Saturday, February 24, 2018

B&J Logistics

B&J Logistics. First let me say that I've never used this person/company.

However, based on personally viewing the way this person drives their truck on Interstate 30 during rainy, very wet and slick conditions, I would not recommend this business to anyone!

I was driving on I30 between Dallas and Fort Worth. It started to rain like it does in Texas — downpour then drizzle then downpour. The interstate was pretty slick since it hadn't rained long enough to wash the oils away.

I noticed this truck around Hwy 360 until he exited around Beach St (I think). This driver was pulling an empty flatbed trailer. He was riding on the tail of other cars and weaving in and out of lanes, sometimes two at a time, like he was driving a sports car.

It was crazy. I tried to take a video or photo with my phone but I couldn't safely do so. If he was part of a larger company, I most definitely would have gotten his information and called the offices to report his unsafe driving behavior.

I was waiting to have to pull over and wait for the police to explain why he had gotten into an accident. Luckily, all worked out okay, at least while he was on I30.

Stupidity at its finest!

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