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Dugan's Moving Company

Dugan's Moving Company located at Hebron & Josey in Carrolton — at least when I used them.

Used this company almost three years ago. Started a review back then but never completed it because I got busy with life important things. Yelp has reminded me to complete my review but today I decided to follow through.

As many others have mentioned...


Here's my story...

Emailed Brad Dugan, owner of Dugan's Moving, after calling another recommended moving company (Alpine Moving Co) who were very short & rude on the phone-like he was so busy he didn't need another customer. I didn't want to lose it in case Brad was just as rude is why I emailed. Brad finally called three days later. Brad said they were available for my dates because he currently wasn't very busy. Red flag #1?

We talked cost & he quoted something around $400 if I remember correctly because I told him he would not have to do ANYTHING but move already-packed boxes & furniture which I placed almost all of it downstairs in my living room by myself over a few weeks before my move. The biggest things they had to move were a couple of computer desk armoires measuring about 36" wide x 20" deep x 60" high & no more than 75 lbs. I was also only moving about a mile away.

Night before the move, it rained pretty good all night. It was pretty wet the morning of the move but had stopped raining. Brad calls around 8 a.m. asking if I still wanted to do my move. Like I had a choice, idiot! I told him I had to be moved out by that day (my last in the place) because that was the earliest time my other place would be open—it was a tight time frame. Brad reluctantly said okay but it'll take him a bit to get his guys together. Really!? Should he not have had them already gathered & waiting for me to tell him to not come instead of assuming I'd cancel? Or maybe call and confirm the night before? Red flag #2?

They finally show around 11 a.m. — 6 guys & one 27' truck although a few drove their personal trucks since they all wouldn't fit in the moving truck. They all seemed nice enough. 4 guys in their 20s & 2 older guys about 40+. Brad was one of them. He's a heavy set guy & he barked orders to the others. He maybe carried five small items but I'm sure he felt like he did a lot more. He kept telling me that his guys really didn't want to work today because of the weather so they were going to try and "book" it to get done in a few hours or less. Red flag #3?

I had hardwood floors at my old place except the stairs to the 2nd floor. I laid down towels to keep the mud & water at bay as much as possible why the movers were going in & out. Once the truck was loaded they drove roughly one mile to my new place to unload. I had them move one desk armoire upstairs in my new place because my wife didn't want me doing it later. EVERYTHING else they just had to bring in & place in my living room for me to unpack, place and/or set up later. Simple right? All the ease that I made for them was definitely going to be $400 or less, right?

So, my mother-in-law offered to pay for the move & she was also the one that gave me their contact info. It was a small move but she wasn't hugely impressed with them previously because she thought they overcharged for a simple move she too had. However, I was in a time crunch & limited on who I could call without getting thoroughly raked over with the costs. Well, I (my mother-in-law) still got raked in the costs.

My mother-in-law was doing a walk through while I was handling something else and noticed that they had damaged the computer armoire they had moved upstairs. How the hell it happened I have no idea. Two guys moved it up in the new place but I had moved it upstairs in my old place by myself without ANY damage! It's funny but they seemed like they tried to hide it. Five guys hovering in a circle around the item like they were trying to keep prying eyes from seeing what they're doing. Just weird. My mother-in-law talked with Brad about it and he said he'd take off $75 (I think it was) from the total cost. Red flag #4?

That was such a great savings I tell ya. I believe the total cost was around $650. My mother-in-law said I was quoted $400 & Brad started saying stupid stuff like, "Well we came in the rain & I had to bring two extra guys so we could get it done quicker, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH." Basically, reasons that should not have been shared & I could not believe he was arguing his point of overcharging us. My mother-in-law & I must have been in crazy good moods as we just said, "Screw it!" & she paid. I personally would've argued a bit more if I was paying but I figured if it was really something she wanted, she would have argued more too! Although, a few days later she had thought about it more & it grated on her that she wasn't more upfront about her disgust of Dugan's Moving's service & price!

So once again, unless you want to be screwed over...


The damage they caused and subsequently tried to "fix" on my armoire.

Now that I think about it, I wonder why they would have wood glue on hand unless they've damaged wooden furniture before.

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