Friday, September 04, 2009

Stupid people at work

I really don't care what my coworkers do or don't do for their jobs during their day. If you want to slack off, do so, just don't let it affect me. When you say, "I'm too busy" and the boss comes to ask me to help, that's fine. The problem is when I come to your office with a question about YOUR job duty that I'm BAILING you out on and I see you surfing FaceBook or uploading your personal photos to your Gmail photos.

Furthermore, how dumb are you (same girl in the office) to send this long email this morning to your boss explaining the chest pains you have are like someone punching you in the chest and how it's affected you being able to sleep since like 1am this morning, yada, yada, yada...but then take the time and effort to post a status on your FaceBook profile? Normally, this isn't a big deal but when your boss just happens to be one of your friends on FB, I think it's DUMB. Strictly for the fact that as a person of above average intelligence, I would wonder to myself (if I were your boss) why you can take the time to log in to FB and post a status but you are unable to come to work or if you are SO in pain, how is it that you can function enough to update your FB status? Again, it's not that big a deal if you happen to have a FB application on your phone but I know this girl has an older flip phone that I'm pretty sure doesn't have a FB app. In the business world, this just looks bad for the employee from the bosses perspective.

As a coworker, once again it pisses me off because you emailed me to do some of your work when you finally decided that it was time to go to the ER or whatever! You shouldn't wait until the last moment to complete your work when you could have done it the day before because I saw you slacking then.

UPDATE: I went to lunch since the end of that last line so I lost my original line of thought...if it was a line at all. So, I'm done because I've moved on, for now.

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