Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aloha BBQ Grill - Lubbock, TX

This is the stir fry noodles Asian-style dish from Aloha BBQ Grill in Lubbock, TX. While in Lubbock, I wanted to try some different places other than the staples of like McDonald's, Chick fil A and Chipotle. However, while exploring the area via Google maps, I saw Aloha BBQ Grill come up as a recommended place. Although it's sounded similar to Aloha Hawaiian BBQ in Dallas, I figured it might be at least a little different because I think Aloha Hawaiian is owned and operated by Koreans whereas Aloha BBQ Grill is owned and operated by Japanese. Race matters not but it does in the area of taste buds and sometimes in the actual cooking process.

Anyway, the family was starving and we passed a Chipotle but I decided to try Aloha BBQ Grill. I didn't fully realize that the distance from our hotel (Overton Hotel & Conference Center) to Aloha was not 1.5 miles like I thought. It was actually 10 miles away more in a residential area in a corner strip shopping center.

Our hunger grew as the drive got longer. About seven minutes in, we thought about just driving back to the Chipotle which was right around the corner from the hotel but seven minutes back would be the same as seven minutes forward to our destination. We probably would have been better off getting Chipotle.

The food wasn't bad at Aloha BBQ Grill. It just wasn't really good or worth the roughly fifteen-minute drive or ten to twelve-minute wait for them to serve our food. As you can see in the image, the food is quite dark. Most aloha food isn't dark like this. What this tells me is that they used too much soy sauce in the cooking of this entree.

If you like dark, salty food then this place might be for you. I do not like my food cooked this way. I love to eat but I can tell you that I had almost half of the food left and did not eat the leftovers before leaving Lubbock. I can't speak for all the entrees prepared at Aloha BBQ Grill in Lubbock but since this one wasn't even close to my expectations, I cannot recommend to anyone nor will I visit this place if I visit Lubbock again.

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