Thursday, June 30, 2005

A serious blow-off day at work today

This is my coworker and friend, Steve. He went out last night and someone sliced his tires on his jeep. Around 10am this morning, I went with another coworker and friend of his to see if we could put on his spare and my spare (I own a jeep too) to get it to the tire shop without having to tow it while he had some conference to attend downtown. My immediate boss gave the okay for me to be involved in this. Like I said though, it's not like a buttload of stuff is going on right now.

Anyway, turns out his lug nut wrench doesn't fit and mine didn't fit his either. So, we drove back to the office by 11:20 a.m. She called to see how much tires would cost for him at Discount Tire. Two tires were going to run him about $55 each without the extra of valves, disposal, etc. I went to lunch around 11:30 and was running a little late getting back to work. I think I finally got back around 1:30 p.m. That's two hours folks!

I get back in the office and Steve asked if I minded taking him to meet the tow truck where his jeep was at 2 p.m. I cooled off a little bit with the fan at my desk —I don't have air conditioning in my jeep and it was like 99 degrees—and then we left.

We get to his jeep and we wait...and wait..and wait. Around 2:30 p.m, I give him my cell phone to call the place to see where they are. They said the guy was like five minutes down the road from us. About twenty minutes, the bastard shows up!

We get things settled. Steve and I drive to discount tire and get things settled there while the tow truck guy is unloading the jeep. Steve pays Discount and then the tow guy and we were on our way back to the office.

About 3:23 p.m, I get to my desk and am sweating my ass off! I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have a fan at my desk. After I cooled off, I pretty much just tinkered with my blog template. I did a few "work" things but nothing that didn't take me more than 30 minutes total.

That was my work day. Interesting, huh?

By the way, the fourth picture is the name of the business that Steve had to park his jeep. When I first left in the morning to find his jeep, we were told to look for a mail box place. I was thinking "The UPS Store" or "Mailbox, etc" but the "Male Boxx" never crossed my mind. :-)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The nerve of some people

I took my kids out to dinner tonight. Their mom said they were really, really good today so I figured they deserved a treat. Plus, we do not have jack crap in the refrigerator or pantry.

We went to Wendy's. I got the spicy, crispy chicken sandwich meal. I got them a classic burger with cheese meal. I also ordered a small frosty for them - remember the dessert they deserved - but they had to eat dinner first.

They chose the place to sit and I bring the food over. I'm getting their food ready. They are sharing the burger so I had to cut it in half.

We haven't been sitting for more than 5-10 minutes and this older man walks up to my table and places a piece of paper or card or something on my table. I pick it up and it said some shit like this, "I am deaf. I am selling these to..." That's about as far as I got and then I turned it over and I saw about 30 different hand signs. Oh, maybe they were the alphabet. I didn't pay too much attention. I gave it back to him and waved him off.

Then I started thinking. The nerve of some people! Deaf, dumb or completely healthy. I don't give a shit! I don't like to be bothered during my dinner with my family, especially for some friggin' pity party! "Hey, I'm poor! I'm being evicted and my rent is going to increase! I'm going to stress out and lose my hair and my beer gut (that isn't from drinking beer)!" But do you see me trying to sell CRAP to people? No!

I've been approached by the deaf, dumb and needy before. In Taco Bell one time, I was with the whole family and this Mexican dropped a braided leather key chain thing with some similar tag on it about "being deaf and selling." But at least this Mexican, showed some talent with the braided leather.

This asshole tonight at Wendy's had the talent of photocopying! This piece of paper he said he was "selling" was a photocopy.

First of all, I'm not going to give to you because if you were truly needy you wouldn't have had a Wendy's drink and large fries on your table! Second, I'd give $2 to deaf Pablo for his leather braided key chain before I gave anything to deaf Peter!

My dinner was interrupted because I was tossing thoughts around in my head about "was I being rude and uncaring" or "should I be even more pissed because this guy made me think of these things"?

There was a couple with a little child - I think it was a boy but not sure - probably around 4-5 yrs old. The father asked the "deaf man" if he wanted him to buy him a hamburger. The father went to the counter and ordered him a burger. The family left and about five minutes afterwards the "deaf man" walked out the door. I saw him walk across the street and enter the Humperdinks bar/restaurant.

So, now I was even more pissed that this jerkoff made me feel that very brief three seconds of doubt. But I felt much better when I thought about that father that got taken.

Question now is: Is it better to not get burned or to think you are doing a good deed whether you get burned or not? I already know my answer.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Jeep

My 1990 Jeep Wrangler. It's 15 years old which is considered a classic!

I think someone is bitter

My wife's best friend came over to swim with her kids yesterday while I was at work. I came home for lunch and she seemed a little pissy towards me. It doesn't bother me and I don't care how she feels but I just thought it was funny why she was pissy.

Let me do a little backgrounding on the best friend. They've been friends for a very long time, about twenty years. For that past few years or so, my wife and I have schedule "self" days. We have kids and we both work so we need a little free time once in a while. We decided that Friday would be mine and Saturday would be hers. On her night, she and her best friend would typically go out on a Friday to dance and drink at some club. Eventually, her best friend needed to switch her night which affected my wife's night so we went to Friday hers, Saturday mine.

Anyhow, they were doing the weekly outing pretty much every week for a couple of years. About 6-8 months ago, the best friend's husband came home from a "business" trip and put a stop to his wife's going out each week. No one knows why but there was a big hooplah about it between them and he changed their cell phone numbers and he also had a computer logger on their home network that he used to monitor her surfing habits and invade her actual email account. Long story short, they had a big fight. He told her she could no longer go out and have fun with her best friend - my wife. Like a battered wife, she said that it was partially her fault although we don't know what she did - we don't think she really knows. She also said that they were going to focus on their (her and her husband's) marriage/relationship. She even went so far as to criticize our situation by saying that she "enjoys spending time with her husband so she doesn't need to go out every week or even every other week."

She would occasionally call my wife to go out on a Friday or Saturday. My wife would check to see what my plans were and I'd say "go ahead, have fun. I'm not doing anything." Plus, she was typically going out after the kids were already in bed. The time would come for my wife to leave to go meet her friend somewhere and she'd get a call from said friend saying that the husband was coming. My wife would say she didn't want to go anymore and refused to budge, for good reason. When he came home that time to cancel all outings for his wife and all, he argued and yelled at my wife. If my wife or I gave a shit at what he said, I would have had to kick his ass but we knew he was being stupid, crazy and completely ridiculous. Since that time, my wife refuses to hang with her friend if the husband is coming because he disrespected her. My wife even told him as much and he half-assedly, jokingly apologized but my wife is the woman they are talking about in the statement, "there is nothing worse than a woman scorned!"

There is a little more to it but I won't go into it in case they somehow happen upon my blog. I don't want to cause any more riff between my wife and her "best" friend.

So finally, last Sunday the friend got "paroled" from her house to go out and do something with my wife. My wife was all for it and was a little excited about going shopping or having coffee but...she had forgotten for some reason that I had two roller hockey games that day. One at 4pm and one at 8pm. So, her time out was pretty much cancelled unless they wanted to take the kids but that's not what they wanted. The friend kept telling my wife that I should not go to my games or blah, blah, blah but it's not like my wife didn't know already about them. Every Sunday I have a game. The time fluctuates but the day is the same. I have no problem with my wife having a little "alone" time. We all need it now and again and I don't go anywhere anyhow except for my hockey and tennis.

When I saw the friend during lunch, she told me, "I'm mad at you!" I said, "Oh, why is that? Because your husband gave you permission to go out and my wife couldn't because I already had plans?" She said, "MY HUSBAND DOES NOT LET ME DO ANYTHING!" I said, "Exactly!" She mumbled something as I was leaving to return to work and I turned and said, "if I had time, I'd explain to you that which you seem to overlook but I have to get back to work!" She just threw her hands in the air, perturbed.

I was amused as I got back in my vehicle to drive to work. At the same time, I was irritated by the fact that, when it's obviously their own fault, some people can't admit they are the cause of their pain and suffering! Let's have a little introspection, people. Jeez!

So, the "best" friend went home still bitter. Bitter at the wrong person(s) but still bitter.

I'm still chuckling now...

Got my final grade

I got my final grade for my rhetoric class.


Woohoo! I'll take that.

Now, I am taking off the summer II session and I will restart in the fall with microeconomics. Blah!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Class is over!

I finished class today. All I had to do was my oral presentation. My famous immigrant was Martina Navratilova. I figured I would talk about something I knew about versus just doing a book report presentation. I think it went well. I had a few stutter-moments with my dates but all-in-all felt it was good. I really don’t give a shit to tell you the truth! It was probably the best if not at least in the top three…in my opinion. Of course, I should be because I am almost twice the age of my classmates! LOL! I’ve had business speaking experience. I’ve trained groups of people with hand-outs and visual aids. Now that I think about it. It wasn't as fluent as I wanted it to be but it’s not completely my fault. I didn’t get time to practice it before class today.

Last night (Sunday) I had to take my brother to the emergency room. I had my team’s playoff hockey game at 7 p.m. My brother’s team game was at 8 p.m. We had another game at 9 p.m. that both of us play on for another league. Anyway, my friend (who plays on the 9 p.m. team as well) and I were watching my bro’s game because he and I were the 7pm game on separate teams…I know, confusing isn’t it? My bro was trying to take a puck from a guy from the other team and his stick was caught in his jersey. He was trying to pull it out and was in an awkward-kind-of-lunging position. The guy turned around and brought his stick up and busted my bro in the face. My bro went down on his back on the rink just gushing blood. I got the hell up out my seat and ran to the restroom to get some toilet tissue. The damn dispenser kept sticking and so instead of long wad of toilet paper, I got a bunch of shrapnel. I still had my skates on and went to my bro’s side and put the shrapnel near his nose, his mouth…shit, I couldn’t tell where he was bleeding from. No one around him could. We thought his nose was broken because we saw all his teeth and his tongue was in one piece.

He was bleeding pretty badly and spitting blood. Someone had a t-shirt they brought to help with the blood and then finally one of the employees of the rink brought some ice from the snack bar – in a little fucking snack size ziplock bag. WTF!? Anyhow, we asked him some questions to make sure he was aware and all. He replied in our family’s typical smart-ass way. We carried him off the rink and let him sit against the wall. He was still a little groggy and to be safe we decided to call 911 for the paramedics to check him out. Lot a good they did. Those people are worthless sometimes and make good money for it. They asked him the same shit we did: What’s the date? Who is the president? Where are you? Are you gay? Okay not that last one but I was checking to see if you were paying attention. They told him that they recommended he go to the emergency room and they could take him or someone else could but not himself. Of course, being his brother I guess the chore fell to me by default. I contemplated playing my game at 9 p.m. – it was about 8:45 p.m. – and then taking him or taking him now and missing the game. Man, that was a tough decision. I decided to get out of my skate gear and take him. I figured the team we were playing that we were going to lose anyway so I would really just be getting extra skating time. We automatically get to play another game anyway. I guess family is more important…sometimes. Lol!

I take him to the hospital and my friend that plays on the team as well followed us. He has known me and my family for around twenty years so he thought it was best for him to lend a hand. I think he didn’t particularly want to play the 9pm game either. Anyway, we went to Richland Community or Richland something hospital. It was quick. The nurse checked us in. It was like a five minute wait and they took us back to a bed in the ER. The doctor came about 10 minutes later. They found that it looked like his two front teeth went bit completely through the top lip. The cut on top was too bad. It looked just like a scratch or small cut. The doctor lifted his lip to see the under side and it was like shrapnel, dude! It was like a pencil hole with a starburst of shredded, torn skin around it. Pretty cool! My bro and friend both have camera phones. My friend’s was better quality but we used both to take pictures of it. Hopefully, they’ll come out and I can post them on the web. Good times. Anyway, the doc put two stitches on top and three on bottom of the lip. They gave him a pain killing shot beforehand. I think it was lidocaine because novocaine makes my bro’s heart race. Well, this did too because they are all part of the same family of medicine. He was fine though. Afterwards, I had to drive his ass all the way home to Euless…about 45 minutes from where we were. It was like 11pm or so. My friend followed us so he could drive me back. I finally got home around 12:15 a.m. It was Monday morning now.

I couldn’t get to sleep. I was a little wired and we had stopped by Jack in the Box to get something to eat on the way back. I hadn’t eaten since about 2 p.m. that day. I was starving but I probably could have waited until I woke later that morning. My friend bought so I figured I’d take advantage of his “generosity.”

Around 8 a.m. this morning, the alarm went off but I really didn’t want to get up. I thought about calling into work and saying I’d be late but I still had class at 10am. I figured, screw it. I go ahead and go to work and then class and then finish this long, tiring Monday.

I got home. The wife went to work. I cooked dinner and took care of my kiddos. Around 9 p.m, I started to get a headache. By 9:30 p.m, it was basically a migraine. I put the kids to bed. They asked if they could sleep in my bed and I said yes because I'm a lazy pushover. I had to stay awake though until my wife got home because she didn't have her house key. So, I was up until at least 10:30 p.m. I went to bed around 11pm and that's about all I remember.

So, that's why I didn't get to practice my oral presentation. What about Saturday, you ask? No comment!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Just the oral presentation left

That sounds dirty doesn't it? Okay, maybe just to demented minds like me!

No class today. We just needed to drop off our research paper. What a relief to have that done. I was actually complete with it by 9 p.m. last night. Luckily, most of the boss-types are out of the office so I was able to type a lot yesterday while at work. Good thing. I probably would have been up until midnight or one a.m. typing that sucker. I was a little restless around 10pm. I didn't know what to do. It's been about a month since I haven't HAD to stay up late because I was reading or writing something for class. It was kind of strange.

Today is pretty much a blow off day at work. They all pretty much are these days. It's the slow time of the year. Also, with the bosses out of the office it makes the days much more pleasant! I was pretty much done with my work by lunch time. That's the way it usually is.

Oh, to have summer vacation again. Do I even know what that is anymore? My kids do but what about working adults? I think that working professionals should get their own version of summer vacation without having to actually take vacation time. They do it in China. They shut down all businesses for a whole week! That would be cool!

Anyway, not much planned for the weekend. Tennis tomorrow morning but other than that, who knows. I'm sure I'll type about it each night, somewhat anyway. At some point, I'll have to practice my oral presentation.

Doing this blog on a daily basis has affected my upkeep of my personal journal. Yes! I have a journal. And No! I'm not gay! I just think that my kids would like to read it some day in the future to see what was going on and what I thought about the goings on!

I've got too many things to do these days and not enough free time. Sucks!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Why isn't everybody doing it?

When I opened up a browser window and headed over to this was an advertisement that is plastered on almost half the width of the page.

Now, if the asses on this page are truly from the use of this product, don't you think there would be a world-wide movement for everyone to purchase this lotion? It would be like when everyone bought gallons upon gallons of bottled water when we didn't know what Y2K would bring to our computer-operated systems.

I mean if this lotion could make MY ass look like these in the pictures I would buy it by the truckload! Seriously!

Alas, there are those ignorant folks that will purchase this crap. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to advertise on so many pages on the internet.

They are pretty nice asses the advertisement.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What is the difference?

I got out of class early today. It was Exam #3 time and I finished writing within about 30-40 minutes. Tomorrow is one-on-one conferences regarding our research paper so we only have three more days of class.

Anyway, I decided to go home for lunch since I technically was still in class as far as my coworkers and boss knew. I get home and my wife had made some hamburgers. I wolf one down with a cold Diet Coke. I walk to my office to see how a process is going on my bro's computer - it's slow as shit and I'm getting frustrated just waiting for it to do things. I hang out for about 15-20 minutes and decide I need to get back to work.

I walk to the living room to give my kids a kiss and hug good-bye. My wife says, "they've been sitting here all day, pinned to the television, watching 'Kids Next Door'."

I wonder to myself "What is the difference between this and 'Sith'?" Although 'KND' is fully animated and has the occasional "violence", 'Sith' is computer generated with the same. I see no real difference.

Did I chew her out about how I didn't think it was appropriate? NO! I'm just that kind of guy!

For a little more inappropriate viewing, read this "haiku" that is an animated commercial that plays on Nickelodeon:

Boogers in my nose
      Chickens standing in my room
I can see your butt

Now, again I ask, what is the difference?

Monday, June 20, 2005

No class today but still had to work

I didn't have to go to class today. Tomorrow is our exam. Wednesday is conferences for the research paper which I haven't exactly started typing up yet. I'll get to it.

I've been watching the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award for George Lucas. It's been pretty good but not good enough to watch entirely without flicking around to other channels once in a while.

I also had to watch the final episode of the Inferno II on MTV. It was alright.

I guess since the award show is over it's time to put my kids to bed and see if I can get to bed early myself.

So, I'm outta here!

Email humor 06/20/2005

These are just too funny because it's something I would do and say!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

My team is victorious!

Both of the roller hockey teams that I play on won their games.

The first game wasn't too hard. Our opponent only had four players and they were pretty much gassed by the end of the second period. They still played hard but when we had five people and they had four, at least we had someone to swap out with for a quick rest. I played about 30 of the 33 minutes. I'm just an iron man!

The second game was a little more important. It would decided whether or not our team would be first place or not. In fact, it was against the team my brother plays on. So, to win our game was more important just for bragging rights. I mean I always knew I was the better player but I proved it tonight. I got two goals and an assist. My brother barely got an assist. That's what we call shutting down the player! Booyah! Anyway, it was a good clean game. Very enjoyable to play.

The playoffs start next week. We play a team a couple of my friends play on. We beat them before so hopefully we'll do it again. If all goes the way we think, we'll be in the finals probably playing the same team we played tonight.

I will be victorious...I hope!

Starting out as a lazy day so far.

I got up around 10 a.m. this morning. I had to run to the store to get some milk for the kids for their breakfast-cereal. I also had to start starting on my research paper.

I got the milk. I also had to run by my mother-in-law's house to pick up some boxes. My wife gets a wild hair up her butt and I have to go get the supplies so she can soothe this hair. She was motivated to start a little packing. She figures if she does a little at a time that she'll be pretty much done by the time July 3rd rolls around.

I unloaded he boxes, unloaded the groceries and thought about my paper. I did a little research on it but decided to switch to getting information on my "famous immigrant" for my oral presentation. I decided to try to find someone in something I am interested like tennis or hockey. I found some pretty good things on Ivan Lendl. We'll see how it goes the more I look up and read the information but I think he is my "famous immigrant".

Anyhow, I'm about to head to my first roller hockey game at 4 p.m. and then I have an hour break. My second game is at 6 p.m. so I'll probably be back home by 7:30 p.m. Just enough time to continue working on my research paper? Maybe.

So, I'm outta here for a while.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Email humor 06/18/2005

This is so true! I got this from a friend a while ago.

How many times...

...can I piss off the wife in a week? I am on a roll. Two times in three days I have pissed off the wife. The previously mentioned occurrence and now a new one.

A few days ago, I told my wife that I think we deserved to have a nice lunch out for our pain and suffering: my dealing with class (pain) and our dealing with having to move and endure more expensive rent (suffering). I told her that I thought we should go to Ozona's or some "nice" restaurant after I got back from playing tennis on Saturday.

Well, it is Saturday and I went to play tennis this morning around 7:45am. I got to the courts around 8:15am because it was forcasted to be pretty damn hot and I figured I'd get a few sets in before the old guys started leaving by choice or in an ambulance.

Anyway, I was done playing around 12:20 p.m. I called the wife at 12:26pm to let her know I was at a particular intersection and on my way to my Mom and Dad's place to pick up my brother's computer. He called the night before to say he was having computer problems and asked if I could check it out. I told him to take it to our parents' because he was going out of town today for his job and wouldn't be back until Sunday. Anyway, the traffic was particularly congested for some reason and a drive that is normally about 10-15 minutes took about 25 minutes. So, the time is not roughly 12:54 p.m.

I get there and my oldest brother actually has the air-conditioning on. I decided to sit and rest a bit because I just played 4 1/2 hours of tennis in about 95 degree weather with no breeze and few clouds. I also have to make the 25-30 minute drive home in my Jeep which has 2-60 air-conditioning: that's 2 windows down, 60 miles an hour (as defined by my dad). I soaked up the cool air and had me a Diet Dr Pepper. I shot the shit for a little bit with my brother and nephew.

I get a call about 1:26 p.m. from the wife and she's pissed. She says "don't make plans with somebody if you are going to call them and then an hour later still not be home!" She was yelling at me on the phone and I told her I was on my way. I just needed to take a break. "You haven't even left yet!?" was her reply. I think it was good karma because the cell phone was losing reception after the first 5 minutes of bitchin'. The line failed and once again there was peace. Lol! She called back about 5 minutes later after I was already on my way home but when I hit the 'TALK' button it said "Service cannot be used." Woohoo! Eternal peace...until I get home.

On thew way home, I hit more traffic because one of the lanes is closed due to a semi hauling 3000 gallons of fuel crashing and exploding underneath an underpass of the highway about a month ago. Nevertheless, I was home by 2:03 p.m! I think I made pretty damn good time from 12:26 p.m. to 2:03 p.m. no matter what the wife says.

Anyway, unlike the phone call before, she didn't draw it out when I got home. In fact, nothing was said. I took a shower, got dress, and we went to eat. There was no dwelling on the topic which was a good thing.

We ended up going to On The Border instead of Ozona's because the latter charges for their chips and salsa. At On The Border, chips and salsa are complementary as they should be. Anyhow, we had a great time and the food was great. It was a celebratory lunch; for almost being done with my first semester back in school, an early Father's Day lunch and just an all-around 'we deserve it' meal. The girls were very appreciative especially after we got them dessert: a brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup and nuts. It was good!

We left the restaurant and went to look for place to rent u-haul trucks. We decided to rent one instead of borrowing family and friend's trucks. It will be quicker and easier for us and it'll probably end up costing the same because we'd have to buy boxes and stuff. Luckily, the wife's mother has some boxes she purchased when she moved and we are borrowing them. It's a good thing because the large boxes are like 24x24x24 and they cost $3.99 each at storage places that sell them.

I am so not looking forward to moving and having to take things down, pack them, unpack them and then set them back up in the new place. It really sucks!

Friday, June 17, 2005

I pissed the wife off...go figure!

Last night when my wife got home from working, the shit hit the fan.

In the mail a few days ago, I got the boot-legged DVD of "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" from a friend. It's not the best quality but it is still pretty good. It has the counter running at the top of the screen and it occasionally covers the faces of the movie characters but it's not long and it doesn't interrupt the overall enjoyment of the movie. Hell, it's kind of cool to watch the movie as many times as I want in the comfort of my home without paying $4.50 (matinee price) each time.

Anyway...Apparently, I wasn't supposed to let the kids watch "Revenge of the Sith". Around 6:30 p.m. last night they asked if they could watch it. I said "sure". I like the fact that they are interested in something that I am very in to. So, I make some dinner and pop in the DVD. All is well. The kids didn't watch two parts of the movie: when Palpatine's face is aged and when Anakin is chargrilled. Other than that, I didn't see anything wrong with an eight and six year old watching the movie.

Fast forward to kids in bed. It's about 11:30 p.m. The wife and I were talking and I mentioned that we watched "Sith". You would have thought that I killed her best friend. She started ranting and raving about how she had told me that she didn't think they should see the movie or it wasn't appropriate for them to see it. How she always thinks about how I would feel about situations and doesn't do some things because it isn't something I wouldn't approve of...blah, blah, blah. I swear it was near hysterics!

I told her that I didn't recall her saying it was a movie they couldn't watch. The weekend after the movie opened I called her after playing tennis to see if she wanted to take the kids to see it. She said that she thought I should check it out first because it was rated PG-13 and she heard it wasn't for kids. I said fine and went to see the movie that day. It wasn't really any worse than the first two movies as far as the violence. It wasn't bad except for the two parts previously mentioned. I relayed that information to her after I got home form seeing the movie. Never did I hear her say that they were "forbidden" to see this movie, especially after I had already previewed it and knew what to expect and the parts that I would think they needed to avoid due to possible nightmares.

She contends that she made it very clear to me they were not to see it and that they were very clear on it as well. She mentioned that they would tell their cousin that they weren't allowed to see it because of Mommy. I'm at work when the cousin is over so I would not hear these conversations. She says THEY [the kids] knew they weren't allowed to see it. I told her that they asked ME and I didn't think there was a problem.

She just kept ranting on and on..."oh, you've really disappointed me. How could you have done this? I would never do something that you asked me not to do with the kids..." On and on...

I felt no guilt, no worry, no remorse. I really didn't think or know it was an issue. I moved on but she couldn't. I'm still not sure she has. No sweat. What's done is done and there's nothing I can do about it and I don't kiss ass to appease.

I don't know what the big deal is other than she thinks I went against what she said. I was not aware of this agreement to not allow them to watch "Sith" but apparently there was one. I guess I should have read the fine print!

Who would have thought a Star Wars movie would have caused such an altercation? I don't believe it...and that is why I fail.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Professional tennis

This is what women's tennis needs: hot, little honies like Maria Sharapova. Not only is she attractive, she can play tennis very well!

She saw me in the audience one day watching one of her matches. She had an immediate attraction to the "Big J" and couldn't resist blowing me a kiss!.
Yeah, I wish!

This is the future of American men's tennis: Andy Roddick. He is a very good player and has good skills but I think he lacks true motivation to winning the BIG tournaments. Of course, there was a young guy by the name of Andre Agassi that the same things were said about and look how he turned out.

Like Chancellor Papaltine said to young Anakin "I'll be keeping a close eye on your career, young [Roddick]".

Credit Card Solicitation Insert

Credit card solicitation insert

Have you gotten this insert in those mailings from credit card companies that tell you "you have been pre-approved!"?

What I get is they are basically telling you, "Go ahead, get another credit card. Ours is better than your current one. It's okay to go into further credit card debt."

These businesses mass-mail to anyone, not caring if they are already in over their heads or not. "Pre-approved" or "We've already got a card with your name on it," they say.

I know I'm not actually pre-approved. If I was I wouldn't want to get a card from them anyway. I've already got so much credit card debt that there really has to be something wrong with a business that would pre-approve me.

Besides, I'm waiting for something more grand to use that person's identity that I stole.

Credit card fraud is so yesterday!

So far, today has been an easy day

I didn't sleep too well last night. I tossed and I turned. I just couldn't keep that deep sleep going for the entire night. I don't even know if I ever entered "deep" sleep. It must have been the naughty dreams I was having but I can't go into them on this blog. Maybe I'll create another blog called "Perverted Jay." Funny!

Anyway, I got to work and finished my duties around 9:45 a.m. Class was at 10 a.m. We were watching a video on immigrants, particularly southeast Asians and Latinos, who have migrated to the wonderful state of Wisconsin. Why anyone would want to go to Wisconsin as anything other than a tourist is beyond me. Apparently, they've got a lot of meat packing plants in the state where immigrants find easy-to-learn work. So, this video took up most of the class and we didn't have to do the in-class writing assignment she had planned.

Woohoo! (I think I type 'woohoo' a lot.)

She did give back our in-class writing from yesterday.


That's what I got. It was more of a personal opinion writing than based on the story we read. So, I'm sure it wasn't that hard to write or grade. You got to be an absolute moron not to speak from your own mind regarding your own opinion. Duh!

Still have to start my research paper. I'll probably get on that this weekend. I then just have the oral presentation and another test which I don't know what either will cover yet. But it's exciting to know that there is only 6 more days of class. Too bad that's not 6 more days before I get my degree. That would be a better thing!

Oh well.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


A few weeks ago I was surfing the Internet and for some reason I was reminded of a toy I used to play with back when I was like 5 or 8 yrs old. They weren't some noisy, electronic toy with lots of sounds and lights. Back then, there wasn't many toys like that and if there were, they weren't anything we could afford and even if we could, my Dad was definitely not buying it for us.

I came up with the brilliant idea of where to possibly find the wonderful world website of eBay. They were going for like $10 for a box of like 50 or 100 pieces. Here's a picture:

Aren't they cool? We basically would just make towers, bridges or little ringamajig towns to drive our Hot Wheels cars around and park in ringamajig garages.

Who would have thunk that little, two inch high, plastic, stackable rings would have been so cool and made such an impression on kids without "bells and whistles?"

8 more days of class

After today, I only have 8 more days of class. Woohoo! Actually, I think next Monday the 20th we don't have class. So, I guess that's only 7 days. Give me a double "woohoo!"

Yesterday we had class in the campus library to learn about the abundance of reference resources available to us for our research paper and our oral presentation. Hehe, I typed 'oral'. Anyway, it was a boring presentation but I did learn about the library's resources because I've only actually walked through the library to get from one side of the building to the other. Shut up! I just never needed it before.

Anyway, the lady who gave us our presentation on the library was a little odd. She talk loudly and then she'd get softer and then loud again. Or vice versa. I felt like I was at some singing competition back when I was in high school. Shut up, again! I sang in high school because I got to go to Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN for a week for competitions. It was a blast and the bus rides and hotel rooms were always interestingly fun.

Back on topic, this woman wore a skirt that on a "normal"-sized woman it would have been knee to below knee length. She was a could I say it politely...portly? So because the skirt had to expand around her the length would raise. She also had this black shirt on - like a T-shirt but not. I'm sure there's a name for them but I don't know what it is. Type or name is not important. What is important is that she was standing in front of us while we were sitting in desks and you could see her belly fat. I'm not sure it was planned by her but I felt embarassed for her. Not that she was pudgy but that she was exposing parts of the pudge.

Now, I know there are some college girls that are pudgy and proud to show it but this woman is an employee of the university. She should have been more careful of what she was wearing and how it my expose her. She was a little because at times she would point above her to something on the dry-erase board or projector screen and she'd hold down (discreetly) the shirt on the opposite side of the arm that was doing the pointing. But it was when she was standing just normal in front of us that you'd be able to see belly. I couldn't begin to give you a better visual but just know it wasn't pleasant. It was a good thing I hadn't eaten anything yet.

**sidenote: I am glad "big" girls are proud of the way they are but they don't need to show it such a manner to everyone else...just sayin'

After the presentation, I got my paper assignment #2 back. It was a mess, corrective writing everywhere. I wasn't excited to get to the back page for the grade but I decided not to postpone the inevitable. I just wanted a passing grade!


Yippee! Still passing and hopefully still a 'B' average. Of course, as mentioned many times before and many times to come, I will accept a 'C' average. Passing and getting my degree is all that matters. I don't need to be 'cum laude' or any kind of 'cum' or 'laude'.

[thinks to self] Hehe, I said cum. I know I have a dirty mind.

So, within the 8 days I have a research paper due, a third exam and an oral presentation. What fun!

Is there really a purpose for ants?

These damn little, black, piss ants were always getting into our condo no matter how much we sprayed or exterminated. Usually they were in the kitchen but this pic is of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Odd?!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An aspiring photographer? I think...maybe

Rainbow in fountain

A few months back I was at the park with my kids feeding the ducks and got a cool shot of this fountain. I was actually just taking a random shot of the fountain and it turned out there was a rainbow within the mist. I can see the Catholics flocking to it was a sign from above, they'd say! Gimme a break!

Springfield, Illinois and Chicago (briefly)

We went to visit my wife's family on her father's side in Springfield, Illinois. We decided to take a four hour drive up to Chicago because we had never been. It was about 20 degrees but luckily there wasn't any wind in the "windy city." This is a newstand. Amazing, isn't it? I had never seen an actual newstand, just those that were on Law & Order.

This is the only Taco Bell in Springfield, Illinois. It is about 10 minutes from where our relatives live. The service was slow as shit and they still got our order wrong! I didn't see any minorities working in the restaurant. That was probably the problem because the white people didn't seem to know how to work very well.

These are a couple of pictures of the only strip joint in Springfield, Illinois. I guess just about every town, big or small, has one. The logo was funny. If you can't read it it says, "100s of beautiful girls and 3 ugly ones."

Deja Vu

Deja Vu

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Busy day and a long night

I should have started my paper way before today but I didn't. So shoot me! I tried to start my paper before I had my busy day but I knew it was going to be a long night anyway. I got up around 11 a.m. to start the paper but it didn't start out very well or very fast. I tried but I was lacking much needed motivation.

I had a hockey game at 5 p.m. and then another at 8 p.m. That pretty much screwed my afternoon/evening for working on my paper. My wife told me I should skip hockey. Not just 'No' but "HELL NO!" I don't miss things I paid for. Well, technically I didn't pay for it. I sort of swindled my brother into paying for it. Long story that I won't go into right now.

Anyway, my team lost the first hockey game. I play with my brother and my friend along with others I don't know personally. We played well. We just got beat by a team with a better goalie.

My second hockey game, I am on a team with no friends or relatives. I'm pretty much their best player other than this other guy. But without, me it would be just him and they wouldn't be as good. In fact, they lost their first game before I joined the team and they have been undefeated since I joined the team. That's just how good I am! Lol! So, we obviously won the second game. I had two goals and an assist. I'm a madman hockey player.

I got home, took a shower and began to work on my paper with my wife. She helped me out quite a bit, in fact. She went to bed around 11 p.m. I am still up working on my paper. I'm going to be a tired son of a bitch tomorrow/today.

Man's first toy


Man's first toy. And women wonder why we are like we are.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Just another day

I didn't get to go play tennis this morning. My wife gave me the guilt trip about "how I couldn't take one day out of playing tennis to go to a birthday party with my kids and to help her out with doing so."

So, tennis was pushed to the side and instead I skated for two hours. Yep, it was a skating party. I guess I got some exercise and the kids enjoyed it a whole lot. The oldest is getting so good and the youngest is coming along nicely. The youngest still hangs on the wall a little but I keep telling her that it impedes her progress because it throws her balance off when she allows her hand/arm to lag behind her. Anyway, I'm sure anyone that has learned this way can get the exact visual.

After two hours of skating, we get home and the wife is going to go see a play with a friend. Okay, I can't play tennis but she can go to a play? How is that fair? According to her, her plans didn't coincide with the children's attendance at the birthday party. Point taken but I'll find something to get her back. LOL!

I had to drop her off at her friend's so I decided to go purchase some software she wanted. She'd be happy and surprised when she returned home. It's some kind of digital photo scrapbooking software that she thinks she wants to "play" around with. I'm sure it will fall to the wayside like the crocheting and walking on the treadmill she made such a big deal to buy. I guess this isn't so bad because it just takes up space on her computer and it is a little more convenient to do for I said, I guess.

The kids weren't happy about going to the computer store but I made them realize that we take them to many places that we don't particularly like going because it's someplace they enjoy or want to visit. They are starting to act like the rich kids we live around. LOL! Anyway, they were happy about it once we got there because on the way out I let them by two things of candy or gum and I bought them their own soft drinks from a soda machine. I'm such a spoiler.

We got home and they were interested in blowing bubbles that they got from the birthday party on the patio. I told them that it was okay. They asked a little while later if they could go swimming. I really didn't feel like it because I really should have started my paper so I told them "maybe." They weren't too happy about that but they'd have to deal. I went into my closet and got on my swim trunks they bought me a few months or so ago with the wife. I came back to the patio door and asked them if they liked my swim shorts. They basically said "yeah, what's the big deal." I told them that I was going to test out my new trunks at the swimming pool but they could continue to play on the patio. They were like "well, why can't we go with you?" I'm sure they love it when I tease them. Anyway, we ended up going to the swimming pool for about two hours. They didn't want to leave but I told them that their mom would be home shortly and they needed to take a bath and I needed to start my paper (NOT!). It was a good time. They had fun. I had fun.

The wife got home and we just hung around the house. We were a little antsy but didn't have any real idea of where to go. So, we just hung around. Around 11:30 p.m, she went to bed and I went to play on my computer.

What a life, huh?

I really should have started my paper.

Friday, June 10, 2005

No work or class today

I didn't go to work today. We made it a possible visit-every-living-domicile-for-rent-you-can day. It's final. We are definitely moving into the $1550 duplex. We put down a $1000 deposit and signed the lease. All we have to do now is wait for move-in day.

I really should take this extra time to start my paper but I don't think that's going to happen. I tried to be good about it but I just can't get really motivated to do so. I'm such a slacker!

I had to run to the credit union today to make my car payment. For some reason, they send me a statement sporadically these days. I got one last month and I think the month before but I don't recall getting one this month. Of course, I could have gotten one and the wifey placed it some where like I tell her she shouldn't but she does anyway. So, then it gets lost and I have to make a 20 minute drive to the credit union to put it in the night deposit. I can't fully blame this one on her but I'd give it a 50/50 chance. She won't like that I said that.

The kids liked it though. They just like to get out and go sometimes, especially if there is a possibility that we will stop by my parents' house. They are no longer alive but there's something my kids dig about going there. I'm sure part of it is because it has a huge ass yard they can play in versus the 4 x 10 slab of cement we have out back of our apartment/condo. It's nice though that they like it. I think it may also bring them a sense of comfort knowing they are in the house of their grandparents.

I wish they got more time with my mom and dad. It's unfair really. Most of my older brothers and sisters' kids got to have 10-20 years with them. Mine barely got 3-5. I'm sure my nieces and nephews miss their grandparents as well, some more than others, but I don't think they felt the same joy and fun and excitement that my kids did when they went to see my parents. Most of my nieces and nephews came over because their parents were fighting and the safest place was my parents' house. They didn't always or even mostly come over just to flat out visit or play. My kids only went to play and hang out with their grandparents. At the ages of 4 and 2, 5 and 3, they loved working in the garden with my mom or being pulled in a wagon or pushed in a dual stroller during a walk with my parents. They loved when my mom would sing to them when they got hurt and cater to their pain. They loved when she cooked for them. They loved when my dad would let them do things that I NEVER got to do when I was their age. Best yet, they got to feel deep, true love that my parents showed them when they came over. My parents enjoyed having them over because they weren't "watching" them. I didn't pawn my kids off to my parents so I could go have fun without them and my parents knew that. My parents could not wait for us to wake up in the morning (when we lived next door) so they could come over and see my kids or take them back to their house for breakfast or to play in the yard or do whatever.

I guess my kids still feel that when they go to my parents' now, after they've been gone for over a year. Then again, I have no earthly idea what is so fantastic about being in my parents' house for them. I like it because I remember the memories when I see them play in the yard as I did as a child. I guess the memories are what they like too.

Anyway, I don't know how I got off on that Kodak moment but I'll stop.

So, problem of having a new house to live in is solved (for now unless something goes wrong). Now, I just need to start my paper, hopefully sometime today but I'm sure I'll freakin' procrastinate until Sunday. I know myself too well but Sunday will be tough because I have hockey at 4 and then 7. I guess I'll need to get up early like last week and start it.

Have I mentioned that I hate school!? And working for a living? And having to move?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Getting evicted sucks

The only thing that makes my eviction okay is that I'm not being booted for doing something wrong. Is that finding a positive in such a sucky situation?

We have looked at a rental house and a duplex so far. The rental house it basically down the street from where we live now. It had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen with a dining area, a separate dining area, living area and a den. It had a small front yard which wasn't a problem. The back yard was good size but it had no real grass growing mainly because it is pretty shaded by trees. There was a garage although only a Mini would be the type of car that would fit in it. Wouldn't be a problem though because I would have just used it for storage. Above the garage there was an efficiency that was being rented to a college student. Again, not a problem except it is just kind of weird that 1)someone would live SO close to the house and 2)someone would actually live in such a shit hole! My wife and I both though it was a dilapidated but apparently not. My kids like the house but we weren't sold. It had wooden floors throughout except in the kitchen there was cheap ass linoleum. You could see the kitchen floor sort of bowing because the house is an old pier-and-beam home. Still not too much of a problem. It wasn't quite kept up like we would want it. It was actually pretty run down looking. We opened the water heater closet and there were rat pellets on the floor which meant if they are there, they are probably other places as well. It wasn't completely the landlord's fault because the previous tenant hadn't actually full moved out yet. Although, the landlord didn't exactly sound like she was going to fix up much of the house for us to move into anyway. They were asking $1400/month for rent. That wasn't too bad because I pay $1335 now but that's ALL bills paid (utilities - gas, water, electric). This is the part that I'm not looking forward to because I've been spoiled with one payment, one check at the beginning of each month. We weren't excited about the prospect of having to move into there but we aren't exactly in a completely flexible situation. We said we'd think about it and think about it hard.

We decided against the rat hole although it was still an option if it came down to the street or the rat hole. I think the rat hole would win.

We did a quick walk-through on a duplex because the tenants are still in it. More so than the rat hole. The rat hole had all the previous tenant's stuff out of it. The duplex still had all their stuff in it and they weren't moving out until the end of the month. This was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen, dining room, den room, living room and sort of storage room/walkway. It also had a nice, little patio and yard in the back of the duplex. It looked way better than the rat hole. It was really nice. The guy was asking $1650 which is way more than we have been paying and again it didn't include all bills paid. Man, this is going to suck living somewhere else. As previously mentioned, we've been spoiled to the Nth degree. Sucks! Sucks!

We liked the duplex but are hesitant because of the monthly rent. $1650 is basically three-quarters of my take home pay a month. Times are going to be really tough and our plans to pay a lot of our credit card debt down this summer is not going to happen but at least we won't be living with the rats! Not yet, anyway!

We went home and discussed it. We didn't like the $200-300 extra in rent alone but like I said, it was much nicer and we are in a bit of a bind. It's still in the same school district. It's nicer than all the others we've seen (we've seen one other, lol). It's a little further from my work but I guess we can't have EVERYTHING the way we want it.

So, it looks like we'll be taking the $1650 duplex. It actually may be $1550 because the landlord said he'd take off $100 if he didn't paint. We said that would be fine depending on how bad the walls look after the current tenant moves. I hope they are fine because I would really like the extra $100 off.

It's funny. The $1400 rat hole landlord called to say that she'd take off $100 as well, making the rent $1300. That would be nice but I don't think the place is cleaned enough to be habitable, especially with my allergic-to-everything children! It was a tough call price-wise but my kids' health is more important and apparently expensive. LOL!

So, we move in to the new place around July 1st. I'm not looking forward to the packing and moving. I hate moving and I always have but I've lived in 4 different places in 6 years. How's that for hating moving? It's the wife's fault. She can't stay in one place for more than two years. Of course, the place we are having to vacate was a good choice. The best choice she has made so far.

It's getting tougher

Summer is supposed to be fun and frolicking and...well...anything other than busting my ass working AND writing for my rhetoric class. Sucks!

Our second exam was today. Damn, it was tough for me. It must be getting tougher for me. I don't know. Maybe I'm just tired instead of losing focus. I'm not sure which but I was in class for the entire period to write my exam. It was almost like I was writing my response writing I did Tuesday night. It took me like 15-20 minutes to decide what I was going to write about based on the prof's options and how I was going to go about putting it into words. It wasn't easy but I think I pulled it off. I'm not as confident with this exam but I think I at least got a C+. I guess I'll find out for sure on Monday. I say Monday because we aren't having class on Friday because she has conferences scheduled for those that want to meet with her about the paper assignment #2 that is due Monday. Which I haven't even begun to think about.

After the exam, she returned my quiz and my response writing #2. I got an A- on my quiz. I knew I missed one question - remember, the "trick" question? Anyway, I waited again to see what I got on the response writing until I got outside the building. I saw a "good" for the introduction but then it went to hell after that. She wrote a lot on my second, third and final page. I have another problem with writing. It seems I like to do a lot of plot summary. I see it as giving a good description of my arguments but I guess it doesn't matter what I think. I was afraid to turn to the final page and see what my grade was.


That's my grade. It's not the best but it's not the worst either. I'll take it to the bank as well, though. It wasn't a D or F so I'm sort of happy. I can't complain too much because I did squeeze it out the night before it was due in about 4-6 hours. Luckily, it's just homework writing and not the paper assignments or exams. Of course, since exam #2 was difficult for me as well I'm not really excited about getting it back.

Keep the fingers crossed for at least another C if not better.

Just 11 more days. Woohoo!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


That's a roar like Mufasa not like Simba.

The stress, the suffering, the pain, the anguish...can I whine some more? Stressing and hunting for a new home AND having to write paper after paper for my class is really draining me. I don't think I've made it to bed before 11:30 p.m. since I started class. Between having to read stories, write papers and take care of my kids after I get off work at 5:30 p.m, there just isn't enough time.

Time for slacking. Time for sleeping. Time for playing with the kiddos. Time for playing with the wife. No Time! No Time! No Time!

(deep breaths...breathe in, breathe through the nose, out through the mouth...) Okay, I'm calm now.

Class today was short. We turned in our response writing #2 which I finished last night about 2 a.m. Yes, boys and girls, that's 2 A.M. in the morning of the same day that I have to be up by 8-ish a.m. to be at work by 8:30 a.m. I am riding high on roughly 6 hours sleep. Booyah!

Anyhow, we did no more reading today because we were having "a grammar lecture and exercise for common errors students make quoting sources in their papers" (Seaney 1). That's a direct quote from her. Originally, we had twelve quotations to rewrite in correct form but she cut it down to six. She's so nah-eese. I finished around 11am. I turned in my rewritten quotes and she gave me back my paper assignment #1 and quiz #2. I held them, antsy to see what I got, but I didn't look at them yet. Instead, I asked the prof if the conference on Friday is required because I have been given 30-60 days notice to vacate my abode! She said it wasn't required. I told her I would probably be searching for a place to live instead but I did have her email and IM in case I had any questions regarding my paper assignment #2. I walked out of the classroom, out of the building and was walking down the stairs when I decided I couldn't wait any longer. I had to know what I made. I looked at the title page of paper assignment #1 and there was already a correction. A friggin' missing comma, not a good start. I flip the page and see more writing: some good, some not good. I decided I didn't care too much about the comments right then, I just wanted to see the grade. I flip to the back page and what do you know, a


I'll take a 'B'.

I continued to walk back toward my office and began to read the comments. She wrote a few "good" and "good point" comments but there was that one comment I saw on exam #1, "Relates to the thesis, how?" It seems to me I have a problem concluding and relating the closing sentence of my argument paragraphs. Maybe it's a mental block, maybe I'm just tired. Who knows? But I'll take the 'B' and run with it and the 'A' from the other day!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Damn, I knew there would be a quiz!

8th day of class. I told my coworker as I was leaving for class "I bet we are going to have a quiz today over the story we were supposed to have read." Sure enough, I get to class and the prof says "quiz time." It's a good thing I read the freakin' story.

The quiz was ten questions and unfortunately, I believe I missed one. The prof even said "#3 is a trick question" but I was so tired I couldn't think straight. Before I turned in the quiz, I knew I missed the question but I couldn't for the life of me figure out why! Once we had the quiz turned in and she went over the questions, I could have shot myself for being so stupid! What a moron I was but, as mentioned, I am very tired.

We discussed the story until the end. We took our break and when we returned the prof said we'd probably get out early. The prof asked if we had any questions and then said that tomorrow we would first turn in our response writing and then we'd be doing a grammar lesson over some common mistakes students make in their writings that she has seen over the semesters including ours. Fun, fun. I can't wait.

Approximately at 11:03am we were free to go but all I could think of is (1) where are we going to live and (2) how the hell am I going to write this 1-2 page paper due tomorrow?

That patch of baldness you see in my hair...I just pulled out myself.

Monday, June 06, 2005

That sinking feeling in your stomach

You ever get that news that gives you that sick, sinking feeling in your stomach? You know the kind. Like when the doctor enters the waiting room and tells you "I'm sorry but your father isn't going to make it" or "We did all we could but we couldn't save your mother."

Unfortunately, I've experienced both of those. That feeling of "I can't believe it. What am I going to do?" At that moment, you literally feel like you are going to shit yourself.

I got some news today that isn't quite as dramatic as losing a loved one but it still gives me that unsettled feeling.

I have 60 days to find a new place to live. Bu - bu - BUM!!!! I know it doesn't seem that bad but I have a wife, two children, a butt load of stuff and some restrictions on where I can/prefer to live.

I work at a private university that pays shit to their staff employees but I didn't go to work there for the money. I came to get out of the unappreciative "real" business world and to help further my wife's education as well as my own. I guess we made wage sacrifices for peace of mind and other added benefits like free tuition.

I live in student/staff/faculty apartment housing. It's more student/staff as the faculty typically can afford much, much better because they are paid much, much better. I cannot afford campus "house" housing because rent alone is my monthly paycheck unless I want to live in the ghetto-looking houses. There would be no extra for bills or necessities such as groceries and clothing for my children.

Apparently, the school hired an engineering firm to evaluate the property in which I live to answer the question: Are they or are they not worth maintaining? Answer: NO! So, they print these excuse letters and give you 60 days to vacate the premises. It's funny how the property was worthy of maintaining for the 3+ years I've lived here and however many the other tenants have. I think one of the things that happened is they weren't filling the vacancies so instead of advertising better to get tenants, it was more convenient to cut the cord completely for all current tenants. Bastards!

There are many apartment choices near our current location but I have preferences. I don't want to move too far from work because right now I can walk there in 7 minutes, bike ride in 15 seconds or drive in 45 seconds. My kids are in a great school district and if I move a block away they'll be in the ghetto district of DISD. It's also a little, just a little, safer where I live because it is not only patrolled by the campus police but the local city police as well.

The main problem is I work but I am still poor. Ain't that the American way? I live in a high-falutin area where there are million dollar plus homes but I live in campus housing. Outside of campus housing, I would need two months pay to make one month's rent.

I really don't know what we are going to do. We've made a few rough plans but nothing is even close to being definitive. I know things will work out though. They usually do but that doesn't mean we don't suffer and worry in the meantime.

So, when you are driving along the highway and pass underneath a bridge, be sure to wave because you may be waving to me. My address is One Corrugated Box Way!

7th day of class

Turned in paper assignment #1. Discussion over a new story that I just read the first three paragraphs of nine pages in class while she was discussing the paper and some other issues. I didn't take a look at the syllabus all weekend which is where I would have been told about the story. I was busy cramming my paper writing into my busy weekend schedule of slacking off!

Anyway, I read just enough to seem like I read it all and could participate in the discussion as needed.

After our break around 10:50 a.m, I get some wonderful news. No class on June 20th. Woohoo! But it was followed by bad news, to me anyway, handouts for a response writing on the story we were discussing due Wednesday and paper assignment #2 due next Monday. Holy crapoly! I'm still tired and drained from the previous writing. I can't continue. I need another four years of freedom and fun! LOL!

Tonight will consist of, getting home at 5:30 p.m. Taking the wife to work for her summer job. Taking care of the kids at home while I'm reading the story and wondering "maybe this is when my grade starts to dip in this class." Ha!

I looked over the response typing assignment while reading and I'm having difficulty picking out the thing(s) the prof is looking for. I'm a little lost but I think I may be confusing myself by thinking too deeply about the prof's question. Hopefully it will come to me and 1-2 pages later I can be done with it. I think it will probably be another cram session Tuesday night. Sucks! It really does!

Paper assignment #2 will probably have to wait until later this week. She is available for conferences again on Friday but I don't think I'm going to need it. I'm not sure it's an actual requirement from the experience I got with my previous conference but I will double-check as to not make my prof bitter towards me for being a no-show. Hey, I need all the people I can get on my side to get my good grade in this class.

14 more days...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

How do you know when you are fat?

Is it when your front pockets on your black pants flare when you are standing, exposing the white pocket insides that are typically only seen when you turn the pockets inside out?

Is it when another fat guy calls you fat boy?

The first one I think I'm getting close to but I think the dryer is slowly shrinking my clothes with each drying. Shut up! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

The second one happened to me today during my first roller hockey game. I was playing in my Over30A league - A is supposed to mean they are better and cleaner players but that is not the case. Anyway, I was standing near my goalie playing defense when a guy from the other team crosschecks me in the back. I turn around and tell him "dude, why you gotta play like that because you aren't going to score anyway?" For some reason the whistle to stop play is blown and this ass face comes up to me and puts his glove in my face. I rear back with my left arm and punch him in the chest knocking him to the ground. He gets up all pissy having a hissy fit and gesturing to me to "come on, lets fight." I was like "come on man, bring it on you dumb ass!" The refs step between us and give us both matching penalties. That was bullshit because he should have gotten double the infractions. Anyway, on the way to the penalty box, this piss ant is still jawing and starts name calling. He's calling me "fat boy, fat fuck, fat ass." I understand being pissed and frustrated but I'm wondering where this is coming from because aren't we "over 30" and he's just as 'fat' as I am. Dumb ass! We are sitting in our penalty boxes and he's still going on. He starts asking if my mother is fat, my father and blah, blah, blah. I was so shocked that all I could do is just laugh. I'd expect this from a child, an adolescent but a supposed working-class over 30 year old? I just laughed and I think it pissed him off more. I finally got a word in during his rant and asked him "how old are you dip shit? You are acting like a kid!" I wanted to sink to his level and call his mother names but I just couldn't bring myself out of the shock of such an ignorant fuck! I told him "dude, why are you so mad? Because this fat fuck shut your ass down!?" Oh man, you should have seen him get his little red-necked ass even more red. I was laughing so hard. He threatened to hurt me in the last minute of the game - "full contact" he said. I told him he should grow up but if he did indeed try something he didn't know who he was messing with. I told him I would find out where he lived and I would kill him and his family. That was the first time he shut the fuck up and said, "What did you say?" A question instead of a ranting statement? Amazing! I said, "Forrest, you heard me!" He now was like a babbling idiot, repeating "What did you say? What did you say?"

I just smiled and thought to myself..."I'm pudgy you dumb bastard, not fat! PUDGY!"

In the end, he didn't try anything in the last minute and when the game was done (my team won) all members of each team skated and tapped gloves saying "good game, man." I fully expected him to try something then but it didn't happened. He too tapped my glove and said "good game."

The sad thing is is that he had his children there. They came to the penalty box after he had time to calm down and asked him why he got a penalty. What was he going to say "because he's an ignorant ass that isn't setting a good example for his children?"

The moral of the story...if you say things in anger, don't say things you don't really mean. Apparently, he was just too involved in the game and was frustrated for his team losing. I, on the other hand, was calm, cool and collected. Although like I said, I really would have hunted him down if he had injured me in any way.

Eye for an eye. That's the way it should be!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Feeling old

Got up early this morning to play tennis. Went to bed early the same morning to sleep before playing tennis. I know I do it to myself but when the hell else am I supposed to find the time to do the slack-ass things I like to do? I figured I had a good outline for my paper that is due on Monday so I deserved some slacking off time.

My often-full-of-paranoia sister-in-law (my wife's sisters are crazy, not paranoid) was at our place most of the day Friday to visit and let her son swim with his cousins. The option to spend the night at her house, an hour away, was put to my girls and they were willing to go. I didn't have a problem with it but I could envision my kids wearing metal colanders with foil bands on their heads to ward off any storms or physical ailments that might be lingering about. Seriously! A tornado could have been sighted two hours from our location and we'd get a call from the sister-in-law that we need to be careful if we were going to drive about. She's crazy, I tell ya, crazy! Lol!

Anyway, the kids went to stay the night and the wifey and I had the night off. We went to Blockbuster and got the movie "The Aviator." It was a pretty good movie. It was long but still good. I had no idea Howard Hughes was OCD like he was. Once again for you nimrods that aren't married to a PhD, that's "obsessive, compulsive disorder."

After the movie, we had a litte "alone" time. It was unfamiliar territory for us to not have to lock the door to our bedroom. We've done it for so long that it felt weird to be intimate without children in the house. It was almost like we were exposing ourselves with the door open. Quite strange, really. Even with all the oddness of being alone and the occasional feeling of missing our girls, it was still a grand old time.

After our reenactment of the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee video (just kidding), we went back to doing the things we normally do: she at her computer, me at mine. She went to bed around 11:30pm and I stayed up until about 2am.

I got up around 7:30 because I wanted to get to the courts early. I figured the weather might get pretty hot and humid so I wanted to get in some playing before I started feeling the effects of the harsh weather conditions. Many times though just after I woke, I contemplated going back to sleep. I was so tired and I wouldn't have to worry about the kids waking me up since they were not there. Normally, I have to get up no matter how much sleep I've had because I live in a home with three demanding females. Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed and then off the couch to get dressed and leave for tennis. I was out the door by 8:10am and to the courts by about 8:40am. I played non-stop until about 1:30pm. It was humid in the morning with overcast skies. The sun came out around 10ish and stayed, burning down on the back of my poor little neck. Sunburn, good times! It's not so much a burn like white people get. It's more of just slightly reddish skin with a bit of tingling.

Once I left the tennis courts, I had to pick my kiddos up at queen conniption's house which was about 20-30 minutes from where I was. I got there and I was ready to just lie down on her floor and never get up again for the day. My back was sore and my legs were a little weak. Plus, it was so freaking hot and I ran out of my water with about an hours worth of playing left in the noon heat! It was tough to get back up off my ass when my kids wanted me to come outside and watch them ride their bikes. The things you have to endure as a great parent, like myself. Some craphole parent would have said they were too tired or made up other excuses not to share in their childrens' excitement. Anyway, I did my duty and watched them ride for about thirty minutes.

I was dying to sit in some air-conditioning. I was so hot. I could smell the aroma of outside permeating off me. It wasn't body odor because I don't get that. It's a certain smell, my kids get it when they've been outside playing in the hot, Texas summer. It's like a bland odor. I don't know, it's hard to explain but I'm sure all of us have smelled it.

I was hungry too and so were the kids. We decided to go to Denny's. Afterwards, we stopped by to see my brother and then my sister but she was asleep. I got home around 8:40pm that night. Notice that is 12 hours of excitement and fun (woohoo!) with only 5-6 hours sleep. I'm a machine! Lol.

I started working on my paper. I'm such a good student. Not! We put the kids to bed around 9 or so and I continued to work until about 11pm. I decided I needed to take a break and play some computer games. Not only did I play, I watched "Elektra" and got half way through "Along Came A Spider" before I realized it was 2:30am.

I was tired and old all day but got my second wind, I guess. I forced myself to go to bed only to look forward to getting up early to continue working on my paper. And watch the men's French Open final.

No time. No sleep. It's a perpetual state of madness for me.

Friday, June 03, 2005

No class

No, I'm not talking about my family members! Lol!

I didn't have class today but we did have scheduled conferences with the prof for our "big" paper assignment #1 that is due June 6th.

My conference went well. I was a little confused on one of the topics she gave us to write about and of course the confusing topic is the one I picked (with the assistance of the wife). Anyway, the confusion was put to rest and I think I'll have a good handle on writing the paper. She liked my ideas and arguments no matter how confusing they seemed to me.

I was on the way out of her office when she remembered she needed to hand back my exam. WTF? I just wrote that thing yesterday and she already has it graded? Well, there is only a big, whopping seven of us in the class. I guess it wouldn't be that hard to grade overnight if that's her only class. I'm assuming it is.

So, I get the "blue book" and rush out of her office. The blue book is basically bound notebook paper with a blue cover that is used for such writing tests as I took. A waste of a few extra sheets of cover paper and someone's time, if you ask me.

Anyhow, I'm walking and opening my blue book. On the first page, I see the prof's notations in green. "Good." Further down, "good." Further yet, one more "good." Bottom of page one, "Therefore? Relate to the thesis..." Oh crap, a semi-negative comment? Ok, 3 positive versus 1 so-so. Page two: only two markings for correct punctuation. I always suck at punctuation: too many commas, period in the wrong place, etc. Page three, top of page: "very good point." Cool, back on track. Mid page three: again "Therefore? Relate to the thesis..." Followed by "Try to avoid this [in conclusion]". Bottom of page three: a small demeaning paragraph "this sucks". Just kidding. It basically says my conclusion needs help and to not put any quotes from the story in it.

Last page, no writing from me but comments from her. "Don't forget to relate your arguments to the thesis. Good job! A."


Holy, freakin' conoly! I'm good! Now if I could just make it through the next seventeen days for the end of the semester, all will be good. 1 exam down, two to go.

Jay = 1, Exams = 0

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Whew! 1st test down, more hell to come

I'm back from my test and I think it went well.

I wrote a five-paragraph paper in one hour and nineteen minutes. It's not perfect but it was damn near. I hope anyway. Initially, I always feel things sound/look good in my papers and then once it's turned in, I start to think about "did I say this" or "i hope i did that." The inner turmoil. Insane in my membrane!

Click your heels three times with me and think..."just pass with a B, just pass with a B and then no more english for me." Woohoo!

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Exam day (5th day of class)

I have a test today in my rhetoric class. It's based off the two short stories/essays we have read. Basically, we will get the two-hour class period to write a five-paragraph paper on whatever topic she gives us to choose from. Ain't that a bitch?

I'm confident I can do well but that may change once I enter the classroom and see the topics. I keep thinking "please just let me get through this course. I will not have to take another english class (as far as I know) to complete my degree!"

I'll inform how I feel I did some time after I return.

Wish me luck!

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Peter Pan

Just got back a little while ago from watching the play/musical, "Peter Pan", at Music Hall in Fair Park through Dallas Summer Musicals. It's only the second time I've "gone" somewhere to see a play. The other play I saw and enjoyed was "Miss Saigon" with my wife at Bass Hall in Downtown Fort Worth.

The show was pretty good. Peter Pan was played by Cathy Rigby. You know, the Olympic gymnast turned actress, turned singer. She was actually pretty good as the "boy who never grew up" but her singing could have been better. Now, I say this as an outsider who is watching. I'm not the one that's doing cart wheels, walking handstands and jumping in general while holding a tune. There were occasions when she wasn't doing these energetic things and I couldn't make out what she was singing or it wasn't sounding exactly on pitch. Though, I could only hope that I would have the strength and energy that she showed in the play at 53yrs old.

The actor that played Hook could have been much better. He, too, did some energetic acting but mostly he was just walking or standing while singing. He was very hard to understand not only when he sang but just speaking his lines as well. I found myself straining to follow his conversations rather than being able to just sit and enjoy the interaction between him and whoever it was at the time.

Tiger Lily was hot! Now, I was in the nose-bleed section of EE, row J, but she looked pretty darn good from my point of view, regardless. Oh yeah, she sang fairly well too!

One of the bestest parts, for me anyway, was when Peter Pan and Tiger Lily became friends and they did this whole dancing, drumming, tapping sticks thing to celebrate their "union". It was quite exciting and entertaining. Plus, I got to see a lot more of Tiger Lily. Bonus!

My kids enjoyed it and that's the important part. It was extra credit that I actually enjoyed it as well. I would sit through it again rather than the movie "Finding Neverland" any day!

Today in the history of

I don't know why but my rhetoric class seems more like a history course. Could it be that during lecture the prof says, "in between the 1880s to 1920s there was an influx of immigrants from Poland and the Slovak countries..."? Remember on the first day of class, I said that we watched a film. It was a historical film on who immigrants booked passage on cargo ships, lived in filth for weeks until they reached the promise land of America. Yippee for them! But, that's not English.

Basically, the only reference to "rhetoric" is the papers I have written so far. "How has the character in the story achieved the "American dream" or has she? Please explain in 1-2 pages, five-paragraph format. Remember to reference examples from the story and to use proper technique for your quotes. Okay, begin."

Now that's the rhetoric I have grown to love to hate!

I got my quiz and first paper back. A+ and B, respectively. I'd go get drunk to celebrate if I drank! I'll take those grades and run.

We also got our first "real" paper assignment. What? I'm sorry, I thought I just turned in a "real" paper! Anyway, this one is due on June 6th and we have conferences to schedule with the prof June 3rd to go over our first drafts. Huh? I'm supposed to hop on this baby that quickly on Wednesday to have a rough draft by Friday morning? Damn! What do they expect from my old ass, miracles? I've done that already with producing child #1 and child #2. I think I'm all out of friggin' miracles.

Did I mention the first exam is tomorrow, Thursday June 2nd? Just call me the juggler because that's what it takes for me to come close to maintaining my sanity! Have I mentioned that I hate school? So guess what the exam is. That's right boys and girls, a friggin' paper. Oh yeah! Five paragraphs, examples, proper citations, an opening paragraph, three supported arguments in paragraphs and a closing paragraph. All to be completed in 1 hour and 50 minutes or less!

Where the heck is my time for procrastination? Within the first hour? This is completely unfair! Shut up! I'll complain if I want to...until I'm blue in the face if need be!

No study time for me. I don't need it. In fact, I'm not able to do it because I'm going with the family to see "Peter Pan" at Music Hall in Fair Park. This is the one with Cathy Rigby. It's from 8 p.m. to around 10 p.m. or so.

I guess this is when I get to procrastinate. A sort of pre-procrastination. Ummm, sounds a little dirty.