Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Oh crap, part of the Bible belt is about to snap!

Saw an article at CBS 11 TV about some very interesting billboards (one example to the right) going up around the Tarrant County area, specifically off Interstate 30 between Fort Worth and Arlington.

Personally, I'm a believer that Jesus is forgiving and accepting. If a homosexual believes in God, aren't they still a believer and a Christian? Just because Baptists, Catholics, Protestants, Methodists or whoever may agree on one thing like homosexuality is wrong, does that overlook the differences in their other beliefs? Do those different beliefs make one religion a bunch of sinners compared to the others because they believe differently? Some want to believe so.

I don't care if you are gay or straight, rich or poor, redneck or yuppie. I do care whether you are trustworthy, caring, moral and responsible among other things. I have met many people who are supposed to be "elite" and yet they turn out to be the worst of the worst kind of people...wolves cloaked in sheep clothing. You know who you are, who they are. I am married and we have a homosexual friend who we are very close with. He has turned out to be more trustworthy and dependable than my heterosexual family and friends. And it's not just because he's after my sexy ass either! LOL!

So, would you rather have a homosexual save you from falling to your death off a cliff or a heterosexual pushing you to your death off a cliff? I say give me the homosexual EVERY TIME!

There is an area in Dallas around the streets of Lemmon Avenue, Oak Lawn, and Cedar Springs that they have dubbed "Boystown" because of the dense population of gays in the area. Back in the day, this area was run-down and dirty. Nobody wanted to live in the area because of the "wretched hive of scum and villainy" but the gays moved in and brought the area up. Now, the straights are moving back and look to want to retake what the gays have created...a way safer haven than before. It's all fine but if it wasn't for the gays this area would have never reemerged as a livable, cultural area for the "honest, working man."

Homosexuals have never really affected me. The fucking homeless fuckers on the corner of Mockingbird Lane or Lovers Lane and Central Expressway are way more disgusting and bothersome to me than ANY homosexual ever has been to me. Now, if there was a homeless homosexual they'd just be as worthless to me as any homeless person.

Everyone is okay with me as long as they are pulling their weight within society and I don't have to pay for the fucking deadbeats of the nation. Let's get rid of those fuckers and then we maybe we can reason to hate other people!

Link to article as long as it lasts

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