Friday, September 18, 2009

Facebook Status

I don't know why some of my "friends" on Facebook think they need to use the status as a way to quote quotes said by other (famous) people?

I guess people can relate to the quote if they know it, who said it, or have experienced it but, to me, it's still stupid.

It doesn't make you sound more intelligent or wise. It just makes those that know you realize that you know how to use Google or you have a book of quotes. Either way, you are not as smart-looking as you think!

Now, quoting sayings, are sort of okay. You know maybe something like, "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" or "A glass half full versus a glass half empty" or "Shakin' it more than once is playing with it." You get the point.

I use it for things more like, "Should I be worried if my farts smell worse than road kill?" It's humorous and somewhat intelligent (as I'm worried about my health) but doesn't come across like I'm trying to say I'm smarter than you because I can quote a poet or author. I'm my own poet and author and no one can compare to me. Trust me! I'm one of a kind.

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