or white, I purchased black) on sale for $29.99 with free shipping. I don't need another damn pair of headphones but I just couldn't resist. I did some Googling and a lot of the reviews were positive. They all essentially said that they are pretty damn good for the price. The prices I've seen them for and others have quoted in their reviews are around $80-$100. Amazon had them for $79.95 at the time I purchased. In the Rakuten deal, they had them for $30 off with the free shipping making them $29.99. I figured it was a good deal to try them out like the many others I've done for a lot less (see here, here and here).

The free shipping made delivery on these about a week——I ordered in the late evening on a Wednesday and got them at my door via USPS a week later on Thursday. I think that's pretty good for free, standard shipping. Plus, I wasn't in any hurry to receive them so I didn't need to pay for any faster shipping.

I didn't know what to expect. I know of the Kicker brand for like boom boxes and shit like that for car audio but didn't know if it was the same brand. After receiving the headphones, it looks like the Kicker logo on them is the same that I've seen on the car audio products. Here nor there, I really didn't care what brand they are just as long as they performed well.

So, first some photos:

So far I've listened to music and watched movies on my iPad as well as watched movies on my desktop PC. I've found the sound to be pretty darn good! The bass is pretty good and sounds fairly deep. The treble isn't bad either and it doesn't effect my ears like some ear buds do — sometimes I get a static, scratchy sound in my inner ear which I think comes from too much treble.

The ear muffs are pretty comfy. They're soft and create a good seal. I tested the sound leakage with my youngest. I was listening to music fairly loud on my iPad and my youngest was up on the stairs about twenty feet away and six feet up. My youngest said the music could not be heard but coming down the stairs and closer to me, the music could start to barely be heard. When my youngest was right upon me, the music was a little louder but still pretty muffled. When I took the muffs off my head, the music could be heard pretty loud and clear. That was pretty cool.

I listened for a few hours before my ears started to get a little hot and irritated. I think that's probably because a few times I laid on my side to listen and one ear muff could push up from the pillow to be tighter on my ear. I think if I was just wearing them while walking around or something that the comfort would be much longer.

Overall, I really like these Kicker CUSH headphones so far. They sound good. They feel good. And I got them for a heck of a deal. I think they have some newer versions but you really can't go wrong with this model.

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