Friday, August 21, 2015

Snappee Auto Care

I'm just getting around to writing about this but a few months ago I needed to get my vehicle inspected. It's been out for a few months and I've been able to wait since in Texas (I'm assuming it's just in Texas) they have combined the vehicle registration and inspection into one sticker. Essentially, if you have a registration sticker, you had to have had your vehicle inspected before getting it.

Anyway, I just haven't had time to take it. I was also trying to decide where to take it because I just needed an inspection and did not want to be upsold on anything like a freaking air filter, chassis lube or transmission/radiator flush which is what the typical Jiffy Lube, Kwik Kar Lube & Tune or the plethora of other automotive service centers tend to do.


My vehicle is a 2000 and a current lube or flush is not going to do anything new that one of those a few years ago didn't already handle. My vehicle runs fairly well [knock on wood] for being 15 years old and heavily used as it has been. It's been a great vehicle and I just want to maintain it for as long as I can. It's more in the reactive maintenance zone than the preventive maintenance zone.

So, I opened up Google on my phone and did a generic search for oil change venues near my location. Kwik Kar was one of the first in the results. There are quite a few around the DFW Metroplex but the one closest to me was not favorably rated. I've been there before some years ago but I think more recently more people have had a less than stellar experience. The reviews mentioned the upselling, the over-charging and the problem-causing where they go in for just an oil change and then the vehicle starts to shake, rattle and roll when it never did before service. There was one in the Forth Worth, maybe Keller, area that was highest rated and seemd to have ownership which took pride and care in everything they do. However, I wasn't driving way the hell out to Keller for an oil change!

At any rate, I saw a pretty highly-rated place on Yelp listed as Snappee Auto Care & Lube. It only has four reviews: 1 in 2012, 2 in 2013 and the last in March 2014, but they are all 5 STARS. I figured it was fairly close to where I am and it was worth a try since I am only getting an oil change and inspection.

I took the picture below as I was waiting for service because I knew I wanted to share my "review" on Yelp and/or on my blog. The building is painted yellow. Probably could be considered bright yellow. However, I missed it on my first drive by and had to make a U-turn because it sits back a bit from the road. I drive by this place at least once if not twice a week, have for months/years, but have never really seen or paid too much attention to this building. I guess if you are looking for it you don't see it although again, I should have seen it and thought, "Damn, that's a yellow building!"

As you can see from the above photo, it's a pretty non-descript place. The inside (photo below) is even less glamorous. It reminds me a lot of Quix State Inspection which I typically get my inspection done but I needed the oil change they Quix only does inspection.

So, the oil change charges are pretty straight forward. There are two types/prices laid out on the front of the counter to be easily seen, read and understood. I just needed the basic. I spoke to the owner who is the guy in the middle of the guys in the photo on the company's home page. He seemed to be a very nice guy. I chatted with him a bit and he said that there was someone before me so it'd be like twenty minutes. I told him, "No problem."

I'd chat with him off and on as he came back in the office to do paperwork on the current customer. I asked how long he'd been there—only a few years in this location. I told him that I found him on Yelp and he had very good reviews. I pulled it up on my phone and showed him. He was like, "And I don't even advertise!" I said, "With reviews like these, I guess there's no real reason to."

So, before I get too much more long-winded on this post, I will probably give Snappee Auto Care a try if I have auto repair needs. I can't give an opinion on anything other than the oil change and inspection. I'm assuming the oil change went well as I haven't had any problems with a leak or such. My van passed inspection so I can't rate the inspection process any lower than top-rated. He reminded me to keep the receipt of the inspection for my records because they might ask for it when I get my registration done. I actually think it's supposed to show in some governmental database that it has been inspected but it was good of him to recommend keeping because we all know how well the government is with maintaining records.

A few other things to note:
  1. He's one guy/mechanic who hires other mechanics for weekend work. If you can't leave your vehicle for more than a few hours, then you might want to go elsewhere. He told me that he's lost customers because they don't want to leave the vehicle for more than a day or so. He said he can't fully assess all problems unless they want to leave the vehicle plus the majority of the "big" work is done over the weekends when the part-time mechanics can work.
  2. He's tried to hire some weekday workers but they just didn't cut it or live up to his standards. So, again, he loses customers but I'd say it speaks to the integrity of his work and business.
  3. He plays Christian radio in the office. I commend him for sticking to what he believes in and is willing to play his music, which may or may not be liked by all. He's not shoving his Christian beliefs in my face but I respect his playing of his music and not what the majority may like/prefer. Again, for me, it speaks to his integrity of sticking to his guns.
There you have it. A "brief" review of Snappee Auto Care.

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