Saturday, May 23, 2015

Benihana Dallas

My oldest wanted to go to Benihana Dallas for a birthday celebration. It's sort of pricey but it's not like a regular thing. This is a special day.

However, I personally am not a huge fan of the food or the fanfare. I think it's basic food with basic entertainment from a chef whose ethnicity quite often does not match that of the restaurant's name but more of the massive land mass just south of the Rio Grande! No matter how they try to sound when they speak, Jorge is not Miyagi.

Anyway, the photo is of my plate with beef, chicken, shrimp and some fried rice. I enhanced it with some color filters to make it look more enticing than in real life or at least eye-appealing.

Again, the food's not terrible but I think I can get just as good from Mei Mei's Chinese Buffet off of Central Expressway and Meadow Rd and pay about a third of the cost.

Hopefully, this phase has passed now from my children's birthday dining wants.

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