Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Triple chili cheeseburger from Burger House

This is the triple chili cheeseburger from Burger House on Hillcrest. It's a burger of wonderful death by food coma.

The family was craving some burgers. I didn't want to eat such a "healthy" burger but it just called to me when I got to the order window. Food does that to me some times.

At Burger House, my standard is the Zoe's Chicken because it comes with fries versus ordering a burger and having to order fries as a side. And I like it. However, the Zoe's used to be a cheaper option but I don't think it is as much anymore.

Anyway, this triple chili cheesburger was messy. The chili was dripping and pooping out the burger with every bite I took. It tasted pretty good too. I've had a double chili cheeseburger from Keller's Drive-in (or here). It's been a while but if I recall correctly, they both are pretty darn good with the Keller's version slightly better.

These are basic burgers. Nothing spectacular but also nothing disappointing. It's pretty tough to screw up a burger but it takes a lot to jazz up the taste of one enough to make me say, "Daaaaaamn!"

This Burger House burger was pretty tasty. Better than a basic burger like from Sonic or McDonald's but not a "Daaaaaamn!" kind of tasty. I'd probably have it again next time but I still like a Zoe's Chicken, so it may be tough to decide.

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