Thursday, February 24, 2005


I'm not a fashion expert and I don't even know for sure how you spell it, but who came up with the Ugg? Let me describe it for you if you don't know what it is. It's a caveman boot! I saw this same footwear in the movie Caveman (starring Ringo Starr, Shelley Long, Dennis Quaid and Barbara Bach) back in like the 80s.

As mentioned before, I work and live on a college campus. I see these ugly ass boots every freaking day. They look like a winter accessory but these people are wearing it in 90 degree weather!

Okay, picture this. A really hot co-ed walking down the sidewalk. She's got beautiful long flowing hair (blond typically but you choose). She's wearing some stylish shades that she probably paid way too much for. She's got a really tight t-shirt on that hugs the curves of her breasts (real or not we don't know in this day in age with the super padded bras) and is short in length to expose her ever so sexy belly with pierced navel. She's got a really tight, very short blue jean skirt on that if she were to drop her expensive sunglasses and bend over to pick them up you'd probably get a glimpse of her vertical taco. She's got nice tan thighs, fairly decent legs overall.

Then you see she's wearing these things on her feet. They seem to be a pair of suede, leather or who knows what boots with typically a fur rim at the top of the boot and probably a furry insole. It's not so bad except for that they make her legs look like they are dragging cement shoes! The fur portion extends from her calf, around her leg about 2-3 inches and the rest of the boot isn't much thinner.

Now, imagine this female about a thousand times with ever changing t-shirt, short mini, hair color, sunglasses style, etc.

This is what I see on a daily basis!

My wife is disturbed by the fact that I see this extremely attractive female walking and the first thing that pops into my head — not my trousers — is that her shoes don't match her outfit. :-)

This girl could be so hot...well she is hot nevertheless...but these boots...they are just so unattractive...Ugh!

Holy crap! I guess that's where they came up with the name! Problem solved!