Monday, May 23, 2016

MyBuds Pro Ear Buds

I started this probably a year or so ago but just now getting it typed and posted.

I'm not a big fan of spending big bucks or even little bucks for ear buds. I'm not an audiophile of any kind. I just like to be able to listen to my music from my smartphone or my iPad or from whatever source that I'd need to plug in some earphones/buds to.

I picked up these MyBuds Pro Ear Buds pretty cheap from somewhere. It's been so long since I got them and wanted to write this review that the place of purchase has escaped my memory. I do remember that they were something like $20+ at stores found online but I believe I got a really good deal for them at around $3.99 plus tax with free shipping. So let's say $5.00 for argument's sake.

I've read some recent reviews on these or those that are very close to the same as these and they weren't very good. I'm not sure why. Maybe they paid over $20 for them and weren't satisfied. Maybe they are just earbud snobs. Maybe they just had a bad day. I don't know.

What I can tell you is that I didn't have ANY issues or complaints with them for what I used them. I walk to and from many places. I like to listen to music while doing so. These ear buds did that. Were they the best in sound? No. Were they the best noise-canceling? No. Did they play music with a decent-enough sound? For me, sure.

These came with an inline microphone. I didn't purchase them for the microphone but it's almost impossible to purchase any kind of earbuds/phones without this feature included. I did use it a few times with my mobile phone and the person on the other end did not have much trouble hearing me. However, I did hold the mic closer to my mouth because the placement of the microphone is right where the earbuds connect to the main cord at the 'Y' junction. That should make sense to everyone and if it doesn't then you're probably a dumb ass. The buds do come with a clip on the cord and I did use it to clip to my collar of my polo shirt but I was told that the sound was muffled-sounding probably like 3 out of 5 times I used it like that. Again, not a big deal to me as this functionality is not why I purchased.

What I really liked about them was the inline volume dial. It added an additional volume boost to the sound coming out of the earbuds. Sometimes, a track is softer than the previous track or a station on Spotify has a low set volume for some reason. This volume dial allowed me to turn the music up quite a few more notches so I could hear the music at an audible level either just to hear or to hear over some ambient noises that were not fully noise-canceled by the ear buds.

Only reason I no longer use these, is because one of the earbuds stopped working because of user abuse and not product defect. Occasionally, I would accidentally jerk the buds out of my ear(s) by the cord getting caught on something. Do this enough times and the cord starts to become loosened from inside the earbud. This is what happened and it's not the same listening to music while walking with a uni-bud versus stereo. I did take them to my work and plug into my computer's headphone jack to listen to music as I like to have one ear "open" at work. Eventually, I jerked the cord enough on the one working earbud to where neither one worked. That's when I finally got rid of them.

Did they have the best audio? No. Was it good or decent enough? For me, sure. Again, I'm no self-proclaimed audiophile. I just know what is acceptable to me and at what cost. So for $5, I'd say that I got my money's worth.

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