Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Writing product review at

I purchased a product the other day from NewEgg and thought, "Hey, I purchased something else from NewEgg a few months ago. I should write a review.

The item I purchased was the Samsung N110 netbook. I didn't get to use it for a few weeks or so after initial delivery because I didn't tell the wife. So, I had to sneak around with it to get it setup and such. I know that's wrong but she would have been okay with it anyway...maybe. LOL!

So anyhow, I started writing the review, even completed it and hit SUBMIT. And, this is the message that I got (inset pic, you'll need to click on it to zoom).

I thought it was funny because I don't recall typing any offensive words. It highlighted the infringing term: "eBay." After further and deeper reading and understanding of the "agreement," I saw that it said something about no inappropriate language AND posting of it's competitor's.

So my assumption is that eBay is fierce competitor for NewEgg. Or is it a some circles?

Anyway, just thought it was interesting.

In the news 09/30/2009

I'm a little behind on this news article but I have been busy and just saw it. I briefly heard about it before but the article I read to day is at NBC DFW.

Headline reads: SUV Slams Into Overloaded Day Car Van, Injures 16.
Link to article as long as it lasts.

Apparently this went wrong when unlicensed dipshit driver Karissa Acosta tried to run a red light. It's not just that she was running a red light. We all try and do it but she was toting 20 kids, risking everyone of their lives. If my kid was on that van, Acosta would not have to worry about paying her fines or going to trial. The dumbass bitch would be fighting for her life because I would have beaten her to the extent of her life hanging by a thread! You don't fuck with my children's life and well-being. That's my job!

To top it off, SUV driver Aracel Torres, is also an unlicensed driver. Now, granted he didn't do anything stupid to cause the accident but he wasn't legally driving. So there could be a distinct possibility that an accident could have been avoided if he wasn't out driving...illegally.

I guess a final point without getting too pissed off is that we should take into consideration the last names of these two offenders: Acosta and Torres. Do you see where I'm going?

I may just be me but should we lay off the city of Irving for supposedly "profiling" Mexican drivers!? Can we see that they obviously had good reason?

Sometimes I want to pop peoples' heads like a zit!

And just for fun since I had to Google 'zit' to get the above link, this one looks way better - Pop That Zit.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I hate telemarketing calls

I'm wondering how they got my cell phone number. There was no list of cell numbers given out like the spam email suggests. You can check to be sure at Snopes.

Anyway, here is the number that called my cell number today: 228-209-9560. I didn't answer but they did leave a recorded voice mail. I guess luckily for me it didn't record the whole message. I just got "Press 1 otherwise press 2 to be removed from this list." What list? I don't know. I don't even know what they wanted since I just got the end of the recording.

After a quick Google (see my search here), it seems it truly is a scammer/telemarketer. I just don't know how they got my cell phone number. I don't get a lot of sales calls to my cell number. Mainly I get repeated sales (badgering) calls from Sprint, which is my provider, asking me if I want something new or some b.s. like that.

Don't any of these fuckers know that if I wanted something, I'd fucking call THEM!? I wish I could find each and everyone of them and place a few 9MMs in them: one in their dialing hand and the other square in the center of the forehead! Bitches!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dallas Summer Musicals presents "Mary Poppins" at Fair Park

Went to see the matinee showing of Mary Poppins on Sunday with the family. I'm not a movie critic nor do I get paid to criticize (I wish) but I do know what me and the family like which I would think could translate to a lot of families in the metroplex.

With that said, I must say that I was disappointed in this show. I wasn't disappointed in its entirety as not everything sucked in Act I (although about 85% did) and I didn't stay for Act II. In fact, I think most of the people on my row and the row in front of us left during intermission and did not return. I know this because they were actually leaving the building before we did.

I guess let's start with the positives. Mary Poppins was very strong. She acted and sang very well. Truly the lead in all ways. Bert was very, very weak. His rendition of Chim Chim Cher-ee was lackluster. I didn't feel any excitement, enthusiasm or anything from him which was the case with a lot of the characters in Act I. Mrs. Banks was just as weak as Bert. Mr. Banks was much stronger than Bert and Mrs. Banks but even he did not grab any interest from us. There were moments of short-lived excitement but I did find myself closing my eyes and almost nodding off, which I never felt like doing during Peter Pan, The Lion King or Miss Saigon. You can read an article here as long as it lasts at the Dallas News from a reviewer who felt somewhat the same as us.

I guess to give them the benefit of the doubt, a few of the roles were being done by understudies (I guess they are called). Bert was one of them. The reviewer in the article said the regular lead took ill before Friday's performance and I assume he was still ill for ours at 1:30pm Sunday. It's a pity. Bert has a lot of stage time and if the original actor is as good as the reviewer said, we might have endured longer. Maybe.

I haven't seen the movie Mary Poppins in like 20+ years. I can honestly say I've probably only seen it max two times. I mention this as I can't fully compare the movie acts to the play acts. The wife did say that the toy scene was new and the park scene was changed. The toys come alive during sleep for the children because the children don't appreciate them. It's sort of a haunting theme where they are basically saying, "If you don't take care of us, we'll haunt your ass!" It was kind of creepy and it should teach children, real-life children, to be afraid...very, very afraid! The original park scene had Bert dance with penguins but in this rendition he dances with statues that "come alive." It was kind of freaky too but interesting at the same time. It was probably Bert's best performance for me during Act I.

Act I was way too long. It was something around an hour and a half of dragging drudgery! The play started at 1:30pm and intermission, end of Act I, came about 3:15pm. I can be exact about the 1 1/2 hours because I'm sure they didn't start exactly at 1:30pm but no later than 1:45pm and I looked my watch at 3:30pm after the intermission had already begun for a few minutes or so.

I wanted to like the play. I wanted to stay for the second act just to see if the overall performances would get better. We all did. As a family, though, we decided we were not wowed and could pass on the second act. We didn't want to chance it just to find more disappointment. Oh yeah, the reviewer mentioned about how Mary took to the "sky" at the end. We heard about that before Friday and how it was the highlight of the show. If that's the case, it really isn't worth the money to see the entire thing if you ask me. Besides, Mary took flight at the end of Act I. It wasn't from the stage to out over the audience but it was from stage left to stage right or vice versa.

Overall the staging was pretty decent. The Banks' living room, the Banks' kitchen, Mary's room and the park settings were all pretty well designed and thought out in the way they transition. It was just disappointing that the acting and some singing could not equal them.

The best thing about a play at Fair Park is going while the State Fair of Texas is in session. With your theater ticket, comes admission into the Fair. It's not free but it makes the day more fun if you can enjoy it. Unfortunately, we were unable to fully enjoy it. The oldest childs was sick but endured through half the play. We did enter the Fair to get some snackings--a funnel cake, a strawberry chill and two dollar dogs. The funny thing about the Fair though is that at 3:45pm on Sunday it was dead! I've been to the Fair when you can barely have elbow room to walk. We could have driven our CRV down the aisles/lanes and not have to worry about hitting anyone. I'm thinking either the economy has really taken its toll or maybe a lot of people don't want to come to first weekend or there was some event people were attending inside a buidling somewhere. I don't know. It was just not busy at all.

So, there's my "short" review of the play. Take it for what you want. I'm just a layman who knows what he likes and it wasn't Mary Poppins (the play) because I did like Mary Poppins the character in this play. Maybe she can come over and discipline me with her umbrell...uh...oops, went on a tangent there.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stupid is stupid does

I truly hate and despise drivers who talk on their cell phone in the fast lane going below the speed limit. Then when they realize they are being totally stupid, they put the pedal to the metal just as you start to pass them.

What's worse is that in about 5-10 minutes or a mile or so up the road you end up behind them again because they are lost in cell phone land...again!

I have the cure for this but it's not yet legal for me to pull my 9mm and take care of everyone's problem...because they are stupid once in the day they will be stupid again!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spotted a Kyle XY alum

I was channel surfing and started watching a show on SyFy called Hallowed Ground. It wasn't that great of a made-for-tv movie but I did recognize the main character. It's Jesse from Kyle XY. I guess when you lose your series you have to pick whatever job comes your way to make a buck.

In all seriousness, I always thought she had a natural prettiness to her. It's a shame that Kyle XY was canceled and I am left in the dark as to why he was "grown" and how he ended up. I hate watching shows that for one reason or other get canceled and then I am left hanging, wanting more.

State quarters - part two

Apparently, my rant about the state quarters was all for not. It seems that the state quarters are not only for state quarters.

I previously ranted about Puerto Rico being on a quarter and it's not a state but a U.S. territory. I guess the government heard my bitching and now I have a Guam quarter. And yes, it is not a state but a territory.

Once again, that's the problem with the good ole U.S. of A. We are too accommodating to everyone. Even those people that are legal or technically legal, like U.S. territories.

Not really a big deal in the world. It just shows how we try too hard to appease everybody.

Non-potable water

I just walked by a sign by some hydrants feeding a garden that says, "Warning! Do not drink! Non-potable water."

I guess I'm stupid because I don't see how the water can be used to water the veggie garden which absorbs some nutrients (and whatever makes the water non-potable) from the watered soil BUT this same water cannot be potted.

I guess I need to Google it when I get home.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can we say, "SELL OUT?"

Kate Voegele is a Phoenix. Not that there is anything wrong with an online college, but what the hell is Kate doing being pimped out for such a thing? I mean she's sort of semi-famous, right?

The first, last and only times I've heard of her is as Mia on One Tree Hill. Yes, I watch this show. I have to feed my feminine side now and then. Otherwise, it could get out of control!

Melrose Place 2009

So, when I heard that they were remaking Melrose Place I was like, "How stupid!"

I wasn't even going to bother watching it but the wife wanted to at least check it out. Like a good husband, I forgot to set the TiVo while she was at work a few weeks ago. I missed the first episode. She recorded the second one. I guess I can see the first one online somewhere but I'm not sure I need to waste the energy. I wasn't impressed with the second episode. It could be that I don't get the initial storyline or whatever since I missed the first episode but it's a little out there already.

They touted that Sydney Andrews and Michael Mancini would be back, not that that was a huge incentive. But from the looks of episode two, Sydney has been killed, which seems to blow the whole excitement anyone may have gotten from her return. She does make recurring appearances in flashbacks by various characters. Michael seems to be some very successful surgeon (heart, I think).

Anyway, so far with what I've seen, the characters are thinner than they were before. The acting is worse than they were before. The actresses are just average pretty AND Ashley Simpson-Wentz can't act for shit! The actors are average handsome/good-looking as well. There is one guy who is a chef that is above the others (I mean that in a straight-guy kind of way).

I heard that Josie Bissett, Daphne Zuniga and, now, Heather Locklear will be returning. Yep, just saw the end of tonight's episode and the previews of upcoming episode(s) with Jane Mancini in them. I always thought Jane was better looking than Jo and Amanda while Alison was very closely ranked to her in my opinion.

So, I have a feeling that this remake isn't going to last very long. I'd be very shocked and surprised if it went past season one.

I'll put my manly panties back on now!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hoedown Throw Down

Is she legal, yet? She's got some stunning eyes. She talks like a hic jock but that's what gags are for. I know wrong, but isn't that what we are supposed to say/think about celebrities?

When I saw heard a song from her called "Hoedown Throw Down" before I knew what it meant and that it was from her upcoming movie, I was like, "Man, I like her even more." It still has a different meaning to me even after clarification. It's just the way my simple mind works!

Anyway, I look forward to the day when Miley, Hilary Duff, Natalie Portman, Megan Fox, Jessica Biel, and countless others do the celebrity "ho down" spread in Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler...hell, it could even be in Better Homes and Gardens for all I care, as long as they are baring it all!

Oh yeah, I'm a perv. That's why the wifey loves me!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Serena Williams lost her temper but so did Roger Federer

So, there was all this news about Serena Williams' melt down in the U.S.Open's Women's Championship match last Sunday.

She verbally abused a line judge. So what. When has that never happened? She apparently threatened the little line judge with physical violence. So what. When has that never happened. She summarily was given a code violation which resulted in a point penalty (she lost automatically lost a point) which just happened to be on match point. She lost the game, match, and was later fined something like $10,000--probably the amount she spends on weaves and hair care.

Anyway, people have blown this WAY out of proportion including the "journalists" at All these stupid bastards and bitches are wanting Serena's head. Give me an effing break! She's done nothing different many before her and many that will come after her. Maybe the little line judge felt more threatened (for her life?) because Serena is black. Hell, I'd be scared just because Serena is built like a brick house...who cares what color her skin is?!

Granted, as many other articles have stated, we haven't had this kind of "bad" behavior in tennis since the times of Ilie Nastase and John McEnroe but what exactly does that mean? Should it NOT be tolerated to an extent just because it hasn't really been a part of the game in so long?

I do believe Serena deserved some sort of reprimand. She got it on the court according to the rules. Do the rules state that she should be further investigate and fined after the fact? I'd like to see those rules, if so. I think the tennis gods didn't exactly know what to do after the match. I think they were influence by the public, the press, and who the knows who else. She got her punishment. She lost the match. She didn't get to go to the finals and she didn't get to win the big paycheck for winning it all or the semi-big paycheck for runner-up. Now, if she even had won the semifinal match and moved on to the finals then now there would be a controversy that a lot of people would not have been happy with. If the altercation with the line judge had come on another point like 15-15 or 15-30 instead of 15-40, how would it have panned out? She could HAVE won the match and more people would be pissed. It's never ending.

I don't particularly like the Williams sisters. I don't like how when they came on tour doing well but when they lost, they would whine and cry about shit like I lost because there was a moth that flew onto the court during my serve so I double-faulted or some really lame excuse like that. They are really, really good players but they always used to point the finger instead of taking the complete and overall blame for losing a match. What did/can we expect from young girls thrust into the tennis spotlight at such a young age and fame that came along with winning. The main reason that I don't like them is because they are noisy ass bitches that I wish the WTA/USTA would do something about, along with Maria Sharapova and others. This screaming, yes that's what it is, while swinging the racket is ridiculous. Watching the S.Williams/K.Clijster match I was very surprised to hear or not hear Serena during a lot of points in that third set. I was shocked. I had to check my TV to make sure it wasn't on mute...which was obvious since I could here the ball hits and game point calls from the umpire.

My point is that what's done is done. Code violation. Point Penalty. Loss of match. And (I think) later fined...which I still think was ridiculous.

As I briefly mentioned there are "journalists" at that think Serena should be suspended for the year. The man with a woman's name, Mary Carillo, thinks her punishment was too light and deserves suspension--this coming from a NOBODY in the sport of tennis. Carillo is a broadcaster and not a very good one at that. She should keep her penis in her mouth and refrain from commenting, ever, on anything! These people likened it to that college football game a couple of weeks or so ago that had some dude sucker punch one of the members of the opponent's football team and how that guy who threw the punch will never play college ball again and maybe not even professionally. He felt Serena should get some similar discipline. I say this guy is a complete and utter fuckstick! They are two different things. Serena threatened. This other guy actually did something. Even in a court of law, these two different things (conspiracy or threatening to commit and committing) get different sentences.

So, you be the judge as long as you agree with me. Serena won't be around for more than a couple of years anyway. There are too many new up-and-comers that are catching on to the Williams' power game and they are getting the advantage. It's just the way the sport is...out with the old, in with the new.

I guess that concludes my rant on the Serena Williams debacle. Let's hope it has completely ended within the WTA/USTA. We'll see. I've heard they are having hearings on it or something. Those fuckers don't have shit else to do.

I did want to mention that Roger Federer had a sort of over-the-top (for him) verbal exchange during the men's final. It was funny because NBC (I think) picked up his profanity during the live broadcast. Of course, who would have thought Roger would have showed such emotion and temperment. I found it amusing. You had to see it because typing the situation just won't do it justice. Roger was completely in the right as he usually is. I think he got fined $1,500 a day or so later afterward for saying the words, "I don't give a shit!" and I think he did drop an f-bomb a few lines later. Again, very justified but the sensitive titties of the tennis referees felt like they have to do something to keep the mongrel players in line or before they know it, everyone is abusing the referees!

I say, "FUCKING GROW A PAIR!" and let the feelings flow...through the Force...and tell those bitchass people how you feel. Asshole tournament people! LOL!

I made a screen capture of the articles in case they don't last at as links are known to do: Serena Williams article, Roger Federer article.

Olivia Wilde is still hot

More crazy text verification

I can't remember what web page I was on when this appeared. I think I know what it says but does it really say that? It's almost too easy and yet difficult. The first word is way more difficult than the second. Luckily for me, I'm slant-eyed so I can see it better than most! LOL!

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Friday, September 18, 2009

More new gadgets that I can't afford

I saw a new camera that's coming out in October (Article here). It's the Pentax K-x DSLR. It looks nice in the color red and I believe the article said it comes in 3-4 colors. It's 12 megapixels and shoots HD video all for the low price around $200. Seems like a good deal since the Rebel XT I have was running $899 without the lens a few years ago. I didn't pay that much for it. Well, I paid more than that but I got an 18-55mm, a 75(I think)-300mm, a metal carrying case, another carrying case, 3 filters, a wide angle lens, a 4GB compact flash card, an off-brand flash, compact flash adapter, some other things and a service agreement for something like $1,200 total.

Anyway, this looks pretty cool. I think I favor the red color too. It kind of pops and looks more like a sporty camera. I want to buy one although I still love and use my Rebel XT but I must see how CNET rates it first...and I think I need to get my Zune HD 32GB.

So many toys and gadgets. So little money and so little time.

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Facebook Status

I don't know why some of my "friends" on Facebook think they need to use the status as a way to quote quotes said by other (famous) people?

I guess people can relate to the quote if they know it, who said it, or have experienced it but, to me, it's still stupid.

It doesn't make you sound more intelligent or wise. It just makes those that know you realize that you know how to use Google or you have a book of quotes. Either way, you are not as smart-looking as you think!

Now, quoting sayings, are sort of okay. You know maybe something like, "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" or "A glass half full versus a glass half empty" or "Shakin' it more than once is playing with it." You get the point.

I use it for things more like, "Should I be worried if my farts smell worse than road kill?" It's humorous and somewhat intelligent (as I'm worried about my health) but doesn't come across like I'm trying to say I'm smarter than you because I can quote a poet or author. I'm my own poet and author and no one can compare to me. Trust me! I'm one of a kind.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Email humor 09/17/2009

The White House Ball

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

P90X - The Proof, The "Pain" - Day 2, Week 1

I'm a couple of days behind on this but I will maintain the updates (I hope) for anyone that cares. I just don't always have the time to post the day of, the day after, or maybe even longer. So without further adieu...

As mentioned in a previous post, I officially began the P90X program. I haven't completely immersed myself in the program in the sense that I don't buy their products they recommend to go along with the work out program. I just can never justify purchasing products without knowing 1000% that they are worth it. I just have better things on which to spend my hard-earned dough, although I may look into the recovery drink they offer. I think it'll be explained later within the following text or next post why I might (that's a BIG might) go back against my thought process for this one product.

I originally stated that I didn't feel that sore. I lied. Well, I didn't lie at that time. I'm sore as shit now and have been since about 6pm Tuesday night, before DVD #2 - Plyometrics. Not to mention that I had a slight headache all evening Tuesday before doing Plyometrics. In fact, I was very near deciding to skip Plyometrics and do it the next day (Wednesday). I wasn't going to not do it at all. I just wasn't feeling like I could fully apply myself to the process feeling badly. I contemplated all evening right up until the moment of hitting play.

Yes, I decided to go for it. Or as Master Tony would say, "BRING IT!" So I brought it, although reluctantly.

My arms were more sore than the rest of my body. My hamstrings and thighs were a little sensitive to heavy exercise but the arms, my dear, sweet, loving arms. Up to the time I started Plyometrics and after, my triceps were very sore. It's amazing how sore they got from about 12pm when I originally posted about DVD #1 - Chest & Back to about 5pm the same day. I must say that I could have dropped to the fetal position at times of movement which I used my arms.

Again, I must justify my wussiness by restating that I have never formally worked out. I've done weights in the past like curls, bench press, butterflies, should press, shoulder rolls and the like but that was when I was younger, more active, and had more time in my days/evenings. I'm trying to change my mental attitude as well as the physical. So praise my effort.

Anyway...once again, the warm up was gratifying. It got the heart pumping and the blood flowing. It loosened me up a tad and the stretching help a bit with the sore muscles...a tiny bit! The pangs I felt in the triceps were trying to tell me, "Quit you wussy!" but I persevered. Again, the stretches helped to relieve the soreness and tightness but just temporarily. Plyometrics is indeed focused on the lower body. Thank God! The biceps and triceps are saved for the evening.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Plyometrics DVD. It sounds weird to say that I enjoyed a work out but that's me. I'm a lazy mofo but I do like strenuous activity now and again. It kind of helps me prove to myself that when I can endure and last doing something so physical that I realize I'm not a complete Jabba the Hut. Anyway, it felt great to do some lower body (thighs, quads, glutes) exercises. Some of them require a little coordination, luckily I found mine, and balance. One exercise I found odd, I don't recall the name at this time, is the one where you run in a circle around a towel or shirt or whatever you have around that won't cause physical pain or damage if you step on it. I didn't find it to be a difficult move at all but at the same time I didn't find it a difficult move at all. Okay that's not entirely true. It is a little difficult to maintain this imaginary pivot and radius that Master Tony wants. You stay facing forward and you run around this object without turning your body. If you could put the DVD into extreme fast forward and loop on this exercise, you probably would sort of see an upside-down cone shape the body makes. Or it's like some giant is holding your head still in one place between his thumb and pointer and you are running in a circle without being able to turn your body. Anyhow, I've not totally mastered this move as I've done it once but at the same time Master Tony has not completely mastered it either because his line (as he likes to call it) occasionally faltered. So, I didn't feel too bad but I did at least try to maintain some semblance for what he was looking. It was cardio and it did work out different muscles in the front and back of legs but it just didn't seem as intense as the other exercises.

The one exercise I can tell you is good is the one where you stand squatty with your legs apart, toes and knees sort of pointed outward (I think). You kind of take a hike (yes, like in football) and jump in the stance to your left. You repeat but jump to the right. It may have been called Leap Frog Squats but not totally sure. I like this exercise a lot and I felt it! I still feel it a bit.

Again, my legs are usually worked on a bit during my weeks because I play tennis, rollerblade and mountain bike. These muscles are already worked to an extent unlike my arms and upper body. That's why I think my soreness in my arms is WAY more than my legs although some could make the mistake that they didn't work out as hard with the legs as arms and think they didn't get the effect of exercise. Wrong! In my opinion, of course, but I believe it works and is correct for me.

So, Day 2 was in the bag. I didn't get to bed until about 11:45pm Tuesday night. Once again, I was too tired to take a shower and no puking this time. I made sure I wiped off the sweat or it dried (gross, I know) before I laid on the bed. During the workout the headache stayed at bay. It was more like a twinge than anything else. I was surprised as I thought that the endorphins would kick in and it would go away altogether. But it didn't. When I went to bed, it was still a twinge but I knew it was going to suck ass later.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Missed telemarketing calls

Like many who are losing credibility (as if there was any) in our government, I have lost it in the National Do Not Call List. It doesn't work. I truly believe this is a shitty "band-aid" the American government put on one of the biggest problems of American citizens.

I signed up back in 2007 and it says you'll never have to sign up again since it passed as law in 2008. It doesn't work. I get calls on a daily basis from shitsticks I've never heard of, care to hear of, or don't even know who the hell it is at all.

Yesterday, I decided to take some steps on my own. First, luckily for me, I just got a new set of cordless phones. They are the Panasonic Dect 6.0 KX-TG6445T phones (if I feel motivated maybe I'll write a review on them...maybe) that I got from Fry's. I didn't pay the currently listed price because it was on sale a week or so ago. Anyway, they have a built in call block feature that you can enter any number and supposedly it will block the call. I say "supposedly" because I just used it for the first time and won't know until it is used. Then again, I may never know because I don't know if there is a log for the blocked calls. I may have to actually read the manual, dammit!

Second, I went to the Do Not Call registry list and submitted a complaint on the violators! Hell yeah! Now, whether or not this works (I have more faith in the call block on the KX-TG6445T) I may never know but it does make me feel somewhat better like when people write in a diary (or blog, :-P) and feel like they are actually venting to someone "real." Okay, I don't really feel better but I guess I can say at least I tried SOMETHING.

In the news 09/16/2009

Read an article over on about this weekend's Cowboys home game. Apparently there is a chance that TV viewers will not get to see the game locally in Dallas if the game doesn't sell out by Thursday evening. That blows for those Cowboys fans that watch and support via the tellie.

This is also big business taking care of the customer, many who are long-term. It's like my rant about my "Thank You" from Sprint or how Comcast is going to screw me on the Versus hockey games on DirecTV.

Anyway, I guess Jerry Jones is trying to take care of the possible issue by opening up formerly reserved seats. The article quotes those that had to pay a PSL (private seat license, WTF?) of $5,000 are a little miffed. I guess I would be too but if these PSL people can afford to pay $5,000 a seat on top of the season ticket price, what the fuck are they complaining about? It's a one-time deal for these lucky Joes that want and get to go to the game. Move on! Are they going to bitch about those people that win a seat upgrade too, if and when that happens! Fucking bitchy people.

I'm bitchy just because people can afford that kind of expenditures and I can't. But then I'm over it in about 30 seconds because I really don't care. One time to a game and stadium (maybe two or three times) is fun but for me nothing beats the comfort of my own home, couch, toilet, food and TiVo to pause for restroom breaks, drink refills or additional food needs. Especially if the seats I do get at the stadium are the kind where I have to compress my shoulders together for the entire game to keep from rubbing arms, elbows or whatever with the people sitting next to me. That's just not my definition of FUN.

Anyway, I just thought it was funny how people bitch about some of the dumbest things.

Click for link to article for as long as it lasts.

UPDATE: Found this over at Yahoo Sports. Quite amusing. I bet the seat comes with a half-price PSL but then again, knowing Jerry Jones, probably not.

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

P90X - The Proof, The "Puke" - Day 1, Week 1

I started the first day, first DVD of P90X last night. I've cleared out a nice little spot in my two-car garage where I have a TV, DVD player, area rug, and weights. I do have a fan in there but I didn't turn it on as it wasn't hot in there last night but it was humid due to the current weather conditions in Dallas.

The warm up was just dandy. Just watching, it doesn't seem like the warm up does much for getting the pulse up and the blood pumping. I was totally wrong. It was actually a worthy warm up and stretch to begin the workout. A good thing too as I've never had a work out session like this. I've worked out but at home, by myself, and not an organized-type session.

Anyway, the exercises were pretty intense for someone who has never worked out and probably has never used such specific muscles on a consistent basis as these exercises tend to pinpoint. The military push-up, the diamond push-up, declines, the wide fly pull-up and the dips push-ups (I forget the real name) are all moves I haven't done in a LONG while or I've never, ever done before in my life. I think positively to myself though and say, "I'm not supposed to do a lot of these moves like the people in the video but I will!" I had to remember that I've never "worked out" before. I've never used exercises like this before. So, the more I do them, the more I believe I will be able to do them and so on. That's the plan, anyway.

I need to start the DVD earlier as I started about 10:30-11pm and it's like an hour long work out. Yeah, this isn't no "crunch an hour's work into 30 minutes" promo. They do provide timed water breaks and you can even take a quick break during occasional "I-can't-do-anymore-reps" moments. It's like they understand the normal Joe will need to take breaks and are okay with that as long as you are consistent with the reps and push yourself to almost muscle failure...the 2nd time around. You do the routine once and then you will do it again so it is very recommended to hold back a little on the first wave. Trust me on this. I didn't heed the warning and my reps on the second set were a few lower than on the first. I think that's to be expected but some of the exercises I was too low in comparison. I will be smarter next time or continue to do the same. I really don't know if it is that detrimental. Maybe I should just follow the "rules."

So, after this long explanation/description, I must say that I was thoroughly sweaty and drained from the workout. This is important because I don't sweat like a normal human being. It must be my Polynesian background or something but where someone else would have made puddles, I barely make drops. I also was sweaty because I did this in my garage, outside, which the weather was a little humid and I think made it similarly so inside the garage even though I had all the doors closed.

The funny thing is after the workout, I exited the garage to sit on a patio chair in the cool nighttime air and I started to feel like I was going to puke. I hate to puke. I hate how my mouth salivates when a puke feels like it's coming. I try to spit the excess and continue on my way but this time was rather difficult. I was already not feeling 100% before exercising. I had some really bad gas and the occasional stomach pangs like I had to drop a load but never did before working out. I think this was more of a contribution to my puke feeling than the actual working out but I'm sure the working out pushed me over the edge.

Almost like clockwork, as soon as I completed the DVD and sat down, I continually spit in hopes of avoiding a heaving. No dice. About 5 minutes, I had that heaving convulsion like it was coming. It did but not as much as I thought and just the one time although I felt like it could come again. It just never did. The puke wasn't really full of anything. It almost was like chucking congestion or drainage because it was like almost clear mucous. Yeah, gross I know but I thought about it positively and chalked it up to a damn good workout, worthy of another! Ha!

It's about midnight by the time I head into the house. I'm tired mentally, physically and was ready to hit the hay. The problem was about ten steps into the house I got this overwhelming feeling like I had to take a shit, an upset stomach, diarrheal-type shit. So, I make a beeline for the kids bathroom. I had to peel off my shorts and briefs as I'm sweaty. I make it on the seat just in time before the explosion. It was like never ending. Now I have the shit sweats and I have to take off my damp shirt and wipe my head, chest, and gut. It wasn't pleasant to say the least. After expelling all that I could, it was a two-flusher with a side of Lysol Disinfectant so my kids don't keel over when they enter their bathroom in the morning before school. Anyway, just a little more description...the poo was greenish in color which made me realize that all I had for dinner was two medium bowls of Lucky Charms (they're magically delicious, ya know!) about two hours before working out. So, the milk and the sugary sweet cereal obviously played a major role in my temporary "sickness." Note to self: don't have a bowl or two of cereal before doing a P90X routine!

After clearing my colon, I went to bed. Yes, I was sweaty but I sat in front of my fan upstairs and "dried" for about five minutes so I could go straight to bed. I didn't want a shower to take too long or rejuvenate me a little before going to sleep. I know me and once I got into a hot shower I could be in there for 10, 15, even 30 minutes easily. If I did that, bedtime would have been like 1:00am and I have to get up at 6:30am to ensure the kids are up and getting ready for school. Anyway, I hit the pillow and that's about all I can remember before hearing the alarm at 6:30am. I got up and took my shower, refreshed and somewhat sore. My muscles were not too sore really as much as they were fatigued. My arms felt like I was carrying 15-20lb weights in each hand. My body ached like when you feel the onset of the flu. I wondered if I was going to be able to do DVD #2 tonight. If it requires anything like weights or pushups or the like, I think I'll take a day break and continue tomorrow because I think my muscles are too dead for tonight.

All in all, I think it was a good session. I felt empowered, and drained, all at the same time. To me it's like my weekly Saturday tennis, I hate to get up at 7am on a Saturday to get out and play tennis until about noon but once I'm there, I'm usually glad I did.

I have to take the traditional "before" pictures so I can look back and compare (if I maintain the discipline to do the full 90 days) to the after pictures. I envision the hidden hotness, healthiness, that has been under my spare tire since getting married -- spare was more like a donut back then, now it's closer to full-size but I can still see my feet, er, toes. :-P

UPDATE: Tonight's DVD is Plyometrics. What the hell is that? A quick Google search and it seems it's just like jumping, hopping and lunging type exercises to improve stamina and the height of jumps. Good. No weights or upper body stuff. That P90X guy is a smart guy...for now.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Roger Federer versus Juan Martin del Potro


Juan Martin del Potro defeats Roger Federer in pretty much ass-kicking form. I'm shocked that Federer didn't adjust his game to make it harder for Del Potro. If he'd hear me yelling at him through the tellie, he probably would have won it in 3-4 sets instead of losing in 5 sets. It's nice to see a new face as champion though.

Congrats Juan Martin del Potro!

And not to leave out the women's champion...Congrats Kim Clijsters! You both fought well and the championship trophies are well-deserved.

I'm watching the speeches and...oh wait...the let him speak in Spanish. I was about to go pissy on Dick Enberg if he didn't let him speak in his native language. I mean for fuck's sake, he's played for two weeks and a day so he deserves whatever accolades he wants!

Okay I'm done, now!

Domino's bread bowl pastas

Okay, as mentioned in the immediate previous post, I ordered a bread bowl pasta dish from Domino's today for lunch. I was interested in seeing what it tasted like and the dessert as well...a Chocolate Lave Crunch Cake. I picked the Chicken Carbonara which I believe I highlighted in the picture but not totally sure.

I put my order in around 11:20am. The estimated delivery time said to be 50-60 minutes. While watching the Domino's Tracker, it was ready and out for delivery by 11:49am. I received it about 12pm. So, the order placed to delivery time was pretty impressive. The local Domino's is only about 7-10 minutes down the street so transit time wasn't an issue.

Anyway, once I got delivery, I delved into the dessert first. I had a 2-piece order of the crunch cake. The box that contained them told me that they weren't as big as they looked on TV or a 2-piece order is really 1 piece split into two. I opened the LITTLE box...which almost looks like a bread sticks find some of the smallest desserts known. I would think that a pizza place would know that something the size of a Ding Dong Cake (which after Googling for a picture I found there is a Ding Dong,TX) would not be a dessert from the likes of this restaurant.

So, the taste of the crunch cake was pretty decent. It's not spectacular like something you'd get at a 4/5-star restaurant but more like something you can pour out of a Betty Crocker box and have your 6-yr old do the rest. The cake was nice and warm. The chocolate filling was just as warm and it oozed out of the hole I cut into the cake. On a scale from 1 to 10, it was probably a 4-5. It could have been a 5 to 5 1/2 if they brought be a Blue Bell ice cream cup to put on top or beside it. Other than that, it would have been better if I made a run to TCBY and got me a small cup of mint chocolate chip yogurt.

The pasta bowl itself was below the taste of a Healthy Choice Chicken Alfredo meal. The alfredo sauce was runny. The bottom of the bowl gets a little too soggy from having this watery sauce on top of it. There wasn't a lot of pasta mixed in with everything else in the bread bowl. There were probably like ten half/quarter chunks of mushrooms and about as much for the pieces of bacon, at least it wasn't bacon bits!

The coupon allowed me to get the above plus a 1-topping large pizza. I got bacon. In all honesty, the bacon pizza slice was better than the pasta bowl.

I guess that does it for my first experience with the pasta bread bowls and lava cakes at Dominos. I will probably try another type of the pasta bread bowl in the future but I'm not going to rush out to get it. I'd much rather get the Tuscani Pasta from Pizza Hut as it is way better than this pasta bowl although no way gormet-like as they potray it in the commercials (those people are dumb asses for not knowing higher-quality restaurant over Pizza Hut pasta).

My suggestion: go to or order from Chili's the chicken alfredo pasta and the Molten Chocolate Cake as I think you'll probably pay just as much but you definitely will get better food!

The Domino's Tracker

I ordered a 1-topping (bacon) large pizza, 1 pasta bread bowl, and a 2-piece order of the chocolate lava crunch cake (coupon deal for $18.99 + tax) from Domino's Pizza today for lunch. I really wanted to just try the pasta bread bowl and the chocolate desserts but they didn't have a deal just for those anymore.

Anyway, I saw something kind of cool called the Domino's Tracker. When an order is place, it's like a real-time stat on how your order is progressing. I thought it was cool anyway. So, here's a little screen capture of it. Apparently, Kenneth is my contact guy from order submission all the way through delivery.

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Email spam 09/14/2007

Got these little gems in a general email account I check at work. Found the subject lines quite humorous. Again, I ask, why would anyone really ever click on these? Maybe to see how dumb the email body is or something like that. Who knows?

Email spam is so stupid and should be taken care of much quicker than the government/regulatory agencies are working!

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

DirecTV or Comcast Cable

Apparently, the competition has picked up between DirecTV and Comcast. I've never liked cable because most of the time they charge TOO much. Back in the day, circa 1991, when I moved out on my own with my first roommate, we got a flyer on our door that gave us something like 2nd-tier cable package for $9.99 as a new customer. That was a damn good deal as other people paid around $40 for the same thing. There was no ESPN2, no MTV2, no VH1 Classic, no Fox Sports and the like. There certainly wasn't Versus which used to be OLN.

Years later, when I have moved here and there and canceled cable and renewed, I was hesitant to pay the exorbitant rate Charter (at the time) wanted for basic cable. Also at the time, the only satellite provider was Dish Network. Later, DirecTV came into play. I dealt without cable or satellite for sometime after the late 1990s. I just couldn't justify the costs and I had a more active out-of-the-house lifestyle.

Anyway, I moved out to Dallas from Euless with the wife and we got cable. First we got it because the rent was cheaper than the mortgage I was paying in Euless. It was also a lifesaver for us to have Nickelodeon, Disney, Noggin and some others to help entertain the children, who were very young at the time, while we studied, worked or whatever. We moved to another place around the corner and across the street. We continued to justify the cost because the place we moved into was all bills paid. We moved once again after a year to a bigger apartment within the same complex. It was still all bills paid and we were willing to continue with paying for cable that was until when we told them we were moving to a new place they wanted to charge us way too much for relocating connection charges. I told them I was a good, paying customer for a long time and they had the audacity to demand such B.S. pricing. They didn't budge so I told them to F-Off.

Years later, the wife wanted to get cable again but the costs were still too high for what they provided. Basic cable was not like $90 because there were only two cable providers in the area: Charter on the west side of US75 and Comcast on the east side. I got one of those annoying flyer packages in the know the one where there are like 30 different "coupon-flyers" for local businesses...oh yeah, it's called the "Valupak." Anyway, I don't like to get them but occasionally I thumb through the coupons to see if anything is a good deal or pertains to my needs and one day one did. I saw one for DirecTV for free installation for four rooms, a free DVR, TotalChoice+ (I think) for like $59.99. I had to have TotalChoice+ because it had ESPN2 and Versus (OLN) because of the Dallas Stars. The Stars had like 1/4 of the games on OLN/Versus, 1/4 on ESPN2 and 1/2 on My27.

So, to keep it from getting to be a longer story, this season I now see that Versus has been pulled from DirecTV. The only thing that concerns me is what channel will the Stars games be broadcast that were supposed to be on Versus? Will they be like a blackout or will the Stars take care of their local Dallas fans and get the games shown on TV. Bastards will probably screw me.

This is what is being shown on DirecTV's channel (676 currently) that used to broadcast Versus.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Elisa Project

I got some invitation in the mail from The Elisa Project. I'm not sure what it is or why I got it (I did Google it hence the link to the web site) but the important part that I see is the other "cards" that came in the flier.

Monica Seles is the headliner. She's promoting her book, "Getting a Grip: On My Body, My Mind, My Self," and she had some sort of eating disorder during her professional tennis years.

Turns out, that's what The Elisa Project is about. Anyway, I would go just for the fact that Monica will be there but if you look at the third image, it lists the prices of the different levels of seating, for more than one guest of course, but they are listed by different tennis tournaments. Kind of cool to match them to the guest speaker but the damn prices! Man!

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Friday, September 11, 2009

How much memory does Windows support?

Found this little gem somewhere on the Web. I thought it might be helpful for those that couldn't find it somewhere else on the Web like I did.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary from Sprint

I got a mailing from Sprint a few weeks ago. I just got around to opening the envelope. Apparently they were wishing me a "Happy Anniversary" for something. I'm not sure what this anniversary is. I assume it's something to do with my Sprint membership. It could be for my year with my Blackberry Curve because I've been a member way longer than a year.

Anyway, I opened the mailing and this is the card I was sent. I think you can read it without clicking to zoom but what it says cracks me the hell up!

As mentioned, I've been a part of the Spring network for a long time. They should have a file cabinet of records on me from bills, complaints, rebates, more complaints, more bills, more rebates and just general question emails. So, for them to say they are giving me the gift of ONE ringtone or TWENTY-FIVE bonus minutes is like my boss telling me she pushed to get me a dollar a month raise.

What do they ringtones run if you buy them online...anywhere, not just the Sprint Store? Something like $.99 to $1.99? Woohoo! I make my own ringtones and port them over to my phone.

And twenty-five bonus minutes? I guess overage minutes usually run about $.30/minute. That's a bonus of $7.50 for me if I choose. I have a family simply everything plan that shares 1000 minutes. I rarely use more than 150 minutes a month and the wife probably doubles my usage. The oldest child maybe uses 30 minutes max, if that, because only calls allowed at this time are to mom and dad and those are Sprint-to-Sprint free.

So, Sprint just gave me a choice of bonus savings options of $1.99 or $7.50. Oh yeah, to get my gift I have to buy the ringtone online through the Sprint Store and it could take 3-4 billing cycles to get my "refund." It wasn't quite clear on how to choose the bonus minutes. Which maybe they meant to be confusing on the minutes so people will pick the ringtone hence saving Sprint $5.51.

A big thank you to you too, Sprint (bastards)!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Having a moral compass sucks!

I just found a notebook bag in one of the rooms outside my office area. It was actually in the Coke machine public area sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall. At first I wondered if it was a bomb but who the hell would care or thought my office area was important enough to blow the fuck up!

I picked the bag up and took it to my office. I opened and rifled through it to see if I could find out who it belonged to. I figured it was some dumb ass grad student that got in a hurry and left this very important bag full of goodies behind.

It had a very nice Dell Inspiron notebook in it which I was very, VERY tempted to claim as my know, finders keepers, losers dumb asses! I just couldn't do it though. I don't know if it had to do with finding out that it did indeed belong to one of our new grad students or if I just couldn't live with myself if I took it.

I really think it is probably the guilty feeling knowing that I know who it belongs to and yet didn't make attempt to return it. If attempt was made and no luck, then I think I would have walked away. Or if it was late in the day and no one was around for me to even bother guessing whose it might be.

Anyway, I took it to the receptionist and told her it was found in the Coke machine room and that his name was so-and-so.

Fucking moral compass! I must take a hammer to it later.

Oh crap, part of the Bible belt is about to snap!

Saw an article at CBS 11 TV about some very interesting billboards (one example to the right) going up around the Tarrant County area, specifically off Interstate 30 between Fort Worth and Arlington.

Personally, I'm a believer that Jesus is forgiving and accepting. If a homosexual believes in God, aren't they still a believer and a Christian? Just because Baptists, Catholics, Protestants, Methodists or whoever may agree on one thing like homosexuality is wrong, does that overlook the differences in their other beliefs? Do those different beliefs make one religion a bunch of sinners compared to the others because they believe differently? Some want to believe so.

I don't care if you are gay or straight, rich or poor, redneck or yuppie. I do care whether you are trustworthy, caring, moral and responsible among other things. I have met many people who are supposed to be "elite" and yet they turn out to be the worst of the worst kind of people...wolves cloaked in sheep clothing. You know who you are, who they are. I am married and we have a homosexual friend who we are very close with. He has turned out to be more trustworthy and dependable than my heterosexual family and friends. And it's not just because he's after my sexy ass either! LOL!

So, would you rather have a homosexual save you from falling to your death off a cliff or a heterosexual pushing you to your death off a cliff? I say give me the homosexual EVERY TIME!

There is an area in Dallas around the streets of Lemmon Avenue, Oak Lawn, and Cedar Springs that they have dubbed "Boystown" because of the dense population of gays in the area. Back in the day, this area was run-down and dirty. Nobody wanted to live in the area because of the "wretched hive of scum and villainy" but the gays moved in and brought the area up. Now, the straights are moving back and look to want to retake what the gays have created...a way safer haven than before. It's all fine but if it wasn't for the gays this area would have never reemerged as a livable, cultural area for the "honest, working man."

Homosexuals have never really affected me. The fucking homeless fuckers on the corner of Mockingbird Lane or Lovers Lane and Central Expressway are way more disgusting and bothersome to me than ANY homosexual ever has been to me. Now, if there was a homeless homosexual they'd just be as worthless to me as any homeless person.

Everyone is okay with me as long as they are pulling their weight within society and I don't have to pay for the fucking deadbeats of the nation. Let's get rid of those fuckers and then we maybe we can reason to hate other people!

Link to article as long as it lasts

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Downtown Dallas

I had to go the Dallas County Tax office in downtown this morning because of my lapse in intelligence. Friday, the wife got pulled over because we didn't have a registration sticker on our CRV. Funny thing is I don't ever remember having two stickers on the left side of the front windshield.

I bought my CRV last February. I hadn't purchased a new vehicle for about ten years. Back then they didn't have the two-year inspection. So, when I got the registration paperwork in the mail back in January of this year, I was like, "Why the hell are they sending me registration papers when it's good for two years?" Yep, that was my lapse in judgment. It's not the registration that's two years but the inspection. Again, I've only had one sticker on the CRV because I haven't had to get it inspected since I'm going on my second year. So there would have been no accidental removal of the registration sticker instead of the inspection sticker by the inspection station since there has been no inspection.

I just happened to get my registration papers on Saturday for the Grand Caravan which will be out at the end of October. Since I was already going to be there for the CRV, I took both registrations to the tax office. They did let me get my registration for the Grand Caravan and I had to pay penalty of like $12 on the CRV. Hopefully, those bitch cops in University Park will let me take my proof of registration to the city clerk window and pay just the city court costs instead of the $300+ it costs for no registration and no proof of insurance (yeah, she didn't have her insurance cards with her because I don't like to keep them in the vehicle as someone could break into the vehicle and get this information and now they know where you live and it becomes like a movie I've seen a million times). Anyway, I drive through this area all the time and these piss ant "rich-area" cops have nothing else better to do than bust my wife for something so trivial (it's not like we drive some shit car) instead of busting the real violators that run stop signs or speed in school zones. Fuck sticks!

So, tomorrow or Thursday, we'll see how the snooty rich pigs let me pay for this "violation."

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Community Energy Assistance Contribution

Why the fuck is everyone trying to get me to help the helpless?

I received my gas bill from Atmos Energy on Saturday. I was going to write a check to make payment when I remembered I had already signed up to manage my account online previously and could save my checks for those times I really need them.

So, I log into my account. I go through a few steps to make payment and on the last-chance-to-make-changes page this little option is placed above the SUBMIT button...

Now, I don't mean to sound completely heartless but why the hell would I want to contribute to a fund that helps those people that can't pay their gas bill? If they can't afford it, then they need to make changes to their lifestyle. Yes, granted, we all run into hard times. Trust me, I know, I've been there and could return there at any moment.

But, seriously, this is what has become of the U.S. of A. We take care of those that get themselves into trouble or difficult times for whatever reason time and time again instead of making them realize their mistakes and learn from them. When someone knows they have someone to fall back on, they will never learn. Again, I know this on a personal level. I have many deadbeat family and friends who just never learn. I am guilty of not being totally conscious of my spending or whatever and it has gotten me into tough times. Times are better but I still should be more aware of random spending (I am but still do it) because tough times could be just around the corner. The difference between me and others is that I have never asked for help or expected to be helped for MY stupid choices. If anyone has ever outright offered without prompting from me, I have accepted but I have ALWAYS returned what was given or given back some other way for payment or thanks.

That's the other problem with this. These people aren't usually thankful because they are repeat offenders. A lot of times they will buy unnecessary things and the utilities are an afterthought or dinner for their kids is not as much of a priority as that new gold chain or tattoo. Yes, I'm generalizing but that's because the majority of the people I've known, seen or heard of doing this are ingrates.

Anyway, I found it amusing, angering, offensive, and retarded that Atmos Energy would put something like this in their online billing process. It's like the IRS asking if you would like to contribute to whatever it is that ask on the tax form. Fuck them. Fuck them all. You show me consistently that you are truly trying to make an honest buck AND you have responsibility and morals then maybe, just maybe, I'll give you a buck. Until then, stay the hell out of my face and off my utility bills. It's just a way for the utility-thieves to make the general public think they are caring and giving while they rape us that try to make a living and make our payments on their absorbent fees!

Stupid people at work, continued...

As I mentioned in an early post a few days ago here, I work with stupid people. This particular stupid person continued her stupidity by showing at a non-required office/campus event yesterday.

Our school's first home game was yesterday. They usually have tailgating before the game and the campus did. Our particular department typically has a decent spread that is donated by some business. Once again, they didn't disappoint which they usually don't on the first home game of the season -- it usually tapers as the season continues and we end up with those cellophane-wrapped sandwiches from 7-11.

Anyway, who did I see at our tailgate but the stupid ass coworker who the day before missed work because she was having severe chest pains? Yep. She was walking with some guy with a beer cup in her hand. How stupid can you be? You can't miss work the day before for some "extreme" reason and then show up for free food and beer the next day. Perceptually that's dumb, plain and simple! The worst part for her (I would think) is that the boss-boss was at the tailgate and I'm sure she saw her. And if anyone else is one-quarter smart as me, they would wonder, "WTF!"

Again, I really don't care what she does or doesn't do as long as it doesn't affect me. If her stupidity not only affects me having to do her work while she as out but also prompts the bosses to make a policy adjustment to calling in to work for "sickness," I think I may have to have a talk with out boss and let her know my two cents on the situation and coworker. I hate to seem like a snitch but if she's going to affect my random excuses to take a personal day cloaked as a sick day, I will have to protect my domain.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Hilary Duff has a weird arm

I don't know what is wrong with Hilary's left bicep/tricep but that is not what a normal muscle definition looks like. Weird!

Click pic to zoom

Stupid people at work

I really don't care what my coworkers do or don't do for their jobs during their day. If you want to slack off, do so, just don't let it affect me. When you say, "I'm too busy" and the boss comes to ask me to help, that's fine. The problem is when I come to your office with a question about YOUR job duty that I'm BAILING you out on and I see you surfing FaceBook or uploading your personal photos to your Gmail photos.

Furthermore, how dumb are you (same girl in the office) to send this long email this morning to your boss explaining the chest pains you have are like someone punching you in the chest and how it's affected you being able to sleep since like 1am this morning, yada, yada, yada...but then take the time and effort to post a status on your FaceBook profile? Normally, this isn't a big deal but when your boss just happens to be one of your friends on FB, I think it's DUMB. Strictly for the fact that as a person of above average intelligence, I would wonder to myself (if I were your boss) why you can take the time to log in to FB and post a status but you are unable to come to work or if you are SO in pain, how is it that you can function enough to update your FB status? Again, it's not that big a deal if you happen to have a FB application on your phone but I know this girl has an older flip phone that I'm pretty sure doesn't have a FB app. In the business world, this just looks bad for the employee from the bosses perspective.

As a coworker, once again it pisses me off because you emailed me to do some of your work when you finally decided that it was time to go to the ER or whatever! You shouldn't wait until the last moment to complete your work when you could have done it the day before because I saw you slacking then.

UPDATE: I went to lunch since the end of that last line so I lost my original line of thought...if it was a line at all. So, I'm done because I've moved on, for now.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Zune 120 GB Video Mp3 Player English/French (Gloss Black)

Zune 120GB at AmazonI'm torn. Amazon has this 120GB Zune for $189.48 w/free super-saver shipping (link). I really am trying to hold out for the ZuneHD 32GB but it's only 32GB. Granted I don't have 120GB of music/video (that I've taken the time to calculate anyway) but it's nice to know that available space is there versus wishing it was there. All the MP3s I actually listen too equal about 4,500 songs or about 16GB of space but I do have a few movies and videos I occasionally like to watch or share with friends. I currently do this with a refurb Zune 30GB that I got off Woot about two years ago for around $60 and it's still alive and kicking strong. One of the best purchases I've ever made. I love the thing when I use it but I'm rarely away from a computer long enough to use it to the extent a $200+ investment would make me need to use it to justify the cost.

Man, oh man. What to do? What to do?

I'm not sure what the description of "English/French" means exactly but I guess it doesn't really matter. If I change the color to Black/Black or Red/Silver the price jumps $40 to $222.94. I'm sure the price drops are because of the coming of the ZuneHD on Sept 15th.

Oh man, I've got the itchy finger to click "add to cart"!!!!

I'll probably end up waiting and waiting until the ZuneHD comes to 120GB but this would be a decent purchase.

Damn, I hate when I talk myself out of a purchase!