Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My new sunglasses

So, I've been in the market for a new pair (or more) of sunglasses. I previously had some white trim with blue lenses sport sunglasses that the lenses finally just cracked away. I got them from Academy a few years back. Some months maybe a year before then I had purchased some red trim with red/yellow/orange lenses sport sunglasses. I favored the white trim ones because they felt better while wearing them. They didn't slide down my nose or feel too big behind the ears. I also liked the blue lenses more than the amber (yeah, I guess they could be called that) on the red trim sunglasses. I would say I used them more for my daily outings of walking, driving or just hanging outside.

The red trim glasses slipped down my nose just a tiny bit but noticeable. They also didn't grip well with the ear pieces over/behind the ear which might have added to the slippage. I mainly wore them for playing tennis because when it's sunny, I usually work a cap/visor and the head band of the cap/visor would help keep the glass from sliding down my nose.

The white trims were basically worn out and the lenses went from slightly cracked, to cracked to falling apart. I guess I could have just Googled and found some replacement lenses but I really didn't think about that until JUST FUCKING NOW when typing this. I probably could have saved myself some dollars versus buying new ones. DAMMIT! Oh well. Anyway, I had the back up red trims until about three weeks ago when I left them at an after-work function. I'm sure they might have been taken to the lost and found of the building I was in but I was too lazy to follow up and check. Once again, I probably could have saved myself some dollars. I'm an idiot!

So, enter my newest sunglasses purchase. I've researched for a few days/weeks about different types I wanted to try, lens colors, pricing and reputable (hopefully) on-line shops if necessary.

What I finally decided to "add to cart" was the Tifosi Jet Sunglasses (Metallic Silver Frames, Smoke Blue Lenses) and Tifosi Hagen Sunglasses (Crystal Clear Frames, Polarized Clarion Green Lenses) from B & H Photo.

I've ordered some camera items from B&H before so I figured they were at least reputable. They had the lens colors I was looking for. The pricing wasn't perfect, especially for the Hagens but I figured if I liked them that I would take much better care of them than any of my other sunglasses purchases. The shipping was free.

So the cost breakdown is the Tifosi Jets were $25.95 and Tifosi Hagens were $58.50. I've NEVER paid more than $25 for a pair of sunglasses. In fact, I think my ultimate limit has always been $20. However, as mentioned, I figured if I spent more this time I'd be 100x better at taking 100% care of these sunglasses. $59 for a pair was a huge stretch for me and I almost have a little buyer's remorse just because of the price and nothing to do with the sunglasses themselves.

Anyway, below are some pictures of the case they came in and then the sunglasses:

So, the lenses themselves are pretty smooth, clear and look great. The frames aren't too bad either. They both should look good since I chose each pair based on both the frames and lenses.

Wearing both is very comfortable. I've worn both while walking for long periods of time as well as very long periods of driving while recently traveling. There is no nose pinch, ear fatigue or head pinch. I've gotten compliments on how they look but a few have said they look small on my head. I do have a fat head but plan to trim that down. Haha!

I do think the Jets are not quite as wrapped as my previous wraparound sunglasses. I feel like the part of the lens near the ear pieces could have extended a bit more like maybe a half inch to wrap a bit more around my eye sockets/face. I can also tell that it seems like the build of the Jets seems slightly askew. I feel like my left eyebrow touches the frames more than my right eyebrow. I want to bend them a bit on the left-hand side but I'm afraid it might snap and then I'd be pissed off for wasting $25+! So, essentially, the glasses aren't built to 'perfection' or maybe my head is slightly too big for them. Either way, my previous wraparound glasses had a much better fit and were not askew-feeling like these. They were also about half the cost as the Jets.

The Hagens fit fairly well but they too have a slight problem. It could be just me. I feel like the ear pieces could be a little tighter or have sort of like a thin grippy pad added to them. They tend to slide down my nose a bit because the end of the ear pieces don't curve like the wraparounds but they also aren't tight enough to maintain their position on/over my ear. The clear frames are sometimes distracting until I got used to them because often I'd think something was coming at me from the side but it was just the way the frames refracted light and images. These things weren't coming at me but occasional I could see things that looked like they were. I guess think of it kind of like a house of mirrors.

Overall, I'm mostly satisfied with my sunglasses purchases. Surely there could be improvements and I think there may have been as I believe there are a new model of each on the market. I know too much research (or not) on my part. I will take care of these with the utmost care as they're more expensive then ANY I've purchased in the past. I will deal with the minor issues and I might even try to rig my own adjustments. Again, they're totally usable and likeable but for the price, I expected more. I guess it's like anything purchase that is made in large quantities — there is bound to be a few that miss the standard and that doesn't mean they are all bad.

So, these purchase have definitely enforced the fact that I prefer to try things out before purchasing. I thought I'd trust the company(ies) I've purchased from before and had the hopes of the slightly higher price justified a better quality product from these companies. I was wrong. I'm not totally disappointed but I'm not completely satisfied either.

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