Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Missed telemarketing calls

Like many who are losing credibility (as if there was any) in our government, I have lost it in the National Do Not Call List. It doesn't work. I truly believe this is a shitty "band-aid" the American government put on one of the biggest problems of American citizens.

I signed up back in 2007 and it says you'll never have to sign up again since it passed as law in 2008. It doesn't work. I get calls on a daily basis from shitsticks I've never heard of, care to hear of, or don't even know who the hell it is at all.

Yesterday, I decided to take some steps on my own. First, luckily for me, I just got a new set of cordless phones. They are the Panasonic Dect 6.0 KX-TG6445T phones (if I feel motivated maybe I'll write a review on them...maybe) that I got from Fry's. I didn't pay the currently listed price because it was on sale a week or so ago. Anyway, they have a built in call block feature that you can enter any number and supposedly it will block the call. I say "supposedly" because I just used it for the first time and won't know until it is used. Then again, I may never know because I don't know if there is a log for the blocked calls. I may have to actually read the manual, dammit!

Second, I went to the Do Not Call registry list and submitted a complaint on the violators! Hell yeah! Now, whether or not this works (I have more faith in the call block on the KX-TG6445T) I may never know but it does make me feel somewhat better like when people write in a diary (or blog, :-P) and feel like they are actually venting to someone "real." Okay, I don't really feel better but I guess I can say at least I tried SOMETHING.

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