About Me

The force is strong in my family. My father had it. I have it and my...sister has it.

I have been using the "F-word" for so long that it no longer is considered foul language to me. I use it like I'm using "very" but I do know that others may be offended by it. I do filter my words when I'm in certain company but not here.

I'm passionate about what I write. Some things affect me much more than others. If I wrote like I felt, the F-word and others would be used throughout a post. It's not that I really care about the subject (every time or that much). It's more of my disbelief and wonderment at the ignorance of people...sometimes me included.

I'm random. If I could post everything that I ever thought of, this blog would be much longer. But alas, they haven't invented technology to turn my thoughts into writing because my thoughts are much more coherent than my writing. When I do start a post, I am usually constantly distracted so it may not come out as intelligently sounding as I'd hope. Deal with it. You get the gist.

I'm very opinionated. It's not always my way or the highway but I can tell you that my way is probably the best way.

I believe in love and respect. I think children should be whacked for punishment although there IS a line between discipline and abuse. If you don't know the difference, you should not be allowed to have children. I've got more "you shouldn't have children" ideas but I will save them for posts if they aren't already there.

I'm currently employed and going back to college to finish my undergraduate degree. I hate school. I think college and a college degree is overrated. I guarantee I can do the job just as good as Mr. College Graduate and I deserve the same pay. This may not be the case for everybody but it is for me. I hate learning new things if it is time consuming (school kind of falls into here). I have 3 brand new PC games from Christmas 2008 that are still in the cellophane-wrapped packages because I don't want to read the half-inch thick manuals to learn how to play. I may be missing out on some great gaming and eventually I might attempt them. I had Starcraft for about 3 months before reading and learning how to play and I've enjoyed that game very much over the years.

I'm not lazy. I just like to put my time and effort into what I feel is necessary.

So, there's a little bit about me. I hope it explains a lot. I hope it explains a little. I actually really don't care.

Enjoy the randomness!

P.S. Leave a comment here or on a post. It makes me feel like what I have to say means something to someone, but also I like to be able to link back to your site to see if you are more interesting than I think am.