Thursday, May 29, 2014

In the news 05/29/2014

There is a line in the article that says the following,
"...a controversy in which Donald Sterling insulted African-Americans in a secret audio recording..."

Click here for the article while it lasts.
I've tried to stay silent about it but I just can't anymore.

The man was SECRETLY recorded in a PERSONAL conversation with his STUPID ASS girlfriend!

Is what he said wrong? Sure. Is a he a complete and utter dumb ass? Sure. Should he be fined by the NBA and have the Clippers forcefully removed from his ownership because a personal conversation was recorded and made public? I don't fucking think so!

Do I like the guy? No. He looks like an arrogant, douche bag, asshole! But all these people crying for his head are the same stupid mothers that are against people/big business/government intervening in their personal lives.

If Donald Sterling was as big of an asshole as he's made out (and seems) to be and has all the money that he has, I would hope he'd sue the NBA. Not to condone his comments as acceptable but to show that NOBODY can or should allow big business use their secret, behind-closed-doors (essentially), personal interactions be used against them in business.

Now I do know that people should conduct or try to conduct themselves in a certain manner at all times in public as they are almost always an extension of their business (the NBA in this sense). However, as far as I know, this was not in public but on a cell phone in a personal conversation. To me, using this as a way to finally get rid of the racist, bigoted man is a huge misuse of justice.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Rollngo - 2nd visit

Had a 2nd visit this evening to Rollngo. This time with my youngest. I liked what I had before but thought I'd try something different this time. I ordered #40—Grilled Combo Rice Platter (photo below). My youngest got #57—Beef Ball & Brisket Flank Pho Soup and #132—Hawaiian Passion Smoothie. We also shared a #1—Egg Rolls Pork and #3—Steamed Dumplings.

#40 Grilled Combo Rice Platter (Beef ribs, Chicken & Pork)

All that food for the low price of around $22. I'm not a pho snob but I thought it was pretty good. It was very similar to Pho is for Lovers so I don't know why anyone is being negative on Yelp about it. In fact, I don't think I've had any kind of pho from anywhere that has made me say, "Damn that shit is da' bomb!" However, Rollngo charged $5.99 whereas Pho is for Lovers charges $8.99. I do think the one difference is that 'Roll' has two meats while 'Pho' has three meats. Is that 3rd meat worth $3 more? Maybe, maybe not.

The Grilled Combo Rice Platter was very good. I liked it a lot. The portions were good (I could always eat more) and it was quite tasty. I wasn't too please with the veggies. I don't know if they were supposed to be cold or if they weren't heated up properly. It did seem that one or two broccoli were warm but the asparagus and carrots were cold. Maybe the veggies that were warm were so because they were by the meat and/or rice but I didn't pay too much attention as I just dove in since I was starving. I'll pay better attention next time.

The Egg Rolls Pork aren't like what most people are used to and expect...especially most White people. Yep, I'm calling them out specifically. Most people think of egg rolls as having more veggie fillings like carrots and cabbage with some meat sprinkles but if you know Vietnamese food, you'd know that Vietnamese egg rolls are mainly filled with meat. I thought they were pretty good and so did my youngest. They do have other choices for the egg rolls but we tried the pork.

The Steamed Dumplings were pretty good too. They come with a dipping sauce but they are fairly tasty without it as well.

Overall I'd say this place is pretty good for me so far especially seeing that this is my second visit. I'm sure I'll visit more times to try other dishes and the sandwiches. I heard the sandwiches were pretty good sized portions and they sell for $4.25 each or 3 for $10. I figured that I'd better get my feel of this place before they decide to increase the prices.

So, go and try it. I think you'll like it. Just don't try to be some food snobby. I can't stand people like that.

The Legend of Hercules (2014)

The Legend of Hercules (2014). I can see why this didn't do well in the theaters. I wouldn't say it was a bad movie overall. It could have been done better sure but for $1.20 from RedBox it wasn't too painful to watch. The acting could have used some more directing, inflecting or something but it wasn't unwatchable. It was the occasional horrendous digital imaging that made it laughable and would make me question spending the movie theater admission price.

Kellan Lutz shouldn't try to "act" or "speak" too much in his movies. He's got a decent face, a muscular body and that's what he should go with. Again, I think with some professional guidance, his acting could have been better. The action/fight scenes were interesting but often predictable. No fault to his acting but more of the storyline. What has Kellan really been in? There was the 3 or 4 Twilight movies where he hardly spoke. There was Immortals where he barely spoke and when he did it was laughable--although I did like the movie overall.

Scott Adkins should follow the same advice I shared for Kellan but times three. Scott's freaking ripped and looks like Supermofo! But he's purely a hardcore action actor. Have you seen Undisputed 2 & 3, Ninja I & II, Assassination Games, and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning. The dude is one bad ass. His character wasn't hugely conversational in this movie but he's best speaking with his fists and feet.

I have no idea who Gaia Weiss is but I know that there was not any nudity of her in this movie! It's a freaking gladiator, Roman soldier-type movie and we know that the Romans were sexual beings! I mean not even a boob shot. I was thoroughly disappointed. [my inner 12-yr-old boy yells] 'SHOW ME THE BOOBS! SHOW ME THE BOOBS!'

It was interesting to see that Liam McIntyre was the sidekick to Hercules. Is he type cast because of his Spartacus role? I really haven't seen him in ANYTHING else but what do I know. He wasn't quite the warrior Spartacus in this movie but he did okay.

FINAL VERDICT: My overall assessment of this movie is rent it from Redbox or borrow from a friend. If you go into the movie knowing that it's kind of cheesy, you won't have too high of expectations but you will more than likely overall enjoy seeing it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Best advertisement ever

...for men, of course. I've ordered gifts for the wife (is it really for the wife? Hmm...) from Victoria's Secret before so I'm on their email list. I get email ads from them probably every other day but at least twice a week. I usually just delete them since I'm not looking for anything to purchase from them at this time. I opened today's email and was wonderfully surprised by the image you see (click it to view in all it's wonderfulness.

Does it make me want to purchase whatever it is they are selling (as I didn't even read it to see what they were promoting)? Somewhat, yes, it does. Does it make me just want to stare at my computer screen gawking at this image? Yes, yes it does! However, I cannot since I'm at work.

Bummer for me!

I really don't want the product but what is wearing the product...or is it what the product is wearing?

Anyway, it's definitely eye-catching.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill Restaurant

Went to Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill Restaurant with a couple of coworkers today. It's an all-u-can-eat restaurant. I think it also has entrees but we did the buffet.

We got there around noon. It wasn't too busy. About ten minutes after we were seated then got our food and then sat again to eat, the place started to get filled. There seemed to be more large "family-type" parties showing than like business luncheons or even just two people.

Overall, the food was pretty good. I've had tasted most of the food choices before with being friends with a Greek family so I kind of knew what to expect. However, part of the problem I had was that there were no labels to describe the many different dishes available. I could kind of tell what some foods were but there were many that I just couldn't tell.

This was a nice change of foods and some good dishes to eat. I'd much rather go back more often to a BBQ or Chinese buffet restaurant. Will I go back to Ali Baba? Maybe, sure, if someone I know suggests it and it's been a while since my last visit.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pappas BBQ (NW Hwy near I35 in Dallas)

This was my lunch today from Pappas BBQ on NW Hwy in Dallas near I35.

It's the pork trio special. It comes with two pork ribs, pork sausage and pulled pork for like $10.95. I comes with a choice of two sides which I picked the mac & cheese with large pasta shells and cole slaw.

Both sides were very good. The cole slaw was exactly like I like/prefer it. The mac & cheese was good too and my kids will love it!

As far as the meats...the sausage, pulled pork and ribs were tasty but nothing extraordinary that would put them above any other BBQ joints' offerings.

Would I recommend Pappas BBQ? Sure. The food wasn't bad and the price was on par with the likes of Peggy Sue's BBQ, Baker's Ribs and Sonny's BBQ.

The difference in my preference would be that my Pappa's meal was roughly $15.00. I've had the all-u-can-eat BBQ buffet at North Main BBQ in Euless for $15.00 (the price as of my last visit around a year ago).

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

East Hampton Sandwich Co.

For Mother's Day, I thought I'd stop by a local sandwich shop that a few people have said, "It's pretty good but may be somewhat pricey." The wife is worth any expense on any day but especially Mother's Day!

The place is called East Hampton Sandwich Co. It's been around a little bit and it looks like they've got two locations. I'm closer to the one in Dallas at Snider Plaza.

As I was walking to the entrance, an elderly couple was walking to the entrance at the same time. Being the courteous man I am, I opened the door and told them to go ahead before me. I should have assessed them a little better. I saw that they were old...pretty old. I saw the lady had a cane. I did not realize HOW slow she was walking. I thought it was just because of the step up to the curb from the parking space but it was because she was SO FREAKING SLOW!! Luckily, I wasn't in any type of hurry because freshly-removed-from-freezer ice cubes would have melted by the time they got from three feet outside the door to the counter for ordering.

The entrees in the photo are half of the Cheeseburger with avocado, cured bacon ($9.58 sandwich + $1.00 for avocado & cured bacon) on the left and half of the Seasonal Salmon Sandwich Special of the day/week on the right. I don't recall the exact price of the salmon but my total bill came to like $24.00. So I'm assuming the salmon special was around $12 because adding 8.25% tax would make it almost $24.

Anyway, the cheeseburger was really good. It's two hamburger patties that were not too thick but also not too thin. The bun is tasty. The avocado was good and the three pieces of bacon were very good. It comes with a side of chips that aren't fantastic but the wife said she liked them and, for me, it adds a crunch to each bite.

The salmon sandwich was pretty good. I didn't expect the layers of salmon to be as plentiful as they were. If you look at the photo, you can see the onion between the salmon (on the bottom) and the tomato (on the top). That's a good portion of salmon and it looks just as thick as the burger patties. It came with the same chips.

Between the two, I think the burger was more flavorful. The salmon was juicy and tender but maybe not as well seasoned.

I will go back for more but next time I might try the lobster roll. I heard it's very, very good. My only hesitation is that it's like $16 and I like to make sure I get my monies worth when it comes to seafood...well, any food really. I have seen a few people in the restaurant order the lobster roll and it looks plentiful but I don't know if it was more filler or lobster. Eventually I'm sure I'll try it.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Royal Pains versus Rush

I don't understand why the USA Network would create a show that looks to have the same exact premise as another successful show already on the network.

I've been seeing a commercial for Rush which, as mentioned, looks EXACTLY like Royal Pains. The Royal Pains doc caters to the rich people of the Hamptons. The Rush doc caters to "LA's elite."

See the similarities? I'm not sure they'll change too much between the two shows although Pains seems more of a dramedy compared to just drama.

I watched a few episodes of Royal Pains and thought it was good and funny. I didn't get to watch much more because I got too busy with life. However, if I wanted to watch one of these shows, I think I'd go back with Royal Pains. Who am I kidding? I might have enough time to watch both shows if I ever have enough time.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Rollngo - Upper Greenville in Dallas

A friend and neighbor of mine asked if I was available to go to lunch today. I said sure. He initially mentioned Chipotle but then asked if I'd ever been to Rollngo. I've never even heard of it. He said, "Man, we're going to Rollngo then!" I said, "I'm good for whatever" since I'm not a picky eater.

The prices at Rollngo are pretty reasonable — almost too low — which made me think the food portions must be related to price. My friend assured me that the food portions were generous. As long as they weren't really skimpy, I wouldn't mind so much for the cost around $5-$6. As I've never been, I entrusted my buddy to pick the dish to eat. He suggested #67 but with double pork versus pork and shrimp.

After we ordered, another neighbor/friend happened through the door. I went to give him a handshake and he wanted to fist bump. WTF!? We're not tweens, teens or even mid 20s. Fist bumping is not my first intuition. I'd high five you before I'd think about a fist bump...anyway, that's off topic sorry.

We waited about eight minutes to get our order even with how busy they had gotten. Seating inside is not abundant. They have these cool stainless steel bar stools that raise up and down like an office chair, if needed. However, there are only maybe a max of ten inside. They did have an outside patio but today it was too sunny, hot and humid to enjoy outside dining. My buddy said they used to have an awning but they probably lost during the crazy storm we had a week or so ago. There were two-tiered glass-top tables with chairs for outdoor seating but the thing that really was disconcerting was the little red ashtrays they had in between the tiers of glass.

Why would you promote smoking at a restaurant-only in Dallas much less one that seems to have put some thought into a clean design and decor of the restaurant as well as halfway decent outdoor seating!?

We got our food to go and ended up eating at the comfy, spacious dining table in his house.

Taking the food out of the to-go bag, I could see that the to-go containers had clear tops which allowed me to see the food...which looked plentiful. There was a pretty good amount of vermicelli and A LOT of pork...remember we basically got a double order of the pork. Opening the containers wafted a wonderful smell which made my mouth water. Now that could be because I was starving but it really did smell good and tasty! The meal came with what I call filler such as green onion, lettuce, bean sprout, cucumber, and carrot. I think it also included an egg roll, because we each had one, but I can't be sure since my buddy gave the order.

Overall, the food was very delicious and good portion at a pretty decent price. I will definitely go back to try other dishes or even the same. Two things that I will point out that I didn't like: (1) they didn't seem to have any fountain drinks. They had a cooler of drinks or smoothies you can buy but no dispenser for buying a cup and getting free refills and (2) the chopsticks were some of the cheapest quality I've ever eaten with. They seemed to come soft out of the package like moisture had gotten to them. They didn't stand up very well to my use of just grabbing particular foods to shovel into my mouth. It made it slightly frustrating to eat and I ended up using a fork!

Other than those two minor complaints, I think anyone would enjoy eating here or at least trying it for the price and size of the meal.

Firefox has a new update. Looks more like Chrome.

I overlapped Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in the screen capture after the recent Firefox update. Can you tell the difference between the two browsers?

I actually liked easily knowing the difference between the two visually. Why do companies end up losing their individuality? You see it in computers, cars, cameras and now browsers. Why not just join forces and make one browser under one name like Chrozilla or Chrofox?

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Galaxy Drive-In Theatre in Ennis, TX

I went to Galaxy Drive-In Theatre in Ennis, Texas last night with my youngest and her friend.

Galaxy Drive-In is about 37 miles, an approximate 30-45 minute drive from my place of residence in Dallas without traffic. It's right off Interstate 45. You can't miss it. Years ago, I would drive past this place to/from Palestine, Corsicana, Houston, or Galveston. I'd always think to myself, "I'm going to come see a movie here." How many years later and I can finally say that I "came here to see a movie."

Truth be told, I started looking at the Coyote Drive-In in downtown Fort Worth. It's about the same distance and time as Galaxy. It looked pretty cool on the website but the problem was that they paired two movies together that one wouldn't typically pair together (well, I wouldn't) or paired together movies people wouldn't WANT to see together. For instance, they put The Amazing Spiderman 2 with Draft Day and Rio 2 with Captain American: The Winter Soldier. How many kids, pre-teen and teen, want to see Spiderman 2 and then they have to watch a more mature movie like Draft Day...or they can leave before the second feature. Same with Rio 2. It's very pre-teen and then the follow-up is Captain America. I'm sure they'll say something like they don't choose the pairings and they are tied to what the movie people want.

However, you take a look at Galaxy Drive-In and they paired Spiderman 2 with The Winter Soldier, Spiderman 2 with Rio 2, The Quiet Ones and Oculus, etc. Their pairings match each other more. So, would they not have to follow the same rules as Coyote Drive-In? I would think so.

Anyway, we ended up seeing the pairing of Spiderman 2 and Winter Soldier. If I remember and get around to it, I'll do a brief review of those two movies in another post.

We got to the theatre a little more than 45 minutes before the first movie was listed to start. Their website recommended it and I think it was a wise recommendation. It wasn't really busy at that time. I drove right to the entry booth, paid $18 for three people, and drove to our screen.

The last time I'd been to a drive-in movie was in the very early 80s in Grapevine, Texas. I remember one showing was a horror movie called Deadly Blessing.

Galaxy Drive-In was a cool old-school way to watch a newly released movie. There was the occasional happening of some dumb asses turning on their headlights when they had to turn on their vehicle to make sure their battery didn't die. I was more thoughtful of my potential fellow movie watchers and Googled how to turn off my daytime running lights. There was also the nonfunctional speakers attached to the pole by my vehicle. We had to listen to the sound through my vehicle radio but that required me to have the vehicle running or at least in the "On" position and then occasionally turning it on to make sure the battery didn't die. I asked an employee about it and he basically said, "tough shit, you'll have to deal with it." That's not good for customer service. Granted there is an alternative way to listen but I shouldn't be required to use my vehicle when I paid for the experience of a drive-in movie.

Some people left after the first feature but we did not. Because of the change of seasons, the sun goes down later. The first feature didn't start until almost 9 p.m. when it was scheduled for 8 p.m. This in turn caused the second feature to start late and by the time it was over, we left for home around 2:00 a.m. Put that into perspective from start to finish, it was a long evening/night from 6:30 p.m. until 2:45 a.m.

Will I go back? Sure. In fact, I might do so around the end of May although this time around I may run my vehicle the entire time since the weather is getting warmer. It was actually pretty windy last night and it got cooler to the point that I'm glad I brought some fleece blankets for us all to use...especially me since I was sitting in my camping chair.

Friday, May 02, 2014

People and their funny wifi signal names

I was in the drive thru lane at my local Taco Bell. I saw a sticker on the window that said "free wifi." I was curious and looked for it on my phone. That's when I saw these two wifi signals. Coincidence that they are so near to each other? Maybe just some nearby people messing with each other.