Sunday, April 05, 2015

Harvey B's

Went to Harvey B's for lunch today. It's been on my radar to try since I saw an article on it about a month ago. At the time of that article, I believe it was called Harvey G's but now it is Harvey B's. I didn't ask why the change. I was just there to try out a new burger place.

This photo is of the Pancho Villa — which was referenced in the article. They had other items that weren't so flashily named but I figured if I was going to test out the joint that I'd start with the fanciest-named, largest-sounding, most-toppings burger they offered. Turns out it was a good choice!

That my friends is a 1/2 pound burger with hashbrown, egg, bacon, ham, cheese and 1000 Island sauce. To tell you the truth, I was a little hesitant about the 1000 Island sauce. I expected it to be drenched in the sauce like many places do with the "special" sauce that makes up the sandwich. However, I didn't taste a whole lot of the 1000 Island sauce or at least it wasn't so overwhelming that I really didn't know it was the sauce. Is that good or bad? Hell if I know but the burger itself was pretty tasty.

The inside of the hash brown was steaming when I bit into the burger. The egg was not runny but it wasn't a well-done egg either. The bacon was...well, bacon and it was the right combination of not soft and not crunchy. I didn't taste a lot of the ham but it could have just been drowned out by it's brother bacon. The bun held up well with all this juicy gooey innards. I didn't get any sides because I figured the burger would be filling enough. However, my kids did get a combo: one with spiral potato fries and the other with cheesy spiral potato fries.

The spiral potato fries are basically thin potato slices cooked not too soft and not too crispy (although we preferred a little more crisp but maybe not quite like a chip). They were flavored fairly well. The queso fries to us was more like Ro-Tel poored over the fries and they weren't really generous with the queso. I'm thinking they didn't want to put too much on it to make them like droopy nachos. Which was fine with us since again it tasted like Ro-Tel.

The cashier was very friendly and knew her stuff when taking my order. I probably took more time ordering than she did punching in everything. She also was kind enough to bring us a small cup of the queso to taste test with the fries before she realized we actually ordered some. She said, "Well go ahead and take this too." Which was smart because it's better to offer than not to in my opinion. About 7-10 minutes later, she came by again to give us plastic Easter eggs which had two Hershey Kisses in each of them. It was Easter Sunday after all and it was a wonderful gesture by the business.

All in all, it was a good outing. My kids liked their burgers: one got the 1/4 substandard and the other got the 1/4 B.B.Q. Bacon Cheese. It did hit me on the way home that it cost me like $31.00 for all the food and three medium drinks. Which makes me think of other establishments like Smashburger, Twisted Root and Liberty Burger where the burgers are fairly priced (around $5-$7) but then when you add a side and drink it's like $12-$15 for one person. That's kind of outrageous for me. But again, it was a good time with the kids and we tried a new burger joint. Between the drive from my home and the costs, I'll probably stay closer to home but it's nice to know if I'm in that area again and I get hungry that Harvey B's has a pretty decent burger.

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