Sunday, October 30, 2005

Childhood flashback

I’m sitting on the back porch of my new rental house. We just moved in on Thursday and have been going through all of our one hundred bins of packed shit to see what we can/need to bring into the house. This place is much smaller than the duplex we just moved into and then out of. The duplex was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen, dining room, living room and small back patio/yard. This house is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, small kitchen, small breakfast nook, dining room, living room, two-car garage that can barely fit a car through the doors and a pretty nice sized back yard for the kids to play in. Which is what they are doing now and have been doing so since Friday.

This is what brought me to the flashback. I am sitting on the porch watching them play with a dodge ball-type ball. My oldest is repeatedly throwing the ball on top of the garage roof and letting it roll down. It reminded me of the two-car garage at my parents’ house. I would throw tennis balls, basket balls or any kind of ball, really, on top of the roof and try to catch it before it hit the ground.

Most days I would do it after getting home from elementary school and usually my dad wasn’t home. If he was, he’d be yelling through the kitchen window at me saying, “Hey boy, don’t be throwing the ball up on my roof! You are going to make it leak!”

I would always think to myself, especially when I got older, “How the hell am I going to make the roof leak with a freakin’ tennis ball or a rubber ball or even a basket ball?” If a tennis ball could trash our roof, what the hell would a big wind or thunder storm going to do to it?

Parents?!?! They are crazy some times. It's a good thing I'm one now to reset the status quo.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

A couple of pictures for entertainment

I just moved for the 3rd time in as many months but I still have to unpack and sort my stuff with the wifey.

I don't have internet at the new place yet. It's not being hooked up until the 1st or 3rd. I moved in the new place a few days early which was a good thing. I'm at work getting free high-speed internet.

Anyway, after this, I'll probably be back in a few days if they get me hooked up on my DSL at home.

Caption: Look at these sneakers! This girl has no fashion sense at all. I can barely stand to look at her, she's so uncoordinated.

Caption: Sorry guys...but the vote is in, and yes...without a doubt...this is the MAN OF THE YEAR!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More stupid news updates

There is a vote a-brewing in these here parts of Texas.

A proposal has been submitted for voting to change the city of White Settlement, Texas to West Settlement, Texas.

Apparently the city was named such back in the old western days to separate the whites from the redskins...I mean Indians (pc).

Give me a freaking break! Granted it had a reason to the naming back then but nowadays it's just a city name!

The country of America is going to shit! All these races are bitching about centuries old historical biases. Don't we have more immediate problems, like AIDS, cancer, bird flu and bad drivers?

F-ing morons in the world!

Next thing you know we are renaming Red Bird Mall, Red River, White Plains, White Sands, Yellowstone, White Rock.

Why stop there? Let's change black-eyed pea, blackberry (the fruit and PDA), black tea.

You get the ridiculousness of it all, don't you?

Monday, October 24, 2005


Can the English language survive?

"The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country."
- George W. Bush

"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."
- George W. Bush

One word sums up probably the responsibility of any Governor, and that one word is 'to be prepared'"
- George W. Bush

"I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future."
- George W. Bush

"The future will be better tomorrow."
- George W. Bush

"We're going to have the best educated American people in the world."
- George W. Bush

"I stand by all the misstatements that I've made."
- George W. Bush

"We have a firm commitment to NATO, we are a part of NATO. We have a firm commitment to Europe We are a part of Europe."
- George W. Bush

"Public speaking is very easy."
- George W. Bush

"A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls."
- George W. Bush

"We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur."
- George W. Bush

"For NASA, space is still a high priority."
- George W. Bush

"Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our children."
- George W. Bush

"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it."
- George W. Bush

"It's time for the human race to enter the solar system."
- George W. Bush

And something to be REALLY worried about:

God help America!

A blast from the past

Oh, when things were so simplistic...

Cheeto, Italy

My Cheeto looks like the boot of Italy...

Sunday, October 23, 2005 - an interesting web site

Visit this web site:

It's quite entertaining and informative in the sense that you can just see that Tom is losing it or something. Maybe it's part of being a Thetan Level 12 or whatever. He has to spread the word of Scientology like the Jehovah's Witnesses I see riding their bikes in the blistering heat or the freezing cold in their "men-in-black" suits. Poor guys!

I don't follow this but I see bits and pieces of the craziness. He seems to have an "I'm Tom, God of Hollywood and professor of Scientology, hear my bidding!"

In one of the interviews, he tells the reporter that he has stepped out of line. I'd say, "piss off, Tom, you big-nosed, horse-toothed monkey ass!" So, I'd lose the interview but then I would start a black-balling scheme to get every journalist to NOT interview Mr. Scientology! Let's see how well his movies would do then!

I don't watch the movies he is in to see him. I think the movies, if they are indeed good movies, would be viewable if they had any other good actor playing the starring role. Sean Connery makes a good Bond. Tom Cruise wouldn't. Matt Damon did a great Jason Bourne but could also match if not outdo Cruise's Ethan Hunt.

My opinion but I'm just sick of actors/actresses getting this "holier than thou" attitude because they are rich and influential. Tom says he loves everyone and truly, deeply cares about everyone -- (finger pointing) You, you and you! -- but does he adopt any needy child from a third world country or even within this country like Angelina Jolie? Has he truly helped any people like he claims to have "helped many get off drugs"? How come we haven't seen or heard from any of these mysteriously helped people? Did Tom go down to New Orleans and help pull people to safety like the better-than-thou-but-I'll-get-dirty-to-show-I-do-care Sean Penn?

Don't think so!

Oh well. Put a fork in me. I'm done!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

What a moron!

I heard/read, can't remember which and don't care enough to find out, that Tom Cruise is a "traditional guy and doesn't want his child borne out of wedlock."

But it's okay to have pre-marital SEX.

I love traditionals!


Friday, October 21, 2005

Holy freakin' canoli

I got my test paper back for exam II in my economics class. I was sure I made at least an 80 percent. I was sure of it even though I missed two classes because of sickness and then moving.

I go to the front of the class to get my paper from the prof and what did I get...


Can you believe that? I suck! I crossed a couple of formulas on one work problem but all in all I aced the work problems. It was the friggin', frackin' multiple choice that I sucked hard on. Out of 15 multiple choice questions, I got 8 wrong.

Fucking sucks! Pardon my French!

I guess it's time for a student-teacher conference to see how much I really do suck!



Thursday, October 20, 2005


I wonder if they can get DNA from boogers?

I guess I'll have to call CSI.

Email humor 10/20/2005



Bangkok City Thai Restaurant

Do you like Thai food? This is Bangkok City Restaurant. We've eaten here a couple of times. It's good. If you are ever in Dallas near Greenville Avenue and SMU Boulevard, visit this place. You won't be disappointed.

Grumpy Bear

Some days this is how I feel.
On these days, the wife calls me "grumpy bear".

Happy 10th Anniversary

Today is our 10th anniversary of being married.

We've been together for 16 years! High-school sweethearts. Only been with each other—if you know what I mean.

How many people can say that!?



You heard it here first

The finger twitch started early this morning while I was driving.

I haven't noticed the brow twitch for a few days now. Maybe it's making it's way through the right side of my body and then it'll leave - OR - it'll jump to the left side and leave.

So, if it is Parkinson's you heard it hear first!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm getting old...and Parkinson's

I think I'm seeing the first sign(s) of having Parkinson's.

Isn't that what Michael J. Fox has?

Anyway, my brow above my right eye has been occasionally twitching the past week or two. My wife says it's just from being tired and exhausted. Which could be quite true since I haven't rested well since we moved into Shawn's for the month. A few days after we moved in is about when it started.

Now, today I've got this finger twitch with the pointer finger of my right hand. I can hold my hand out and it will twitch like I'm tapping something with just that finger. This very well could be from the bad posture and environment that I type in while I'm at work. I'm sure I'm not ergonomically correct at my desk.

This is all I need. Here I thought I'd die by 68 years old from a heart attack or high blood pressure but to lose control of my muscles, twitching uncontrollably and then going crazy was not something I wanted to go through. Well, neither is a heart attack or anything else but you get my meaning.

Hopefully, once we move into our own place and we aren't sharing one room for four people, the eye twitch will stop. Then I can see what is causing this finger twitch but it's been just going on today. I think.

Sucks getting old!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Nearing burn out

I'm taking an economics class this fall term. Yes. It's just one class. Shut up!

I'm not burning out from taking class. I'm burning out from class being stretched over 3 1/2 to 4 months! Not just this class, but ANY class.

Yes, I did bitch about my summer class being every day, two hours a day for thirty days but at least it was done in thirty days. Actually, it was more like twenty-two.

I'm a bitcher and complainer about college. Deal with it!

Anyway, I think they should split the traditional two-term (fall/spring) semesters into four semesters. So the fall semester is split into two and ditto for the spring. Econ I taken in early fall term and Econ II taken in late fall term. That way people are done sooner AND the classes don't drag on and on and on and on....

Simple, right?!

Of course, if it is a campus like the one I work for, it's all about the money. So, four semesters would mean that the school is getting the same amount of money (basically) but in a shorter amount of time. So, instead of an undergrad degree taking the traditional four years. Theoretically, it could be completed in two years. This means that the university gets money over two years instead of four years.

Is this good or bad? I guess it depends. In my eyes, it would be good for me as a student to get done quicker. It also allows a student to have enjoyed a class instead of reaching mid-term burn out and wishing the class that used to be fun and/or interesting would just die an untimely death!

I guess I'd better get to studying for my test that I have tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. I haven't studied and I am not feeling very confident about getting a decent grade. I'm shooting for 70. It's passing and I'll take it.

So, now I'm going to, I'm not...yes, I, I am not...yes, I am.

See my dilemma?!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Sunday, October 16, 2005


This looks like it had to hurt. If basketball players took this kind of abuse, they may actually be worth the outrageous salaries they are receiving.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

An amazing marketing tool or a waste of money?

I was driving down a road particular road…and I saw something that makes me think, “As a business is it really worth it and/or as an employee is it really worth it?”

Picture this:

You are driving down a street – probably commercial more than residential – and you see two gas stations on opposite sides of the street from each other. The stations are identical (same gas price, same pumps available, same convenience, etc.) except one says Shell and the other Chevron.

As you get closer to the stations, you see the only other difference is there is a person (employee) at Chevron standing near the curb of the street waving to you in some costume – like a clown, cowboy, monkey or star.

Excluding any bias on which name brand you prefer, which gas station would you pull in to fill your tank?

Would you be drawn to Chevron because of the costumed employee or would you eenie-meenie-minie-mo it?


How does Chevron know it was more profitable for them to pay a person $5.00 or more an hour to stand on the street waving to potential customers? They really can’t compare unless Shell is willing to share their daily number for the same day. That would give them some sort of monetary comparison like Shell got 50 customers but Chevron got 150. I would think that the monkey-suited person brought in the extra customers if there was not brand preference.


Is it really worth it to the employee to stand in 70 degree to 100 degree heat in an animal costume that could cause heat exhaustion and suffocating breathing? Not to mention, the finger-pointing and teasing that would probably come from his family, friends and passers-by.

It really doesn’t bother me but it was something that popped in my head while I was driving today. I don’t need an answer but it makes one think about what is “worth it” and what may not be.

Random, I know.

Friday, October 14, 2005

My way is Hanes her way...

Jennifer looks good here but I don't think she is wearing Hanes. I'm not sure she's even wearing her own body.

Um, Jennifer Love Hewitt can have her way...with me anytime. I don't think the wife will really mind.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Aromas of the day

Things I have smelled/smelt (depending on your perceived level of English correct-ness) during my day:
1) Golden sugar puffs (off-brand cereal of Sugar Smacks) while peeing in the urinal. I had them for breakfast.
2) Creed cologne because I'm wearing it.
3) Serious body odor stank while sitting in the student center during lunch. The guy behind me was of Middle Eastern descent. Freakin' nasty ass smell!
4) Halls cough drops because I'm sick. They smell WAY better than the guy at lunch!
I think that is about all I can smell since my nose is a little stopped up now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Please give this couple a mental competency exam

News story here while it lasts.

16 children. Insane.

I guess if her God wouldn't want her to have them then she wouldn't be able to bear them anymore.

Note to self:  When visiting Arkansas, don't drink the water. In fact, fast for the time I'm in Arkansas.

More hatin' on people

Why do bloggers on decide to not re-enable the "NEXT BLOG" button on their blog?

It's annoying as fu...dgebars!

I am a "next blog" surfer. I hate it when I click to the next blog and all of a sudden my special button is missing. I have to hit the back button on my browser and then click NEXT BLOG again.

I understand that people are creating/using other templates but there is a very simple code you can input to re-enable this very functional button.

What is funny is that I almost never read the blog that I come to that doesn't have the NEXT BLOG button. I think it's mainly because I am pissed that the button is gone so I have a sort of personal vendetta to NOT read their blog. It's my way of getting back at them. So there!

Stupid, I know. But only if I could reach through my computer and thump that bastage on the forehead for not having my button on his/her blog!

More reasons why I cannot play with knives, forks, spoons or vacuum cleaners.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Please use UPPER and LOWER case letters

I am a web editor/database manager in the campus office for which I work. We have this information request form that at the very beginning of the form says in BIG, BOLD, RED letters, "Please use UPPER and LOWER case letters".

And yet I still get nimrods and morons using all caps or all smalls. You would think these ignoramuses would realize that they are basically filling out a mailing label for them to receive information in the postal mail. But noooooooo...these people are dipsticks!

What's even worse is occasionally I'll get someone that uses all upper case for the three fields of Firstname, Middlename and Lastname and then they'll fill the address lines correctly. Or vice versa.

These people need to share whatever the hell it is that they are smoking!

Now, most of these people are foreign. I say "foreign" in the sense that they are either in another country or they have been in the US for, say, two years or less. I can let it go for the first but not the latter. If you've been here for 1-2 years, you should know what the hell UPPER and LOWER case means. Hell, I shouldn't even have to spell it out for you!

So, I have to clean these people's information before creating the mailing label. Which infuriates me to no end. I wish I could just select their name and delete them from the database. Because once a moron, always a moron!

Another reason why I should not own a gun!

Not just a man, nor just an ape but an APEMAN!

I do not think that ANY words can fully describe what this picture does to my stomach.

Nevertheless, I had to share!


Bush helps?

Caption:  " do you use a hammer again?
Just swing back and then forward?
What am I supposed to hit with it? A nail?
Oh yeah, okay. I think I got it now."

Monday, October 10, 2005

More Confucious says...

Went to one of my kids' favorite restaurants today after we saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at the dollar movie theater.

My oldest child got this..."You would make a good lawyer." It's funny and fitting because we are always telling her this because she's always asking questions like "how", "when", "why", "what" and "where". She thought it was quite funny too because of this.

My youngest got like a book of a fortune that I cannot remember. It wasn't fitting at all, at least I think.

Anyway, I got two in my cookie. Is that a sign in itself? Anyway, one said, "Good news will come to you from far away" and the other said, "You have an ability to sense and know higher truth."

So, basically, my good news came from a Chinese fortune cookie telling me that if it looks like shit and smells like shit, it must be shit and I have the power to know this!


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Zuma is addicting

Play ZUMA it is fun. I just play the free one which basically repeats the same four maps for four stages.

I've played the downloaded version too but not completely. I refuse to pay for this type of entertainment.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The 'N' word

Why is the ‘N’ word – you know, nigger – bleeped out in movies that are played on network television?

Honky, cracker, chink or spic isn’t bleeped. The latter two words have just as much history and derogatory inflection but I guess they aren’t as wide-scale? I don’t know.

I used to work with this black guy at my previous job. We talked about the ‘N’ word spoken between white/black and black/black. He told me that black people call each other “nigger” or primarily, “nigga”. That’s the cool term, in his words. But a white person can ONLY call a black person “nigga”.

Maybe it’s kind of like how I refer to my guy friends as “bitch”, “whore”, “slut”, “cock munch” or pretty much any other term of friendship endearment. I guess those don’t have historical inflection of racial injustices?

I’m not sure why “bitch” and “dammit” aren’t bleeped from movies either but I’m not a part of the FCC.

Just a thought since I was watching some movie that was bleeping and not bleeping certain words.


I’m sitting here watching a rerun of Smallville.

I’m not sure why they decided to make Lex Luthor and Clark Kent be good friends, friendly and then eventually arch enemies.

They should have just started out as enemies but that’s just me.

Tune in for more randomness later.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Cop or criminal? Hard to tell.

I’m sure I mentioned this before but I work on a college campus. Today, the weather is quite cool. I’m sure it’s not more than 60 degrees F.

I was just walking back from getting me a sandwich at the student center when I saw a white Ford explorer with the campus logo on the driver and passenger doors drive by. Behind the wheel was a black woman with a black knitted cap. If I didn’t know who she was, I would have thought someone had just stolen a campus security vehicle. I could just see her from the shoulder up. She could be wearing something to designate that she was a security officer below shoulder view but I couldn’t see it.

It was just kind of funny to me how 1) none of the students would care 2) none would notice any difference and 3) how any ethnic person (male or female) could be profiled just by the way they dress. Like I said, she had that “burglar-look”.

So there you go, another random thought...

Cold weather seems to bring out the Ugg-ly

A cold front came in yesterday evening. The temperature isn’t expected to get above mid-70s for a week. Any longer than that, the weather man can’t predict. Not like they predict correctly anyway. The cold front was supposed to come in Wednesday evening with serious rain but nothing. It was hot and not a drop of water in sight. This morning we had cool weather and misting rain.

I was on my way to class and I saw the appearance of the first Ugg back on campus. Well, the first one I’ve seen. It was on the feet of this beautiful blonde coed wearing a pair of tight-fitting acid-wash jeans. The jean legs were tucked into the Ugg boot. She was downright hot!

After class, I saw the exact opposite of the “good” Ugg. This girl was fairly attractive as well. She was wearing a flowing mini-type skirt with a tight-fitting sweatshirt. The skirt was about mid-thigh and the Uggs reached between mid-calf and knee. What they did for her legs was to make it look like they were trunks. Like the width of her leg was the same from knee to foot. It was odd looking and not very appealing at all. Now if she was wearing the Uggs with a loin cloth and string top, it might have looked much better.

So, there is an example of two attractive females with two different dress styles that either maintained their attractiveness or lowered it down a few notches. But don’t get me wrong, I would still have any kind of “relations” either of them would want. LOL!

So, that’s my metro-sexual thought of the day.

Email humor 10/07/2005

Doctor to man: “As part of your check up, we need to test you for prostate cancer.”

Man to doctor: “I heard you check that by sticking a finger in my butt.”

Doctor to man: “We don’t have to any more. We can draw blood and test for the cancer.”

Man to doctor: “Can you still stick a finger in my butt?”

Doctor is speechless.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

What does your mommy do?

“She’s a psycho-ologist,” said the oldest child, an eight-year old third grader.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Moving sucks

And moving one year later is worse

This is about the size of my new living quarters - minus the wings and tent posts.
Me, my wife and two kids share a bedroom roughly this size. It's about 12 x 12. I'm grateful to my friend for housing me in my time of transition from leaving the flea/fly hell hole to my new rental abode. We do get access to the rest of his house but I try to stay out of their way (my friend and his wife) because I know what an inconvenience "guests" aka "evacuees/refugees" can be. Hopefully, they'll have the rental house I'm moving to ready a lot sooner than they by next week!

It's a whole lot better than living in a cardboard box!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nose hairs

Have you ever picked your nose and pulled long hairs instead? It's not really picking your nose like sticking a finger up it. It's like when you grab the edge of a nostril between thumb and forefinger just to twick it a little bit. You aren't picking per se, just testing the waters in a sense. Instead of a simple test, you get an eye-watering tug of a hair.

Anyway, I do this on occasion and sometimes I catch ahold of these mondo-long nose hairs. Where or how they got in my nose is amazing enough but to have them get that far without knowing it is even more awe inspiring. LOL! At my age, sometimes they are all white or half white/half black.

Now that's a random thought.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Stars versus Avalanche. Oh my freaking gawd!

After a whole day and a week before that of packing my shit and moving it to a storage facility, I went to the final preseason game for the Dallas Stars on Saturday. And dude, it was well worth the wait!

My wife got four tickets from a student that she tutors. He's been a long-time tutoree(?) and his father seems to be a nice guy. His father purchased season tickets to the Stars and offered up some tickets to my wife. She said "hell yeah" on my behalf. On Wednesday, the tutor guy asked if we'd like to go to the game on Saturday against the Avalanche even though it's just a preseason game. I said, "I don't care if it's a preseason game. I'd still go!" Well, he made a call to his father and Thursday morning at 6:45 a.m. there is a knock on my door at the shit-hole duplex. I was wondering "who the hell?" I opened the door and it was the FedEx guy with a delivery for my wife. I signed for it and gave it to her. She opened it and saw that they were the tickets to the game. Woohoo!

Later on in the day, the wife looked up the seating chart for the stadium for the game on the internet. Little did I realize, until then, how close we'd be sitting. Row H, center ice. Each ticket had the price of $135 printed on it. The wife was excited and the kids would be surprised and excited to go - the kids weren't told yet, hence the surprise.

Well, Thursday I had to take a vacation day from work to move a bunch of shit and then Shawn came over around 1 p.m. to get the couch and twin bed frames because he was taking them to his house. We didn't want to throw away a good, leather hide-a-bed couch and twin bed frames and he could bomb them since he doesn't have kids. Anyway, he said he came by to help me move not just to get the furniture we were giving him. Miracles never cease! I'm glad they don't because he actually helped out quite a bit with his truck.

Friday came around and I had to move more shit and take another vacation day. Shawn wasn't able to help that day because he had to work and work late. I pretty much got everything moved that needed to be moved by 8:30 p.m. that night. I left a few things that we were giving to the landlord's porter. A porter is basically a helper/ready-man for rental properties. We asked the landlord if we could be out by Saturday because Shawn had to work like I said all night Friday and he needed to get the couch and twin bed frames but couldn't do so until Saturday. I was going to play tennis Saturday and then come back to move the final stuff and take out the trash. With being sick (I missed Monday and Tuesday of work because I was hacking loogies that I could launch about 10 feet) and tired (even though I was sick I still had to move shit those days as well), I decided to stay home and try to sleep in a little bit.

So, Saturday morning/early afternoon Shawn and I moved shit until about 3:30 p.m. We had to finish early because I assumed the game was at 7:30 p.m. About this time, the wife said she didn't feel like going to the game and the kids didn't seem too interested either. I asked the kids and they said they'd rather stay home at Shawn's. I think mainly because they have a dog and my kids have begged for one for the longest time. Also, they have been a little under the weather so it may not be such a bad idea for them to stay home. I verified with the kids and they said they'd rather stay home. I asked Shawn if he wanted to go. He said, "hell yeah!" We called asked Rob if he wanted to go and he said, "hell yeah" too! That left me a fourth ticket for which I didn't have a person to offer it to.

I called my friend, Keith, to see if he could go on the spur of the moment. He checked with his wife and she wasn't too happy about it but said, "go ahead and go!" He didn't know how to take that. Was it a "go ahead and go you bastard and I will be mad for a few days" or was it a "go ahead and go but I really want you to stay"? He asked again and she said, "just go!" So, he said, "I'll meet you out there at the DART station to ride to the American Airlines Center."

Cool, the four attendees were set.

About 6:15 p.m. the wife got out the tickets and she saw that the time on them said "7:00 p.m." Holy shit! We are going to miss the first period! Shawn, Rob and I rode to the DART station. I told them to go ahead and go because they shouldn't have to miss it since I didn't get the time straight. I'd wait for Keith and we'd head out there as soon as he arrived.

Keith finally showed up around 7 p.m. I bought him a transit pass like I did Rob just in case they'd need it. During a game day, sometimes they check for the passes on the train and sometimes they don't. We jumped on the train and headed to the game. I know they built a train track to the AAC but didn't know if it left from the West End or Union Station stop. We rode down to Union Station. I checked around to see if there was anyone to help but there wasn't. Shawn just happened to call me and asked where we were. I told him where we were and he said, "Dude, we just walked from West End." I said, "I know but Keith is complaining that it must be like a 20-minute walk." Lazy freakin' ass. Shawn said, "The first period is about over and I'm hungry so when you get here could you buy me a drink and some food on your way to the seats?" I said, "Funny!" He said, "These seats are so good that I don't want to leave them!" So, Keith and I rode back to West End. We were going to walk if I couldn't find the game train. I saw some transit cops and asked them about the Victory train - that's what it's called. They said it leaves the West End stop and it's destination sign is black versus red or blue like the normal trains.

About ten minutes later, the train shows up and drops us off almost on the door step to the AAC. We walk about 50-100 feet to the entrance and lucky for us the path to our seats was right in front of the same entrance. Things were looking up! We go to our seats and man, they were pretty friggin' sweet! About eight rows from the glass just above the top of the glass so the glass doesn't distort your view at angle shots. Amazing, just simply amazing!

The second period was about two minutes away from starting so I ran back to the concessions to get something to eat and drink. I bought Shawn, Rob and myself a personal pizza, a Diet Coke for me and Dr Pepper for Shawn and Rob to share if they wanted. They were ecstatic as well. Free tickets and food, who wouldn't be? I figured with all Shawn's help and accommodating us for a month it was the least I could do. Rob just happened to be able to reap some benefits. Unfortunately, I had to watch about eight minutes of the second period on the telly above the concessions because the line was only five people deep but the cashier was being manned by "slow motion granny"!

Finally, I was able to sit and enjoy the seats. And MY FREAKIN' GAWD they were great seats. I was in hockey heaven! I just can't explain it. You'd have to experience it and if you have you suck!

Anyhow, the game was good. The Stars lost but it was still a great game to watch. So now I wait until I can get these tickets offered to me again. I am filled with anticipation. Fingers are crossed and I've click my heels three times chanting "please let me get more games to attend".

I guess that's about it. I'm sure it's been just as exciting for you as it was for me.