Sunday, September 13, 2009

DirecTV or Comcast Cable

Apparently, the competition has picked up between DirecTV and Comcast. I've never liked cable because most of the time they charge TOO much. Back in the day, circa 1991, when I moved out on my own with my first roommate, we got a flyer on our door that gave us something like 2nd-tier cable package for $9.99 as a new customer. That was a damn good deal as other people paid around $40 for the same thing. There was no ESPN2, no MTV2, no VH1 Classic, no Fox Sports and the like. There certainly wasn't Versus which used to be OLN.

Years later, when I have moved here and there and canceled cable and renewed, I was hesitant to pay the exorbitant rate Charter (at the time) wanted for basic cable. Also at the time, the only satellite provider was Dish Network. Later, DirecTV came into play. I dealt without cable or satellite for sometime after the late 1990s. I just couldn't justify the costs and I had a more active out-of-the-house lifestyle.

Anyway, I moved out to Dallas from Euless with the wife and we got cable. First we got it because the rent was cheaper than the mortgage I was paying in Euless. It was also a lifesaver for us to have Nickelodeon, Disney, Noggin and some others to help entertain the children, who were very young at the time, while we studied, worked or whatever. We moved to another place around the corner and across the street. We continued to justify the cost because the place we moved into was all bills paid. We moved once again after a year to a bigger apartment within the same complex. It was still all bills paid and we were willing to continue with paying for cable that was until when we told them we were moving to a new place they wanted to charge us way too much for relocating connection charges. I told them I was a good, paying customer for a long time and they had the audacity to demand such B.S. pricing. They didn't budge so I told them to F-Off.

Years later, the wife wanted to get cable again but the costs were still too high for what they provided. Basic cable was not like $90 because there were only two cable providers in the area: Charter on the west side of US75 and Comcast on the east side. I got one of those annoying flyer packages in the know the one where there are like 30 different "coupon-flyers" for local businesses...oh yeah, it's called the "Valupak." Anyway, I don't like to get them but occasionally I thumb through the coupons to see if anything is a good deal or pertains to my needs and one day one did. I saw one for DirecTV for free installation for four rooms, a free DVR, TotalChoice+ (I think) for like $59.99. I had to have TotalChoice+ because it had ESPN2 and Versus (OLN) because of the Dallas Stars. The Stars had like 1/4 of the games on OLN/Versus, 1/4 on ESPN2 and 1/2 on My27.

So, to keep it from getting to be a longer story, this season I now see that Versus has been pulled from DirecTV. The only thing that concerns me is what channel will the Stars games be broadcast that were supposed to be on Versus? Will they be like a blackout or will the Stars take care of their local Dallas fans and get the games shown on TV. Bastards will probably screw me.

This is what is being shown on DirecTV's channel (676 currently) that used to broadcast Versus.

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