Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Lost in Translation (2003), Catwoman (2004)

The Door in the Floor. Stars Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger. I won't tell you the premise. You can Google it. I will tell you that Kim's character ends up having sex with a young male, probably between 18-20 yrs old. He's never had sex before and let me tell she shows him the joys of sex. It's nothing graphic and you really don't get to see her naked but it's just amusing how the boy gets busted masterbating while looking at a bra and panties of Kim's by Kim.

The movie is a FOCUS Productions movie, and in case you didn't know, they seem to be the new artsy-fartsy production company. You know the kind. Those that make no sense to normal people but somehow others find a great story line, great acting, or somehow a great movie. For example, Lost in Translation starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanssen. That movie was weird, slow, boring and I don't know who said it should win any awards except at the artsy-fartsy awards because they seem to be the only ones that understand it. One movie Focus did make that was actually funny and interesting was The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was still weird but at least it was understandable and somewhat enjoyable.

My recommendation for any of these is leave the first two lost in the floor of translation. Rent Spotless Mind or better yet, borrow it from a friend when they rent it.

Catwoman. I can't say that I would have been happy if I paid $7.00 for this movie at the theater.
It is based off a comic book character but it just wasn't believable or fantastical enough for me. It stars the Halle Berry and Sharon Stone.

Again, I won't go into the whole story so look it up if you need. Halle's character dies by drowning. A mysterious cat breathes life back into her. All fine and dandy at this point. I can go with that. It is fictional and a movie so I'll go with it. The part that sucks is that all of a sudden Halle's character fights like Jackie Chan and moves like Spiderman. Now the story did say ancient mystical cats have given reborn life to people in the past for centuries but who would have thought they'd become a crazy ninja bitch?!

Now when I say she moves like Spiderman, I mean almost exactly like it but without the web slinging. She can climb walls just like Spidey. She leaps from high roof top to high roof top in a single bound — the distance between each roof is a good 50-100 feet. Yes, I know. It's amazing!

So anyway, final thought is...let someone else you know buy/rent it and you borrow it from them.

Well, that's about all I have now. I'll probably mix in some future movie reviews as I see more movies. I'm part of the online renting from Blockbuster so I'll be watching tons of movies over for months to come.

Perversions of women's tennis

I'm watching the first women's semifinal match of the Australian Open. It's Serena Williams versus Maria Sharipova.

Random perversion #1: The Russian is pretty hot and she's only seventeen.

Looks and talent are what women's tennis needs. Back in the old days of tennis, there was Chris Everett. I guess she was really the best looking one at the time. Tracey Austin came along later. She was cute but wasn't much of a tennis player. I think she won just a couple of championships before she got injured or something. Martina Navratilova was a great tennis legend but the attractiveness was something to be desired. Some years later came Gabriela Sabitini, Steffi Graf, Mary Joe Fernandez then Martina Hingis, Anna Kornikova. Some more years later came Venus Williams (cute in a weird kind of way), Justin Henin (not so cute but a fairly nice body). A few months to a year later came Elena Dementieva and then Maria Sharipova.

Unfortunately, that's the way most things are in sports and entertainment. Talent then Looks. Usually, most audiences aren't attracted by the talent first.

It's like buying a car. One sees the looks of a car before they know if it's well-made or not.

Now Martina Navratilova was a great tennis player but she wasn't really appealing to the eye. She wasn't necessarily ugly and she had great skills but many preferred to watch Chrissy or Tracey and so on because they were "pretty." I liked to watch Martina because of her skills and talent.

Random perversion #2: I also like to watch fairly attractive good tennis their nice, tight outfits...sweating their asses off and watching them in movement. Their legs, their posterior, their's just nice. Attractiveness makes watching the women's game more appealing along with the occasional great shot or entertaining match point.

Yes, I am perverted. But hey, I watch men's tennis for the skill and entertainment. I watch women's tennis for the same except it needs a little bit more to keep my interest: attractive women! 'Nuff said!

I initially meant to write something interesting and worthy about tennis but I got carried away with the attractiveness of Maria Sharipova since I was watching her play. Oh well.

One final update... Williams versus Sharipova is tied at a set a piece and 6-6 in the 3rd set. They do not play tie breakers in the 3rd set at the Australian Open so this could go on for a while if they both continue to hold service.

I'm out of here!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

A general critique of Hollywood movie making

I was watching a few movies today from some years ago: Back to the Future I, II, III. I have become cynical, nit-picky and critical in my older age. I noticed some flawed thinking, writing or editing. Whatever you want to call it.

There is a part in "BTTF II" where Marty and Dr. Brown are talking outside the futuristic soda shop about the time machine and setting things straight to help Marty's son. They talked in detail about how and why Doc built the time machine and why he must destroy it once they take care of the "future." Well, without them knowing they are overheard by Biff Tanner — who is an old grandfather to Griff Tanner in the future.

Anyhow, Marty and Doc figured they fixed the future and were going to pick up Jennifer, Marty's 1985 girlfriend, who they left in an alley just around the corner from the soda shop. Which, said soda shop, originally was a short jaunt for Marty when they first got into the future from 1985. That was continuity mistake number one that stuck out and bothered me.

Upon arrival to get Jennifer's body, they see that she is being picked up by the cops and they overhear them saying they are going to take her back to her home, which is really the home of the future Marty and Jennifer. As Marty and Doc leave in the DeLorean, Biff comes out from his hiding place and gets an idea. We see Doc and Marty flying in the DeLorean to go get Jennifer when Doc mentions something about thinking he saw someone, a Taxi, tailing them. Marty and Doc took off from the soda shop area a good 5 minutes before Biff could have started to hail a taxi so how did he know where Doc and Marty were headed to get close enough to follow them. That is mistake number two that bothered me.

We jump forward to Doc and Marty landing down the street from Marty's "future" house. They have a quick disagreement about how Marty should stay by the car while Doc gets Jennifer because they shouldn't take the chance that Marty will run into "future Marty". Anyhow, we see Biff landing in a bright, yellow taxi, a few seconds after Doc and Marty did and only about 10 car lengths down and across the street from their landing sight. It even takes him a few seconds or so to get out of the cab, pay and get a "peeking" spot. Still, neither Doc nor Marty see any of this on a well lit street corner. We jump forward to Biff stealing the DeLorean without Marty knowing since he was the one that was supposed to stay behind at the car while Doc retrieved Jennifer. After a while later, we see Biff parking the DeLorean back in the same basic spot that he stole it from. We see Marty and Doc, with Jennifer in tow, coming towards him and once again they did not notice the car land or Biff just a few car lengths away hanging on a dumpster like he is out of breath or hurt or something. Biff's physical/mental state is not explained.

Anyway, we have no idea how Biff knew how to fly or engage the flux capacitor, much less knowing he has to reach 88 miles per hour for the time travel to occur. In the overheard conversation that Biff was privy to of Doc and Marty, not once did Doc or Marty speak of how the time machine was operated. It's just not conceivable that Biff would be able operate the DeLorean other than just driving it as a regular vehicle. This is mistake number three that irks me more than the first two.

Okay, after all this complaining, I know what you are saying. It's a movie about time travel, like that's believable. Point taken but just because the movie is basically fictional it doesn't mean that there have to be these critical continuity errors. It happens in a lot of movies and I'm just one of those people that happen to catch these errors and point them out. I can't help it. It just happens. I still enjoy the movie and will enjoy others. I am just irritated when these directors and/or writers are making all this money from their movies and they can't give us better quality/continuity. I work hard for my $7 to go to the movies. These movie people should too work hard for my $7.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Just starting out

I don't know why I created this. I'm too busy doing or trying so many other things that this will probably be another thing that just falls through the cracks.

I'll type more later...hopefully.